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Four Years Later...

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Summary: Four years later she has a daughter, he's supposed to be getting married. Problem? They're married... to each other. Travelling from LA to Westchester, New York could be the catalyst for the beginning of the rest of her life.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredabsentiaVFR1535,8021248,97910 Feb 046 Mar 04No

part 3


Disclaimer: Part 1

NOTE: Spike DOES have a soul and in the X-men universe this is set at the start of the Second movie, so Logan has returned but things haven't really progressed further than that.


Scott felt like he couldn't breathe, when he tried to take a breath it got caught halfway down and he felt like panicking. When Lilli first entered the room Scott had been confused at first but when she had run to her mother he couldn't believe it. There was no doubt in his mind that she was his, his heart clenched in pain at the thought that his daughter had been growing up with out him for what had to be the last four years.

Glancing up and looking at Buffy Scott saw how 'motherly' she was acting. Buffy was running her fingers through her daughter's blonde hair. Scott couldn't help but feel left out, looking at Buffy and what had to be his daughter they looked like a loving happy family. One that with what was going on now would make it so that he would probably never be a part of it. Jean would never want him to have another family, he knew it.

Jean was fuming inside; the nerve of that... she couldn't even think the word. Jean was watching her fiancé out of the corner of her eye; she knew what he was thinking without even reading his mind, as she had known him for so long. Red flames flickered in her eyes but she controlled the rage. Everyone from the mansion looked shocked and stunned she noted, but all their visitors only looked nervous with the arrival of the little girl.

Scott's daughter. She knew that's who the little girl had to be. It made Jean sick to her stomach, Scott had told her that he had married her but he had never mentioned anything about them being lovers when they obviously had been.

Willow could feel the tension in the room, it reached out and strangled the ends of her magic, and she could feel the emotions of many of the room's occupants who were projecting quite strongly. Spike reached out and took Willow's hand in his, she smiled slightly but other than that, couldn't move.

Scott shot up and out of his seat suddenly, he couldn't take it any more. "I can't do this" he said and strode out of the room. Buffy looked around and got up; she handed Lilli to Willow and silently followed the direction the Scott went. The rest of the room watched as the door closed and they collectively let out a deep breath, all except Jean.


"Scott!" Buffy called out and ran to catch up with her husband. He kept walking and Buffy reached out and grabbed his arm, he spun around and began yelling,

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME I WAS A FATHER? I have a daughter" he said in disbelief and Buffy was taken aback, guilt written all over her face. "I thought..." Scott trailed off and turned away,

"I'm sorry okay" Buffy said tears forming in her eyes. Scott turned around again, his jaw clenched,

"You... you have no right. I... I was in love with you. Or at least I thought I was and I though you felt the same" Scott said through gritted teeth. He walked away and into an empty classroom. Buffy stood there her arms at her side, they went up and she wrapped them around herself. Dropping her head down she sighed and then looked to the side, three teenagers quickly looked away and busied themselves. Buffy composed herself and then stormed off and into the classroom that Scott had gone into.


Rogue, Kitty and Bobby looked at each other in shock, "Scott's a father?" Bobby asked and the girls looked at him in disbelief,

"Lilliana's his daughter" Rogue clarified and the three sat there digested the information that had been privy too.


"What right do you have to presume my feelings?" Buffy said to Scott who was standing in front of the window. "I was eighteen Scott, just barely legal and already married. Do you know how scared I was? So I ran, you know me, you should have expected that. Hell, when we first met I was running from my life, just because things happened that I didn't live and couldn't control" Buffy said.

Scott was still staring out of the window, but his resolve was softening. He never could stay mad at Buffy for long. "Tell me about her" he said softly but evenly. Buffy smiled slightly.

"Lilliana? What's there to say? Sheâ's my whole life, she was born on the 5th of June, Lilliana Angel Summers. She's my whole world Scott. Look, I'm really sorry that all this has to take place" Buffy said softly, Scott turned around.

"We'll work though this. It can be over quickly... if you want" Scott said, Buffy's heart constricted,

"I want you to be a part of your daughter's life" Buffy said, she walked over to Scott and let out a breath, they sat down on two tables and Scott turned to Buffy.

"What was her childhood like?" he asked, Buffy let out a huge grin,

"Lilli's had a... unusual childhood, but then again that's what she would have got if she lived with you" Buffy said motioning to Scott's glasses. "I saw what happened on the news last year. I guess you heard what happened to Sunnydale? After that we moved to LA. Lilli's always been a good girl. Even as a baby she didn't cry, only when she could tell something was wrong. She's never really asked about you but I think she could always tell I never really wanted to say anything about it" Buffy said.

"Can I... I mean would you let me spend some time with her before all of this is over?" Scott asked and Buffy smiled. She reached out her hand and look his, squeezing it lightly, a spark of electricity ran through both but they ignored it.

"Of course you can" she said.


In the teachers conference room the occupants were talking among themselves. Willow and Spike were murmuring to each other and Ororo was comforting Jean and Xander was entertaining Lilli. The Professor was watching over his charged and guests, something was troubling him about the bleach blonde man talking with the red head. He was getting some strange readings off him. It was like there were two voices in his head, one a monster and the other almost normal. It was almost like seeing into Rogue's mind although this man's mind seemed to have seen many years.

Willow turned to The Professor, "We're really sorry that this is taking longer than expected" she said,

"That's quite alright dear" he said and turned to Storm, "Would you please tell all the students that the afternoon lessons will be cancelled today" he said and she nodded and walked out of the room.


A while later Scott, Buffy and Lilliana were all outside. Lilli looked at Scott, "So you're my dad?" she asked scrunching her face up in confusion, Scott smiled down at her,

"Yeah I am" he said and Lilli hugged her father.

The three Summers had an audience. From a common room Willow, Xander, Spike, Logan and Rogue were watching them, Logan grunted,

"I think they look happy together" Xander commented, Willow looked to him and he continued, "I know, I know. They are getting a divorce but I dunno. I thought this might actually be one time that Buffy has the chance to be with a guy that she lived and have things turn out aright" he finished and Willow nodded. Logan and Rogue listened to their guests.

Suddenly the TV cut to breaking news. The five people watched and listened as they heard about the new presidents attempted assassin. Logan rushed out of the room leaving the rest of them watching the news report. Willow sent a message to Spike's head, 'Do you think there's something else going on?' she said motioning to the way Logan had just went. Spike shrugged,

'I don't know luv' he said back.


A short time later when they were all gathered in the conference room again Buffy noticed that Jean and that Ororo woman were missing. "Jean and Ororo can't be here at the moment, they were called away on urgent business" the Professor said and Buffy frowned slightly, it was like he read her mind.

The final copy of their divorce papers was in front of Buffy and Scott, slowly by surely they both signed them. The professor took the papers for safe keeping.

"I guess that means we're divorced" Buffy said, her heart breaking.

"I guess so" Scott said. Buffy looked around the table and then it hit her, they were all mutants.

"You are correct Ms. Summers" The Professor said, "You no doubt know about Scott's abilities but I am a telepath, Logan is The Wolverine and all the students here are mutants as well. Mutant High, I believe is the term some of the older students refer to this school as" The Professor said.

Once he had figured out what was going on Xander spoke up,"Cool" he said and Logan and Scott were taken aback at the groups" total lack of concern of the fact that they were mutants. The Professor studied them and then spoke again.

"This is perhaps an intended coincidence that you are here. Jean and Ororo away and Scott and I leaving soon, we will need someone to assist Logan in running the school. I understand that I don't know you that well, I know that you will be okay" he said tapping his head. "But I would ask that you reveal some secrets of your own" he finished looking specifically at Spike. "Your head seems to have two sides to it, a good and evil side one might say. How do you explain that? Are you a schizophrenic?" he asked.

"You smell like death" Logan added, Spike turned to Willow,

"That's 'cause I am mate. Dead that is" he said and changed into his game face, surprisingly none of them really flinched.

"Vampire?" Logan said, "But you could walk in the sun" Logan questioned. Spike held up his ring finger,

"Same family as the Gem of Amara, tends to help me with the pesky sun problem" Spike said and then turned to The Professor, "The two voices you would have heard would have been me soul and me demon" he said and Charles relaxed slightly. There was a comfortable silence before The Professor spoke again,

"So you're a vampire with a soul?"


The End?

You have reached the end of "Four Years Later..." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Mar 04.

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