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Four Years Later...

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Summary: Four years later she has a daughter, he's supposed to be getting married. Problem? They're married... to each other. Travelling from LA to Westchester, New York could be the catalyst for the beginning of the rest of her life.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredabsentiaVFR1535,8021248,97910 Feb 046 Mar 04No

part 2

Disclaimer: Part 1
NOTE: Spike DOES have a soul and in the X-men universe this is set at the start of the Second movie, so Logan has returned but things haven’t really progressed further than that.


Buffy sat next to Willow in the cab they were travelling in from New York City to the school in Westchester, New York. It seemed as soon as Willow had gotten off the phone with Scott she began to make arrangements to travel to New York. Buffy knew that she had to pull herself together for the sake of her daughter, it made her sick in her stomach the thought that her father might want to take her away.

Lilliana was sleeping in her mother’s arms. Spike was sitting next to Willow and Xander was up front next to the driver. It was a long and tiring trip, and every turn they took Buffy felt like leaving and running home again. But that was what she had done four years ago and she couldn’t do that now.

Willow was leaning up against Spike asleep like Lilli, Buffy turned to Spike and smiled, “You okay pet?” he asked and Buffy nodded,

She stared out at the passing scenery remembering her time with Scott. She stroked Lilli’s hair and sighed, she wondered if Scott’s fiancé knew that he was married.


“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DIDN’T TELL ME!” Jean cried, objects in the room shaking, she could believe it, her Scott was married while engaged her herself. Scott winced this had been going on for about an hour. Bracing himself he mumbled something under his breath, “What was that?” Jean questioned narrowing her eyes. Scott grimaced and took a deep breath.

“She’s headed here right now” he said clearly and then sat down in the bed she shared with Jean, “Look hopefully this will all be over soon. We’ll just get the papers sorted out and then she’ll be on her way and we’ll be free to finally get married” Scott said. Jean stood, her back towards Scott, she thought it over being the logical woman she was. She knew that she was not happy about the whole situation, but if it meant that she and Scott would finally be able to marry she would put up with it.

“Fine” she said finally, “I’ll be nice. But you have to promise me that al of this will be over soon” Jean said and then she sat down next to her fiancé. They sat there in silence for a while before Jean got up again; “I’ve got to get back to work” she said softly and left the room. Scott sighed; he could tell that Jean was upset but he was also worried, lately it seemed that she had been bottling her emotions up. The display just earlier when the room had been shaking from her powers was enough to worry Scott.


The cab pulled up at the school and Xander let out a low whistle, “Your husband’s boss guy must be pretty rich” he noted and Willow who had woken up nodded in agreement. Buffy just glared at Xander for using the word husband.

The five piled out of the cab, Xander payed the driver and then they took their luggage and walked up to the front door. Willow knocked on the front door and soon after it opened to reveal a girl who had two brilliant white streaks framing her face against her brunette hair. Willow noted that she was covered from head to toe, “Hi, how can I help you?” she asked, her southern accent noticeable.

“We’re here to see Scott Summers” Willow said and the girl opened the door a little wider,

“Well come in then, I’m Rogue by the way” the girl said as the LA troupe entered Xavier’s mansion.

“Marie?” came a gruff voice which Willow recognised, “Who’s at the door?” the voice continued and then the voice gained a body as Logan entered the entrance hall and Rogue turned to face him.

“They’re here to see Scott” she said and Logan raised his eyebrow,

“I thought she said her name was Rogue?” Buffy commented to Willow, Willow turned from Buffy to Logan,

“Hi, I’m Willow Rosenberg, I think we talked in the phone?” Willow said to Logan and he nodded, “this is Xander Harris, Spike, Buffy Sommers and… her daughter, Lilliana” she finished. Logan’s eyebrows shot up in surprise; ‘so much for the quick visit Scott wanted’ Logan thought when he recognised the faint scent of Scott in Lilliana.

“Summers? Are you related to Scott?” Rogue asked and Logan let out a burst of laughter.

“Uh… something like that” Buffy answered. Lilliana was still asleep in her mother’s arms. “Uh, is there somewhere that I could put her down to sleep?” Buffy asked and Rogue nodded,

“Put her in a spare room Marie and then would you bring Buffy down to the conference room” Logan said and before Rogue and Buffy had left the room Logan called out again, “The teachers conference room” he said and Rogue nodded. Logan then led the remaining Scoobies to the teacher’s conference room as opposed to the x-men conference room. ~Chuck, they’re here~ Logan sent to The Professor.

~Thank you Logan, I’ll gather everyone and we’ll meet you at the conference room~ The Professor sent back to Logan and then the link was cut off.

“So this is a pretty neat school” Xander commented and Logan just grunted in response. Something didn’t feel right to him; the ‘Spike’ guy didn’t smell right. He smelt like… death and that was something that didn’t sit well with the Wolverine.

They stopped in front of a door and when Logan opened it, The Professor, Storm, Jean and Scott were already sitting down at the conference table. The Scoobies sat down and the Professor spoke,

“Welcome to my school” he said and the Rogue opened the door and let Buffy in, “Thank you Rogue” The Professor said and the Rogue closed the door and Buffy went and sat down next to Willow and… opposite Scott. “I guess we all know why we are here,” The Professor continued, “To settle the divorce of Scott and Buffy Summers”

Jean flinched at The Professor’s words, a movement that did not go unnoticed by Buffy. She tore her eyes away from the other, obvious woman in Scott’s life, flickering her eyes past Scott is was clear that he was avoiding looking at her. “I think everyone here is hoping that this can be over and done with as quick as possible” Buffy said.

“Of course” The Professor said, “Lets get down to business then he said”, and so it began


Lilli woke up in a strange room, it had a desk and bed in it but other than that it didn’t look lived in. Growing up in LA around her ‘family’ she knew that she was in no danger, her mother’s slayer sense told her that so her inquisitive side kicked in. She hopped off the bed and went to a door she opened it and peered out in to the hallway. Closing the door behind her she wandered down the hall in the direction of voices. A girl with short hair and a boy were walking towards her.

“Hi” the girl said, “Are you lost?” she asked and the guy turned to the girl,

“I don’t think she’s new, she’s a bit young to be a student and I’ve never seen her around before” he said and the girl nodded.

“My name’s Kitty and this is Bobby, who are you?” she asked

“Lilliana. My momma is here” she said and wondered if these two could take her to her mommy. Kitty turned to Bobby,

“We should take her to The Professor” Kitty said and Bobby agreed, “We’ll take you to find you mom” Kitty said and held her hand out and Lilli took it,

The three walked through the halls of the school, Lilli walk taking in all the things tat she was seeing. She noticed that some of the students were playing with what seemed to her to be powers. It was when they got to the top of the staircase that Lilli stopped walking. Kitty and Bobby stopped and looked at Lilli,

“Are you demons?” Lilli asked, she then noted the shocked look on their faces, she supposed not. For a four year old she was quite smart.

“Uhh” Bobby said not quite sure what to say,

“Those people had powers,” Lilli said pointing back the way they had come.

“We’re not demons” Kitty said, “We’re…” but before she could finish a voice called up from the bottom of the stairs.

“Kitty! Bobby! What are you doing?” came the voice and as the there walked halfway down the stairs the saw that the voice belonged to Rogue. “Lilliana? What are you doing up?” Rogue asked, Lilli looked at Rogue confused, she didn’t remember ever seeing this girl before, but she seemed to know her name.

“You know who this is?” Kitty asked

“Yeah, her mom and friends are meeting with The Professor and the other teachers” Rogue said, “I’ll take her if you like” Rogue said and soon after Rogue was leading Lilliana towards the conference room with her mother inside. “I’m Rogue by the way,” Rogue said told the little girl as they drew closer to the room.


“Okay, well I think that we are getting somewhere here” The Professor said and Jean smiled, it seemed like everything was going to be over soon. At first Jean had been nervous, thinking that this was all going to end up like some over clichéd teen angst movie where she would end up all alone and wondering what she could have done to prevent it. But everything was turning out exactly how she would like.

Buffy watched Scott out of the corner of her eyes, she couldn’t believe it they were actually going through with this. A divorce, deep down in her heart she had always believed that someday Scott would come looking for her, and they would live happily ever after like some sappy fairy tale, but she guessed that wasn’t going to happen now, a divorce and she would be a single mom, just like her own.


Rogue walked up to the door of the conference room, “Here we are” she said to Lilliana, “Your mom’s in there” she said pushing the door open.

Everyone in the room turned to the opening door. Lilli poked her head in and spotted her mom, “Momma!” she cried and ran into Buffy’s arms. Buffy picked up her daughter and placed her on her lap. Inwardly she was wincing but she put on a brave smiling face.

Looking up she met Scott’s face, which was twisted into an unreadable expression. She couldn’t tell what his eyes were saying but she guessed it wasn’t good.

Willow turned to look at Spike; she gave him a pained expression. She felt like this had just suddenly turned from a quick and simple meeting to a long complicated one…

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