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Wrong Frame Of Mind

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Summary: First part in the Prophecy of the Stones, sequel to Holes Above Us. Connor and Harry meet, neither knowing the power the other possesses. No slash

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Chapter Three

A/N: Ok, here’s chapter three, and Connor will now be called Connor. Oh, and hints for the next story. (helpful hint on reading: Cordy and Sirius exist on a different plane, so you can just imagine them as in the room, but no one sees them. Kinda like ghosts. But not.) Ok, and Connor’s personality? In the last episode of Season 4, Connor was given a new personality to go along with his new family. There was mention of him going to college and being valedictorian. Oh, and Tara will have a few cameos in this. She may have a bigger role in the next story. SO story? Yes. Here’s more



Chapter Three

Her limbs felt heavy. Like she was being held down and couldn’t even think about moving. A red haze clouded her vision. And in the haze, images emerged. Images of different people and places, and it burned at her eyes as she found she couldn’t really look away from the host of images. She faintly heard people calling to her, but the tones were dulled and so very faint that they couldn’t really reach her ears. She felt a nudge and heard crying. But it was dull and distorted, as if someone was yelling at her from two houses down and through the window. She wanted to be free, but even as she tried to fight, she wanted to stay there, too.

It occurred to her in the back of her mind, that the person was shaking her hard, but it felt like a simple nudge to her. Her body was completely limp as the haze started to fade from her eyes. She could see a pair of green eyes directly above her. But the eyes were shoved to the side, and she could see the white ceiling above her. She felt the thump of the body landing beside her as the floor vibrated beneath her. She could feel the harsh bristles of the carpet beneath her bare shoulders. A drop of rain water slipped from the hem of her tank top onto her palm. Her left had twitched in response. A bright flash of green crossed her eyes as the air rushed violently back into her lungs. Her torso leaped from the floor. She took several deep breaths. Her nails dug into the coarse bristles of the carpet. And she grinned.


John had felt the shock that tingled up his spine and through his fingers. Tingles vibrated through his body as he watched Jillian fall back to the floor. She barely had time to even cry out. Her body fell heavily, her left arm drawn tightly to her side. The right arm was curved above her head, drawing her tank top up, exposing the tanned flesh of her belly. She seemed to stop breathing. John raced to her side, checking her pulse. Lisa was just screaming her head off, and Dudley was just muttering and sputtering. Harry did the same as John, checking her, and shaking her. He called her name and shook her hard. That was when Petunia came in. She threw Harry away from her, screeching about Magic. The second before Jillian sat up, John saw the woman and the man from the street. And he remembered her.


Cordelia held her breath as she felt a flutter of air behind her. She turned to see Tara there. The blond woman stared in front of them.

“Tara? What the hell happened?”

“I -I don’t know. It happened, though. They’ve been called. And, Cordy?”


“Your epidermis is showing. Both of you.” Tara said, blipping out from sight.

“Ah, shit.” she said, turning to face Connor.


In a dark mansion, miles away from Number four, an old man cackled to himself as the middle-aged man hunched nervously at his side. He paced back and forth. The old man’s eyes glowed green as he felt the power surge. The power was so strong. And in the shadows, in a room down the hallway, the power was stronger than it had been before. And He grinned.


Harry looked up at Jillian. She pushed herself up from the floor. Her dark hair was crinkled in the back, and her right hand clutched on the pack of cigarettes in her hand. He watched as she slipped it into her back pocket. She caught Harry’s eye and gave him a quick wink. Petunia didn’t notice any of this things, though.

“Oh, Julia, dear, are you all right?”

“Yeah, just tripped. Caught me off guard, and it’s Jillian.”

“Oh. Good. Dudley? Lisa? Are you children all right? T.B?”

“It’s Connor. And yeah. . .”

“Johnny?” Jillian purred, stepping around Petunia to lay her palm against Connor’s chest. The girl leaned into him, her body nearly flush with his as she gazed up into his face. Her golden brown eyes locked intensely on his green-blue eyes. He could feel her breath on his lips and neck. “Everything feel alright?” If it were possible, she’d get even closer.


“Yes. . .Connor?” She said, a smirk playing on her lips.

“Back off.” He shoved her back, and marched back out into the rain.

Harry was torn between following him or going to Jillian. She turned on her heel and grinned at Harry.

“Guess he can’t take a joke.” She said, laughing.

His eyes narrowed as he studied her. If he didn’t know any better, he’d swear she’d been born among Slytherins. She seemed to revel in a confidence that he’d always associated with Slytherins. . . especially Malfoy. It was in that instant that he raced out into the rain, to follow John or Connor, or whatever the hell he was calling himself now.


Connor stalked out into the rain. The memories of two pasts seemed to blur together. He remembered Holtz, he remembered Abby and Tom Matthews, he remembered Angel. And he remembered Cordy. But it was all so jumbled together! He couldn’t focus, couldn’t make it all right again. It was too jumbled, too confusing. The rain pelted him as he crossed the street. And stopped.

Harry spotted him, staring at a mailbox. He was just staring at it. As Harry raced over to him. Before he could actually reach him, Connor took his fist and slammed it into the slick metal. The bolts snapped, flinging the box up into the air. It crashed into the pavement inches from Harry’s feet. The rain water was flung from the pavement back onto him.

Connor turned to face him. His face was closed, his eyes narrowing as he reached the younger boy. His fists clenched into the thin, worn cotton fabric of the collar, dragging him closer.

“What kind of magic did you do to me?” He spat.

“What?” Harry choked out. “I - no - magic -” He struggled as Connor clenched his fists even tighter.

Connor didn’t know how, but he felt he could trust him. He sniffed at the air and slowly released him. Harry rubbed at his neck as he watched Connor. He noticed the way Connor held himself, his brow furrowed, his fists clenched at his sides. Harry straightened slowly. He peered over Connor’s left shoulder.

And noticed the ring of Deatheaters circling them.

“Damn.” He said, reaching for the wand that was still up in his school trunk. Connor only popped his knuckles.


Cordy’s eyes widened as she watched the group of twelve dark robed figures. She clenched her fists and felt more powerless than she’d ever been. Sirius nearly growled.

“We can’t let them face them alone, Sirius!” She cried. “We’re supposed to be their guardians! How can we guard them?” She said, worriedly.

“With this.” He pulled a long blade from his waist.

Cordy broke into a huge grin as she found a red handled blade in her own hand. She brought it up

“Now this? This is what I had in mind.” She said, letting her form be seen.

This was gonna be fun.

A/N 2: Better? Worse? as always, how’d I do? The next part will have the battle and some explanations
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