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Not Another Demon

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Summary: Phoebe had decided not to love another demon, but has she really? I didn't like how I had it before so I rewrote it!

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Charmed > Spike-CenteredKarmaFR151211,5780117,53410 Feb 0421 May 04No

First Glance Then Attack

Disclaimer: Charmed and Buffy do not belong to me. They belong to the nice people that created them.

Author's Note: This is total AU. I do talk about events from some of the season
of both shows but they really aren't spoilers just background info. Cole has just been vanquished; he didn't return from the wasteland. Spike was never in love with Buffy, but he still has his chip. Spike left Sunnydale and the Scooby Gang is despersate to find him. Willow never dated Tara.
Phoebe walked into Piper's club, P3. This time she knew it was different, there was no Cole here, now. It didn't bother her, or at least that's what she kept telling herself. She knew that she and Cole were done with this time. And that caused her to wear the aura of confidence that evry man in the club saw as she walked in.

"Piper,"she said to her sister behind the bar," I have decided never to fall in love with a demon again." Piper just continued to dry of the wine glass she was holding but stopped when she saw the look on her sister's face. "Of course you've decided not to fall in love with another demon, Pheebs, that doesn't mean that you aren't going to."

"Wow, thanks Piper, that was supportive." Pheobe said roling her eyes.

"Phoebe, you know I didn't mean it like that I just meant that-" Piper was cut short by a jab from her sister.

"Who is that?"asked Phoebe.

"Who Pheebs?"

"Him." Phoebe pointed at the lean muscular man who looked like he was in his late twenties. His hair was bleached white and he had high cheek bones and piercing blue eyes. He wore black jeans, a black shirt and a billowing black duster. "He's hot."

"Yeah,"said Paige coming up to her sisters. "If your into the Billy Idol sort."

"Well," said Phoebe. "I always had a thing for Billy Idol, and I'm gonna go see if they're anything alike." With that Phoebe pushed past Paige and into the crowd towards the mysterious man.

"I don't know,"commented Paige. "I think the brooding brunette that's yelling at him is kinda hot, but hey that's just me."

"Paige. Don't try anything to stop Phoebe, I'm just happy she's finally left the house. Since we vanquished Cole, she hasn't entirely been herself."

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I have to like him though." Paige complained leaving the club.

Phoebe walked over to the two men. 'God, I would not mind having to be seen with him at all.'


"Peaches, just leave me the bloody hell alone, you ponce." Yelled the bleach blonde.

"Spike. You are my childe. You will do what I say when you're in my town."

"Well, guess what, Angelus, I'm not in your town. Last time I checked Frisco was out of your jurisdiction."

"William. You realize that I'm coming back and next time I won't be alone."

With that Angel pushed away from Spike and right into a startled brunette who flinched. After apoligizing he hurried out of the club away from his infuriating childe.


Spike watched as Angel pushed into the woman knocking her over as she grabbed her head. 'I am turning into such a ponce.' Spike told himself as he ran over to help the woman.

"I'm sorry, my si-brother can be such a ponce. Here." Spike held out his hand to help her up and felt a jolt of energy rush through him as Phoebe felt her second preminition within five minutes. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, I'm Phoebe by the way."she said as he pulled her up.


"Just one name? Like Madonna?"

"Luv, i'm nothing like Madonna. See ya later, pet"

Before Phoebe could say anything else, Piper ran up to her to make sure she was alright and the man was gone.


"Piper I'm fine. He's not though."

"You had a premonition?"

"Two actually. The first one happened when his brother bumped into me. I saw his brother, the brooding brunette, and blinding light. Then all the light disapeared and he turned into a demon."

"Like green with horns?"

"No. More like a bumpy forehead and fang type deal. Then I saw him, Spike, the blonde, and he was being attacked by his brother and a short petite blonde. He was pushed out of a window and then flames surrounded him."

"That's it?"

"All that I can remember. They both went very fast. All I know is, what ever they are, we have to save them. Both of them."

"Book of Shadows?" asked Piper.

"Book of Shadows." agreed Phoebe as the hurried out of the club.


Spike watched the two women from the shadows. He had never seen a more beautiful woman and all he knew was the he would meet Phoebe again and make her his.


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