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Wrong Frame Of Mind

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Summary: First part in the Prophecy of the Stones, sequel to Holes Above Us. Connor and Harry meet, neither knowing the power the other possesses. No slash

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Chapter Four

A/N: I thought I was being too obvious with Jillian’s character. Yay me, I wasn’t, cuz nobodies noticed the hints or huge dramatic change *cough* last name watch *cough*. And the cigs? Originally just a prop. Now, something more. Haha. Yeah, the plot is kinda confusing, I know, but it’s gonna make sense after this chapter, I promise. (At least I hope). All the reviewers, much thanks!


Chapter Four

The red stone glistened on the concrete floor of the small, darkened room. It began to vibrate suddenly, nearly shooting off the floor. It chimed with every bounce. Suddenly a man appeared in the room. He strode over to the stone and squatted down beside it. Picking up the quivering gem, he smiled faintly, stroking it’s warm surface.

“She woke you up, didn’t she?” He spoke softly to it, groaning as he pushed back up to standing. “Well, I need to keep you safe for now.”

With that, he put the gem securely into his front pocket and blipped out.


The rain poured down, pelting the black cloaks of the Deatheaters as they surrounded the two teens. The rain bounced off of them, and they remained dry.

As for the two teens standing in the circle, however, were completely drenched by now. Rain dripped from Harry’s nose. He looked around them, trying no to move too suddenly, didn’t dare draw any attention to himself. But then he saw them coming toward the circle of deatheaters.


Cordy tightened her grip on the red leather handle of her blade, ready for some action. She hadn’t gotten to fight in a long time. She needed to kick some ass.

“So, what kinda demons are they?”

“They’re wizards. We can kill them though.”

“Wait, they’re humans?”

“Yeah, but they’d kill our boys. We can kill them. I think.” Sirius said, stalking forward.

“OK, well, let’s just intend to wound -”

“They’ll come back after our boys.”

Cordy thought on that for a moment. Ok, she changed her mind.

“Kay, we’re gonna aim to kill.”

“Good plan.”


Connor felt the cold rain pelt his body. He watched the boy behind him. As soon as he did this, his gaze shifted back to the ambushers in front of them as they simulations drew out . . .

Tiny stakes? Huh?

“Don’t worry boys, this won’t hurt much.” One of them hissed.

“Naw, I’m guessing it’ll hurt a lot.” A female voice piped in from over the speaker’s shoulder.

Harry grinned as he watched her hit him with the flat-edge of the sword, knocking him unconscious. Sirius gave her a dirty look. She merely raised an eyebrow.

“We need one to spill the beans. Jeez, we can kill the rest.”

The rest of the Death Eaters watched them for a few minutes. She smiled as they realized that they were supposed to be attacking them. One raised his wand and screamed “Crucio!”

Nothing happened.

Cordelia waited for a few seconds. She gave Harry a look. He grinned as he charged the deatheater, knocking the wand away. Cordelia winked at him and leaned over the fallen man.

“Spells suck. ‘Specially since you can’t -”

“Shut up, and get to work.” He shouted, running his sword through the chest of another.

“Bite me, Sirius.” She called, punching a third in the face. As he came back up, she thrust her sword through his shoulders. The wounds started to sizzle as she pulled it from him. “Damn, we can’t kill them. Just knock em unconscious.”

“I can do that real easy.” Connor said, charging another.

His fists flew furiously into the face of the nearest Deatheater. He went down fast.

“No, boy, run back away from the battle.” Sirius said, “Harry, get back. You’re unarmed.”

“Never stopped him before.” She said, rolling her eyes.


Dudley and Lisa were trying to touch her, to make sure she was ok. She wanted to deck them both. Finally, she pulled away from them and stalked out the door. Jillian slammed the door behind her. Standing there, on the front porch of number four, she wasn’t all that shocked

There were four people fighting at least a dozen cloaked men in the street. And she could identify at least the normal dressed people. She leaned back against the door frame and pulled the carton from her back pocket. She tapped out one and brought it to her lips. It lit the second she placed the pack back in her pocket. There was a sudden tug as the street vanished.


Nymphadora Tonks was napping as an alarm went off, deep in 12 Grimmauld Place. Remus Lupin jumped to his feet. She jumped from her seat at the table. He raced into the room. She looked up.

“Harry - trouble.”

“Then we should go.”


Jillian found herself in a darkened room, reeking of dust and lit only by a fireplace in the front of the room. She took a drag from her cigarette, her eyes drawn to the old looking man in the tall chair in front of it.

“I love what you’ve done with the place. The black, and the dust.” She pulled the cigarette from her lips, “Bold move.”

“Yes, and getting bolder by the moment, aren’t we?”

She smirked. It was good that he noticed these things. He needed to see that she was not her mother’s daughter. Or at least, not as dumb as her mother had been.

“I see that you are beginning to remember your past, Ms. Post.”

“Seems that I have.” She took another drag, as she sat in the chair directly across from him, making herself comfortable.

“I thought your ‘father’ had stripped it from you.”

“So did I. But your little gift, with the nice bright red light and image slideshow - let’s just say, it jogged my memories.”

“Red light?”

“Yeah, that fancy little - You didn’t do that?”


He looked into the fire. She took another drag.

“Your goons are failing, you know. Boy’s got guardians.”


“No, Matthews.” She paused, looking perplexed. “You mean Potters the one your after?”

“Yes, you stupid tit. I thought you knew that.”

“Look, old man, I’ve been out of the loop since Mother went all dark magic and was relieved of duty. I got stuck with Thomas Post. For the last seven years, I’ve been stuck in this stupid life. Don’t tell me -”


Jillian glared at the brown haired man who limped into the room. He seemed to almost jump as she leaned back. Let him deal with his stupid peck of a servant.

“What, Pettigrew?”

“He’s been screaming -”

“I don’t care. Shut him up.”

“Shut who up?” She leaned forward on her elbows, looking ten years younger, her face upturned to catch the fire light.

“A future servant of mine. He - shall we say - is not as eager as it was hoped he’d be.”

“Is he young and nummy?” She said wickedly.

“I suppose.”

Jillian licked her lips. She knew she could do some sort of persuading. She’d almost convinced Connor, hadn’t she?

“Perhaps I could help?”

He seemed to think this over. A frightening grin crossed his lips.

“Yes, you can. Show my daughter to the room.” Pettigrew seemed petrified. “Did I stutter, Pettigrew?”

“No, Master, you didn’t. Miss?”

She rose, and kissed his cheek. She kicked Pettigrew as she passed him.

“Get up, rat. He said to take me there, NOW!”

Pettigrew jumped to his feet, and scurried down the hall. She smirked. This was fun.

“A girl certainly could get used to this.”


In a room, freezing cold and dank with the smell of rust, old water, mold and blood, he shivered. His arms were chained above his head, and his shirt was torn up the center. He was kneeling on the floor when the rat opened it again.

“He’s in here, Miss.”

He looked up, thinking for a moment that it would be his mother. Instead it was a muggle girl. Or something that looked like a muggle girl. She had dark, shoulder length hair, and she wore low riding jeans and a olive green tank top. She smiled earnestly at the sight of him.

“Leave me be, you’ve done your chore.” She barked at Pettigrew.

“Yes, miss.”

He lowered his head, not wanting to look at her. He wanted out of these chains and to be home.

“Now, Draco, is this any way to treat a lady? I thought your mother had raised you better than that.”

She traced a finger along his chin. She leaned in, kissing up his jaw-line. She stopped as she reached his mouth.

“I guess I’ll have to show you the error of your ways.




A/N 2: Didn’t really think I was gonna bring that all together so quickly, but I did. Anyway, people certainly get cranky if you don’t post often. I mean, it’s been a day between this and chapter three, people! Anyway. Next chapter: Aftermath of the battle, and a few dungeon sessions.
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