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Summary: answer to Jinni's challenge. Dark fic featuring Willow, Dawn, Severus and Draco.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapeSerenaFR1832,489033,9453 Jan 033 Jan 03No


disclaimer : I don't own anything.



Sunnydale, August 15th 2002

“Dawn! You’ve got mail!”

The younger Summers girl ran down the stairs and grabbed the letter from her sister’s hands. On it was written her address in green ink. The stamps of the school was behind it, carved in wax. [Hogwarts? What’s that?] She opened the letter and her eyes widened the further she read. “Buffy!” she yelled.

“What?” the blond slayer said, coming over to read over her little sister’s shoulder. “What the?”

Dear Miss Summers,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Considering your position as the key, the Ministry of Magic believed it would be much more safe for you to live within Hogwarts compound. Therefor, you will begin school September 1st as a exchange program student from America. Be sure to present yourself at Diagon Alley before that date to buy your school supplies.

Minerva McGonagall, deputy Headmistress
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The Summers girls looked at each other. “Giles,” they said at the same time.

The Magic Box, 27 minutes later

“So what you’re saying is that because I’m the key, I might be considered a witch because of my magical blood and I have to go to England where there is a school for witches and wizards?”

“Er, yes, that is.”

“Way cool! Can I go?” she asked her sister.

“Giles, I’m not too sure about that. I want her to be safe, not going ballistic on us like Willow did.”

The watcher sighed. “And she will be at Hogwarts, Buffy. I know Albus, the Headmaster. I’ll talk to him. She will be safer there than she could ever be in Sunnydale. Trust me.”

“Alright. But I don’t have to like it.”

Dawn was practically bouncing around in the shop, grinning like a mad woman. “Yay, I’m going to learn magic!”

“Stop that!” Buffy yelled. “You have to promise me you won’t cause any trouble. Got that?” Her sister nodded. “Good. Now go make your bags. Giles, you’ll make sure she gets to Diagon Alley, right?”

“Of course Buffy. I’ll look after her. I just have to bring Willow to the coven first. I hope they can do something for her.”

“I hope so too, Giles,” the slayer whispered softly.

Dawn jumped all the way to the door and opened it widely. “London, heeere I come!”

“Run and hide,” Buffy grumbled.
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