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Summary: answer to Jinni's challenge. Dark fic featuring Willow, Dawn, Severus and Draco.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapeSerenaFR1832,489033,9453 Jan 033 Jan 03No

Meeting the Dark Lord

Part 2 : Meeting the Dark Lord

Willow sighed. “What is it with dark wizards and big, dark, discusting castle? Don’t they realize it just screams ‘I’m a bad guy. Come and arrest me.’ I suppose it is to be expected by a society controlled by men.” She walked silently to the front gates, her cloak making her look like a shadow.

With a flick of her wrist, the gates opened and she entered the ‘sacred’ ground of Lord Voldemort. She moved aside and walked under the trees, disappearing in the shadow of them. She saw only one guard on her way to the front door, which she quickly dispatched. She continue on her way, the dead Death Eater floating behind her, leaving a trail of blood from his neck wound.

The door swung open for her, knocking out the guard that had been standing behind it. She grinned evilly and stepped over the unconscious man. She didn’t encountered anyone else in the corridors.

The redhead walked steadily toward the middle of the castle, where she knew a Death Eaters meeting was currently being held. The darkness of the wizard was acting like a powerful tracing spell. “Who needs them anyway when you have that guy?” she whispered to herself.

She finally got where she wanted to be : just outside the room where Lord Voldemort was with many of his most faithful ‘groupies’. The door was locked, naturally. [Well, nothing like a big entrance to make a good first impression.]

Without a second thought, she grabbed the dead guard by the shoulders and threw him in the door. It collapsed imediatly and the body fell amongs dark wizards. “He’s dead!” she heard them shout to a cloaked figure standing in the middle of the room. She laughed evilly.

Silence greeted her in the room. All eyes were on her, but noone was daring to make a move toward her. They could all feel the dark power surrounding her. They knew she was not an auror. Of course, there was always someone stupid enough to try something.

A young wizard stepped toward her, attempting to look menacing. “How dare you kill one of our own! You shall perish for that act!”

She lifted an eyebrow. “Is that so?” He didn’t look so tough now. He was trembling from head to feet, unsure on how to deal with her. She laughed. “Just take a nap.” The guy promptly fell on the ground, sound asleep. She heard the furious whispers around the room and she smiled. [Bet it’s the first time they see a wandless witch.]

“Please announce yourself!” a voice loudly said. It was coming from a man with long silver hair standing at the right of Voldemort. Willow had never seen such cold and calculating eyes.

“I’m surprised none of you dark wizards have heard of me, yet. News must take longer than I assumed to travel across the ocean.” She looked at the depressing room. “It really needs a woman’s touch in this castle.” She smiled wickedly when she saw the apparent frustration in the man’s eyes. “Patience is a virtue,” she said in a little voice.

“Just state your name, little girl!”

The smile disappeared from the redhead’s face. “Little girl? I have been called numerous names, but never ‘little girl’.” She stepped toward the man and she threw back the cloak covering her head. He gasped when he saw the two jet black eyes fixed on him. “That’s right, *boy*. Fear me! Let me give you a piece of advice. The next time you meet someone who could have destroy the world, don’t call her ‘little girl’.”

“The american,” he whispered.

Willow turned to the cloaked man when he laughed. “I like you,” a hissing voice said. “You’ve got some nerves to stand up to my right hand man. But, it is as much as I expected from the darkest witch I’ve ever met.” He bowed his head. “Lord Voldemort.”

“Willow Rosenberg.”

“And a mudblood at that,” the right hand man said in a sneering voice.

Willow couldn’t move faster. Her hand gripped his neck tightly and squeezed. “And the ‘mudblood’ could kill you like *that*. Don’t call me that again or I’ll break your neck like a twig.” She pushed him back and he flew across the room.

“Interesting,” a velvety voice whispered. “It has been a long time since I longed to do that myself to Lucius.”

For the first time, Willow noticed the man standing on the left side of Voldemort. She took in his black hair and dark eyes. While Lucius’ ones were cold and calculating, his were fascinating for it was almost impossible for her to see what they held secret. “And you are?”

“Severus Snape.” He bowed slightly and took her hand. “It’s a pleasure meeting you, miss Rosenberg.” He kissed her hand.

Voldemort cut in. “I’m afraid I must stop this conversation, as pleasing as it is. We were in the middle of a meeting before you… threw one of my guard at the door.”

“Don’t stop because of me. I’ll just stand quietly beside charming mister Snape over there and wait so I have your entire… attention. I have quite a tantalizing proposition for you.” She smirked evilly.

“Very well.”

For half an hour, the meeting went on and the redhead found it quite boring. She yawned and sighed. Lucious shot her a dark look and she answered by lifting an eyebrow. She waved at him and gave him a fake smile. [That’s it, Lucius. Piss me off one more time and you’re dead.]

When the meeting ended, Voldemort turned toward the redhead waiting patiently next to Severus. “I like patience in someone. One point for you, miss Rosenberg.”

“I insist, call me Willow. Can I?” Without waiting for his answer, she sauntered to a chair and sat down. She crossed her legs while Voldemort, Lucius and Severus took a seat. “As I said, I have a proposition for you. I’m definitly over my ‘lets destroy the world’ phase. I’m on to greater, and lets say it, less insane projects. You have power over people. I have power over magic. I give you my help, you give me some of your power. Simple enough?”

Lucius sneered. “What makes you think we need your help?”

“First of all, I wasn’t speaking to you, so shut up before I cut your tongue and shove it down your throat. Secondly, it’s quite impossible to ignore your problems if you have ears.”

“She is right, my Lord,” Severus said, hiding his smile. “Even with Dumbledore thinking I’m on his side, I can’t get to Potter. Her help would be valuable.”

Voldemort thought it over for a couple of minutes before nodding. “Alright. We have a deal. You prove yourself useful, I’ll make sure you hold some power.” He shook her hand.

Willow grinned. “So, Severus Snape, I think we have a meeting with Dumbledore. We should leave soon to your place. After all, I am your ‘old childhood friend’, am I not?” He stood and offered her his arm. They left imediatly.

Voldemort leaned back in his chair. “Things are finally looking up.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Succumb" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Jan 03.

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