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Wrong Frame Of Mind

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Summary: First part in the Prophecy of the Stones, sequel to Holes Above Us. Connor and Harry meet, neither knowing the power the other possesses. No slash

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Chapter Six

A/N: Yay, someone figured it out. Gwendolyn Post is Jillian’s mother. It took five installments to get it realized. *sigh* Anyway, this story is kinda shaping out to be revolving around a very small time frame. Basically a week (at the most) It’s really interesting to see this little world take shape as I think it out. It’s kinda different from everything else I’ve written. Oh, and if you didn’t already know, I gave my name to the major villain. But, she isn’t me. Yeah, like I ever do any of this crazy sh - stuff.


Chapter Six

Water dripped from the ceiling, splashing onto Connor’s cheek. He rubbed his face, and looked up at the ceiling. It had been white, a long time ago, but now sported dark water and mold marks. Huge pieces of paint had peeled off, and the room reeked of decay. Connor pushed himself up on his elbows. How had he gotten here? He looked around the small room, beginning to remember what had happened. He rose shakily to his feet.

That was when he realized that Jillian was missing. She had been right there with him. Marching across the room, he stopped at the door. He looked down at the handle of it. He backed up and kicked his foot through the decaying wood.

Through a hole the size of a softball, Connor could see a thick, rusted padlock. Careful not to cut his arm up, he reached through it and jerked it in his hand. The padlock clattered to the floor. He pushed the door open and looked down the hallway. He had to find Jillian.


Cordelia looked up at Harry. He gave her a puzzled look. She raised an eyebrow.

“What is it Harry?”


“That girl who threw herself all over Connor?”

“Yeah. She - she was looking for cigs. And when she touched them, we saw a red light. Jillian was the last one to have any of them.”

“So whoever took Connor, took her too?”

“That or she was in -” Harry started to quip, but then shock hit him as it seemed to make sense.

“On it? That’s what I was kinda getting.”

She stood at the doorway and yelled.

“Hey, Wicca girl! Hell-oo! Guidance needed! Tara!”

A young blond popped into the room. Harry whipped out his wand. Cordy just gave him a look. But then her eyes got big when she saw who was standing there.


“Hello, Cordelia. Sorry to here about you - dying and everything. Stupid mortality.”

“Got you too, huh?”

“Yes, I died in the line of duty.” She coughed and turned to face Harry, muttering “Well, at least not on my ass in a hospital bed.”

“Hey! Who was human first, miss Ex-demon.”

“Hey, you were possessed by a demon.”

“Yeah, well you dated Xander.”

“Hey, so did you. But he proposed to me.“

“But you didn’t get married.”

“Yes, but I was left at the alter by Xander. He didn’t cheat on me with a gay witch, now did he?” She smiled too sweetly, facing the

“That’s not a claim to fame, Anya.”

“Excuse me, but time - is running out, and Connor is still missing.”

Both women whipped around to face Harry. He gave a little wave. The two women glanced at each other then managed to look sheepish. Cordy turned to face Anya again.

“Where’s Sirius?”

“Oh, boss man sent him to track Broody Bottoms Jr.”

“Boss man? Where’s Tara?”

“She’s taking care of her charges. I’m still in training. That, and mine aren’t ready yet.”

“Wait, wait, wait! Where’s Sirius and Connor?”

“Oh, yes. They’re at a big decrepit home. You’re supposed to take him there to save them, well, the boy.”

“What about this girl?”

“No information on the pubescent female child. I suppose you have to save her too.”

“We have to ditch his guys.”

“I’ll take care of that. I’m good at distractions. So, take the man child and save the day. Go, go, speed is important.”

“Anya, we get it. Where is he?”

“Brood boy? He’s been taken by the Dark Wizard.”


“Voldemort.” Harry whispered.

“Yes, the snake man with a wart.” Anya said, cheerily. Cordy and Harry only stared at her. “What? Hey, no picking on the dead girl!”


She was in front of him again, her hands clenched at her sides. Draco looked up slowly at her. She was mad, and that didn’t bode well for him. Something had pissed the princess off royally. He knew he should just keep quiet and let her beat on him as she had earlier in the day - was it only a day? But something compelled him to speak.

“What happened, princess, did he take away your favorite toy?”

“Now, now, the dragon child has a tongue with which he speaks. Not that it’s any of your business, but yes, he took something from me. But you are my favorite toy, Drakey, and I still have full rein over you.” Her palm slammed into his cheek. She grinned over him.

“You’ll never get me by acting that sweet.”

“No, I’m going to beat you into submission, Draco. And you will be kissing my feet.”


“Ohhoho, so now we’re the big brave man, are we now? What bit into you Draco? What spurred you on to be so bold?”

“Your nothing more than a stupid muggle. You’ve no real power. That’s why you won’t use the spells to break me.” He spat. His vision was blurred by the rapid swelling of his right cheek. She glared at him, and he gave her the smirk he always gave St. Potter. Like he was the crown prince and she was merely a peasant.

Inside, he was scared shitless, of course. But he wouldn’t tell her that.

“You are nothing. You’re not that damn Slytherin Prince, here. You. Are. Lower. Then. A. Muggle.” She straddled his waist, forcing his legs down to the ground. His arms stretched painfully above him, but he refused to show her the pain he was in. She was leaning onto him, sending spikes of pain through his body. “You. Are. My. Bitch. I do with you what I want, when I want it. You are going to get that through your thick skull.”


Pettigrew entered the room timidly. Jillian gave Draco another harsh slap as she rose and stared at him.


“Your - guest has escaped.”

“Incompetent fool. I told you to put him in the cellar. Get that worm to cast the illusion again. And then come kick Draco fifty times.”

She stomped out of the room, her hair rushing past her as she went to find her other boy. Connor.

Draco smiled softly. There was hope that he could get to her. Her concentration was shot. And throwing the muggle bit up in her face really threw her.

“You’re going to follow some stupid muggle’s orders, Pettigrew?” He said laughingly, but it came out in a spurt of coughs. Pettigrew turned and faced him.

“No, Miss Jillian is not a muggle.”

“Then what is she?”

“At most, a squib,”

“Squib? Why -”

“Because she’s the Dark Lord’s daughter.”


Sirius growled at the sight of old Wormtail. Lucky for him that he couldn’t see or touch him, or else he’d be as dead as Sirius himself was. He’d seen the girl rip into Malfoy’s spawn. She was the same girl who’d conned Connor into coming here. This was insane. How was she - ?

Suddenly, Sirius felt himself getting heavier. He couldn’t be caught this way. So he ducked into the first room he found.

It just so happened that it was the room where Pettigrew was torturing Malfoy’s spawn.


Jillian watched as the fire danced in the deep fireplace. He was not pleased with her. He was spouting off about plans being dashed to the cobbles and other such rot.

“You brought this muggle into my sanctuary? Why?”

“I - I got images from that red light. Of mother’s death and a different place. An American place, and Connor was in them. I - I know he’s important to that dumb man you’re so af-” She stopped suddenly. Best not finish that thought.

“Dumbledore. And Potter. Yes. I wish to destroy them. You believe this Connor boy has some vital information?”

“Yes, he was protecting Potter.” She said, hopefully.

“Protecting Potter, hmm?”


“Well, the damn muggle is causing trouble in my HOME and you brought him here!” He screamed. “You stupid squib! You’re as dense as your mother!”

Tears formed quickly in her eyes at this. Granted, Jillian had never expected love from this man, but she was more hurt that he would compare her to her mother. The woman who’d gotten herself caught by everyone. Anger quickly reigned her tears in.

“I’m not as stupid as that cow. I didn’t get caught in a web of lies by a slayer, and get destroyed by that -”


“Yes. She was your spy in the Council. She was booted soon after. She tracked -”

“I don’t care what she tracked down!” A loud crack ripped through the air as he backhanded her.

Jillian turned back to the fire, her cheek burning in pain. She would not need the illusion anymore. Connor would run to save her when he saw this bruise.

“Go and convince your stupid muggle. Then chain him up.”

“Yes, master.”

She turned and fled the room, hurrying to obey his orders. Everything needed to be perfect for her plan to work. And it needed to work out smoothly if she ever hoped to surpass her mother’s shadow.


Connor smelled the copper scent of dried blood. It was stronger than the mildew and mold. Richer. Then he heard the screams. He raced around a corner and into the cracked doorway. A man was mercilessly kicking a blond boy in the chest. Connor raced in and pulled the man off of him.

The older man wore a shocked expression on his face as he looked down to find a blade in the middle of his chest. He looked up at Connor. His eyes were wide as he watched Sirius grin down at the shorter man.

“Hello, Peter. Paybacks are a bitch, aren’t they?”

“Sirius - you’re dead -” Pettigrew choked out.

“Yeah, but I’ve got a mission here, and you’re obstructing it.” He hissed.

“You just had to do the whole payback line?” A voice said from behind him

“You’re late partner.”

“I had to deal with Anya.”

“The nutty girl?”



Draco cried out as he caught a first glimpse of the brunette woman and Potter standing to the left of the now unconscious Pettigrew. Potter gaped at him.

“You could let me out of these chains, instead of just staring at me, Potter.” He coughed.

But it wasn’t Harry who freed him. Connor grabbed at them and pulled them clear from the wall. All of them stared at him in shock. Harry was the first to speak.

“Well, at least we can keep the bouncing ferret on a leash.”

Draco just glared at him. Cordy rolled her eyes. This was gonna be a blast.

“Let’s get the hell out of here before we get into deeper shit than we’re ready for.” She said.

“Yeah, we should go tell Tonks and Lupin that everything’s alright.” Harry said nodding.

They blinked out of the room, just as Jillian entered. She collapsed to her knees when she saw the room empty.

He was not going to like this.


A/N 2: Ok, wow. I think I’ve finished day one. Hopefully I have. I might go into the night a little on the next chapter. Anyway: explanations to the Order, death threats, and scared little bad ass girl coming up in the next chapter. Also, we find out who the boss man is ( unless anyone guesses before hand), and a the boys hear the prophecy for the first time. How will Harry deal with now having two prophecies about him? What does Connor really remember? Well, as always, you’ll have to wait for the next installment. If it’s not out by 3 am tomorrow, then the earliest it’ll be out by is the 29th or first. I’m on vacation (that means no internet for me) As always, how did I do?
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