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Four Years Later...

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Summary: Four years later she has a daughter, he's supposed to be getting married. Problem? They're married... to each other. Travelling from LA to Westchester, New York could be the catalyst for the beginning of the rest of her life.

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part 1

Title: Four Years Later…

Author: blackroseangel69

Rating: 13

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything except the storyline

Pairings: Buffy/Scott (primary), Willow/Spike (secondary)

Distribution: if you want it you can have it, just tell me where it’s going.

NOTE: This story picks up a year after the first has been defeated, but it is AU from season 3 onwards. This is my first fic that isn’t Willow centric so tell me what you think?

Buffy had only been seventeen when they met, he was older; he had been twenty-three at the time. He had told her that he was in town for some business meeting. It began when Buffy had run away to LA and it had been there that she had first heard of mutants. Living on the Hellmouth one tended to be cut off from the rest of the world, so when she heard about the ‘mutant uprising’ she had been shocked at first but then began to accept it as just the next step in evolution. He was a mutant, she had realised that from their first meeting, at first they had just been friends and when she returned to Sunnydale they kept in contact by writing to each other.

Summers, it was the first thing they found in common, their surname but they soon found that they also knew what it was like to feel like you were alone in the world with a large heroic secret. One year later and they met up again. He was having problems and he just wanted to get away. Buffy agreed to meet him in Las Vegas; it was then that they had become lovers and after one particular drunken night they had married.

When Buffy awoke the next morning she discovered what had happened, she was confused and scared and ran home once more. She cut off all contact with Scott and then three weeks later she realised that she was pregnant. Faith had taken over the main Slayer duties and on the 5th of June Lilliana Angel Summers was born.

Buffy had told her friends that she had fallen pregnant by a guy that she had known but she wasn’t going to tell them anything else and her friends realised that she wouldn’t. She had never told them that she was legally married and had thought that she would never have to. That wasn’t until that fateful morning that a letter arrived from some lawyer’s office in New York.

Willow wandered into the Hyperion Hotel’s kitchen in the morning. There was a letter that had originally been sent to Sunnydale but had been forwarded to the Hyperion where the remaining Scooby gang was now staying. When their homes had originally been destroyed they had moved in with Angel and a year later they were one big family.

“Buffy? There’s a letter here for you, it’s from a lawyer. Are you in some kind of trouble?” Willow asked handing Buffy the letter. Buffy looked confused and then frowned and ripped the envelope open. She read the first few sentences and then turned white as a vampire. Four-year-old Lilliana wandered into the kitchen and called out for a glass of milk. When Buffy didn’t respond Willow went to get her goddaughter a glass, she set her up at the kitchen table and then walked over to Buffy. She took the letter from Buffy and began reading it, once she was done she realised why Buffy was in shock but also a little confused and hurt that her best friend had not told her sooner.


Scott Summers sat in the school’s kitchen, he was sipping a cup of coffee and think about what he had done a couple of days ago. He was 28 and Jean was beginning to become suspicious about why he would not commit to a wedding date as they had been engaged for the past year. Scott always knew this day would come but he had also dreaded it. The other day he had gone into the city to meet with a lawyer to file for divorce.

Buffy Summers, when they had first met she had been calling herself Anne. He had been in LA after a mutant claimed that he was kidnapped and kept for what seemed like a long time to work as a slave. He had been sitting in a diner when she walked up to him and asked what she could get for him and so it had started. A short while later she had confided in him that her real name was Buffy.

It had been 4 years but his heart was still all not there when it came to Jean, he had truly loved Buffy, but she had left him and now they needed to get a divorce so that they could get on with their lives and he could finally marry Jean. Scott was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn’t hear The Professor wheel into the room.

“Something troubling you Scott?” he questioned and when Scott gave him a look he continued, “And I don’t need to read your mind to tell. Would you care to tell me what’s on your mind?” Charles asked him young friend. Scott had been different ever since he returned from one vacation 4 years ago; everything had been going fine up until a few days ago when Charles sensed there was something going on with Scott that he didn’t want Jean to know about.

“Just some personal matters Professor” Scott said and the Professor looked at him with a knowing smile,

“Well when you feel the need to talk you know that my door is always open” he said and then wheeled himself out of the kitchen. Before Scott could return to him thoughts Logan entered the room and looked at him.

“What’s bugging you One-eye?” he asked opening the fridge and taking out a beer. Scott looked at Logan, wondering if perhaps out of all the people in the school Logan would be the one to understand. Logan cocked his head to one side studying him, “If you think I’m after Jeannie you don’t have anything to worry about. She’s in love with you” Logan said and Scott smiled although what Logan said made Scott feel even more deceitful about keeping this a secret.

“It’s not that… Have you ever done something that perhaps later you’ve come to regret?” he asked and a huge grin appeared on Logan’s face.

“So you do have a wild side. What did you do? Shoplift candy?” Logan asked half amused but his smile faded when Scott spoke again,

“I’m married” he said and watched as Logan digested the information “And not to Jean” he clarified.

“Does Jeannie know?” Logan asked slowly, and Scott groaned and then sighed,

“That’s what I’m worried about. I just filed for divorce so that I’ll be able to commit to a date for Jean” Scott explained.

“So what’s she like?” Logan asked after a moment of silence,

“She’s amazing” Scott said, his face lighting up as he spoke of her, Logan filed that information away for later use, “Buffy accepted me 100% from day one” Scott said and Logan had to stifle his laugh,

“What kind of a name is Buffy?” Logan asked and then bowed his head in comedic shame when Scott glared at him.

“It was one drunken night 4 years ago. Jean and I were going through a rough patch in our relationship and Buuffy and I met up for a holiday. When I woke up the next morning she was gone and I haven’t heard from her since” Scott said, his voice going soft towards the end. The two men sat there in silence until Bobby walked into the kitchen,

“Uh, Mr Summers? There’s someone on the phone for you, a Willow Rosenberg concerning a Buffy?” Bobby asked a little confused. Scott sat there in shock until Logan pulled him out of the kitchen and to the nearest private phone.


When Willow had finished reading the letter she looked up at Buffy. “Okay I think you have some explaining to do” she said and then sat down next to her best friend. Buffy’s eyes were fixed on an invisible point on the wall and when she finally tore them away she turned to look at her daughter.

“Scott is Lilliana’s father” Buffy said and then got up and started pacing. “I have to tell everyone,” She said and then walked out of the kitchen with a look of grief and pain on her face.

Fifteen minutes later Lilliana was taking a nap, partially magically induced and everyone was sitting in the lobby. Willow stood up to begin, “Okay, so I guess you all want to know what we’re doing here. Buffy got a letter this morning. Apparently she’s married and her husband has just filed for divorce” Willow said and then sat down as Buffy stood up.

Buffy looked around at the shocked faces of her friends, Angel and Cordelia were sitting in shock but at least Buffy knew that ever since Cordelia awoke from her coma she and Angel officially started going out. Spike’s face was twisted into confusion, Buffy had never been very close to the blonde vampire, but her best friend was also best friends with him, so she put up with him. Xander, Faith and Robin were just sitting there in shock and Willow was looking at her with love and encouragement. Taking a deep breath she began to tell her friends about her hidden past.

“When I ran away to LA after mom found out about my being a Slayer I met someone” she told her friends, “Scott and I became friends, we found the first thing in common was our last name, Summers” Buffy said and then smiled to herself lost in thought before she continued. “We wrote to each other when I returned to Sunnydale and he went back to New York and then a year later when I went away for my short vacation, I met up with him in Las Vegas and it was then that we became lovers. After one drunken night, I can’t really remember but we got married and when I woke up I realised what had happened and I came straight home” Buffy said and then sat down. “I cut off all contact with him, and I haven’t heard anything from him until now” she finished.

Her friends sat there in shock until Xander spoke up, “So what do we do now Buffster, cause I’m guessing he’s my goddaughter’s father” he said

“You go to New York to sort this out. You and Lilliana, Willow and Xander and I’m sending Spike with you” Angel spoke up, Spike looked like he was about to object but Willow cut him off with a look and Angel continued, “The rest of us can look after things here. Willow you can use my office to make necessary arrangements” he finished and Willow nodded and walked into his office to call the contact number for this ‘Scott’. She dialled the number and listened until someone picked up.

“Xavier’s school for the gifted, Bobby speaking” came a young man’s voice

“Uh, hi, is there a Scott Summers available?”

“Yeah sure, I’ll go get him for you, who can I say is calling?” the boy asked and Willow allowed herself to relax slightly,

“Just say its Willow Rosenberg and its concerning Buffy. He’ll know what I mean” Willow said and then let out a deep breath of relief when the boy left to go get Scott. Spike opened the door and slipped inside, shutting the door and sitting down opposite Willow studying her. A minute later a deep voice acme over the line,

“Hello?” he asked and Willow could tell he was nervous.

“Hi this is Willow here and I was just calling to let you know that we received your letter for Buffy” she said and when she got no response to that she continued, “I’d just like to let you know that there are a few issues that need to be addressed so I think maybe we should meet. Buffy, two others and I will come out and see you within the next couple of days” Willow said and there was more silence until Willow could hear that someone was obviously taking the phone of Scott.

“Hello?” came a gruff voice,

“Uh hi, I was just trying to get an address so that I could bring Buffy out to meet with Scott” Willow said.

“Okay” Logan said and rambled off an address which Willow wrote down, “Scott will be expecting you” Logan said and was about to hang up when Willow stopped him,

“Uh thanks…”

“Logan” he supplied and then hung up. Willow stared at the phone before hanging up,

“Well this will be interesting, wont it luv?” Spike said and all Willow could do was nod.


“You called me Scott” Scott said in disbelief looking at Logan.

“Well I had to give you some credibility what with you freezing up like that” Logan said and the turned to leave, “Oh, by the way, your WIFE ad her friends will be here in a couple of days” Logan said stressing the word wife.

Scott sat in the study in shock; maybe he should have spoken to that Willow lady after all. He suddenly shot out of his seat, two days didn’t leave him that much time and he knew he had to tell Jean what was going on. Troubled Scott wandered out of the room.

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