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Wrong Frame Of Mind

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Summary: First part in the Prophecy of the Stones, sequel to Holes Above Us. Connor and Harry meet, neither knowing the power the other possesses. No slash

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Chapter Eight

Title: Wrong Frame of Mind


Author: Jmaria (Jill)

Rating: R

Spoilers: Ats: S5 ‘You’re Welcome’ HP: OotP

Disclaimer: I own Jillian, everyone else belongs to J.K. and Joss

Distribution: TtH,, if you wanted, ask. I usually say yes.

Summary: And the stone speaks

A/N: Wow, long time no post. Yeah. Been a little hectic lately last week of school and all that jazz.


Chapter Eight


“Hey, Princess. . .long time, no see.” The Irish man grinned at her. “Love, what you did with yer hair.”

“Yeah, very popular. What’s going on?” She rushed him, but she needed to know. She didn’t even catch that crack about her hair.

“Oh, you ain’t happy to see old Doyle?” He looked hurt.

“Doyle, you’re Anya’s Boss man?” Cordy demanded.

“Yeah. . . ‘bout that. . “

“You sent Tara to take care of me, and jojo, the talking dog boy over there. But you welcome her with open arms?” She smacked him hard on the arm, anger evident in her eyes.

“I resent that, Chase.” Sirius sounded hurt by her nickname for him. She ignored him and plowed on.

“Start spilling, here, Doyle, or so help me. . .”

“I didn’t have to train you! You had love for your charges, the three of you. Tara for the girl, Sirius for Harry, and you for Connor. The other four . . . “


“Didn’t you listen to the prophecy, woman?” Doyle sighed heavily.

“It mentioned two, not seven.”

Seven chosen by the Powers. It might have mentioned your boys at the beginning, but it mentions all seven of the stone.”

“Seven of the stone?” Sirius asked impatiently.


“Wait, what stone?” She turned back to him.

“This stone.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the red glowing stone. There were seven sides. A flat base as one, two shorter sides that veed outward from it, two almost straight sides and it peaked with two inward facing sides.

“The red flash.” She said softly. Harry and Connor had both mentioned seeing a red flash of light before. She hadn’t connected it to the stone. She’d thought it had been that Voldemort guy. “So the stone it like, -”

“Activated them.”

“So, they have to face something. Who are the other four?” Cordy demanded.

“Well, one’s already with your boys. And the other two are headed for them now. The other one’s already with Tara’s girl.”

“Tara’s girl - Dawn.”

“Yeah, so sit a spell and I’ll tell you the whole deal.” Doyle grinned, sitting down. Sirius and Cordy reluctantly followed him.

* * * * *

Draco Malfoy rubbed at the back of his neck. Harry only laughed at him. The Slytherin glared at him and only tried harder.

“That’s not going to help. You’re screwed like the rest of us, Blondie.” Connor said bitterly.

“Shut it, Muggle. And quit staring at me, Scarhead.”

“Malfoy -” Harry rose to his feet, only to be shoved back.

“Quit it, both of you.” Connor’s hand occupied the place where the angered Harry had been seconds before. Draco arched one golden eyebrow.

“Been keeping a bit back, have we Muggle?”

“Your little taunts mean shit to me, Malfoy.” He closed his eyes and stood, facing the windowless walls covered in images of the Black family. “I’m the son of two vampires.” he muttered so low, that the other two young men could just barely hear him. His low chuckle reverberated off the walls. “I think that’s who I am, Malfoy. I’m something so abnormal, I tried to end my existence.” Connor raked a hand through his hair. “I don’t remember being so elegant last time around. Must have been the last life as John that did this to me.”


“I hate that bloody portrait!” Harry hissed under his breath.

“We all do, Scarhead.” Draco said lazily, rolling his eyes.

“BLOODY HELL!” Tonks’ voice yelled from the entryway.

“What is that stupid bint going on about now?”

“Shut your trap, Malfoy.” Harry rose to his feet, making his way to the doorway.

* * * * *

Nymphandora Tonks stood in amazement. How the two of them had gotten in, the Auror had no clue. But here they stood, being yelled at by the portrait of the Late Mrs. Black. She grinned at the sight of the little brown suns at the nape of their necks.

Harry poked his head out of the room the three boys had been in since Professor Dumbledore had told them of the prophecy. His jaw dropped when his eyes landed on the newcomers.

“Whoa, he is just like you said he’d be, Nev.” The red-haired young woman said, looping an arm around the now blushing Neville Longbottom. She snapped the piece of bubblegum in her mouth as she winked at the young man. “Come on, Nev. Quit blushing.”


“Hiya, Harry. She said you were one of them. Bloody hell - “ Neville cut himself off the second Malfoy limped into the hallway.

“Oh, he must have been the obnoxious little shit Anya was talking about.” The girl said, nodding her head.

“Who’s this little bint, then Longbottom. Don’t tell me a lump like you managed to find yourself a girlfriend.” Malfoy spat contemptuously. “What is she, a Weasley reject?”

“Oh, I so wish you were a demon, cuz then I could kick your ass! And yeah, I am his girlfriend.” The girl pushed herself past Tonks and Harry to get right in Malfoy’s face. “You got a problem with that, boy?”

The hall seemed to hush for a moment. Connor made his way out of the room, his eyes locking on the girl staring down Malfoy. Her eyes shot up to his face and her jaw dropped.

“You reek like a vamp!” She muttered. “Just like that Angel guy Buffy went to.”

“Makes sense. He’s my father. . . slayer.” Connor nodded to the red-headed girl who glowed in the power she held.

“Explains. . .very little actually. I’m Vivienne Andréa Moore the vampire slayer. Call me Vi.”


“And I’m Merlin. Are we done with these stupid introductions yet?” Malfoy said acidly.

“I really don’t like you.” Vi narrowed her eyes at the boy.

“Good for you muggle.” Draco sneered at her.

He never saw Neville’s fist until after the fact.. Everyone, except for Vi, stared at the normally reserved boy in shock. Blood gushed from Malfoy’s lip. His mouth was open, but for once, Malfoy was at a loss for words.

Vi grabbed Neville by the shoulders and hauled him to her. It was Harry’s turn to blush. She kissed the brown haired teen like the world was going to end. Both were a little breathless as she ended the kiss.

“I love the fact that after all we’ve been through, you still think you have to protect my honor. It’s so cute!”

“I cannot believe Neville Longbottom just whooped your arse, Malfoy.” Tonks laughed.

“Yes, Malfoy’s everybody’s favorite punching bag.”

“Shut it, Scarhead.”

“All right, boys.” Vi stood between them. “The pissing contest is over. Cause you all know I can kick your asses, right? Good. Now Anya gave us a few tips for you guys. We should get to work on it. Confab in - whatever this room is, all right.”

Malfoy, holding his sleeve to his bleeding lips sneered at Vi as he strode past her. Harry gave her a grin as he followed. Connor gave her a nod of respect. Neville smiled lovingly at her as he passed her. When Tonks tried to make her way into the room, Vi held up a hand.

“Sorry, only those of the Stone are allowed in on this. Boss man’s orders.” Vi pulled herself into the room, slamming the door in Tonks’ face.

“Remus!” Tonks yelled as she made her way up the stairs to his room.

* * * end Chapter 8 * * *

A/N: more on the Confab in the next chapter.
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