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Wrong Frame Of Mind

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Summary: First part in the Prophecy of the Stones, sequel to Holes Above Us. Connor and Harry meet, neither knowing the power the other possesses. No slash

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Chapter Nine

Title: Wrong Frame of Mind


Author: Jmaria (Jill)

Rating: R

Spoilers: Ats: S5 ‘You’re Welcome’ HP: OotP

Disclaimer: I own Jillian, everyone else belongs to J.K. and Joss

Distribution: TtH,, if you wanted, ask. I usually say yes.

Summary: Confab away, milady. . .

A/N: Argh. . . I’ve been putting this chapter off. It marks a halfway point. I’m half done, and I’ve been working on other things. I’m working on getting a summer job, right now and other things have jumped up so I’m taking it slow on getting everything out.

A/N2: Gah, just actually started typing this up after a night of work (yeah, I got a summer job stocking toys, sporting goods, hardware, and automotive supplies) I feel sort of bad for letting so many things just hang after that last chappie. Nev and Vi’s meeting is coming up in the next story in this series, along with the other two people involved (Who we hopefully meet in this installment.)


Chapter Nine

Vi cast her eyes around the room. After all of the time she’d spent in the Hellmouth and then with all of the other slayers, it was kinda nice to get the big testosterone boost. She reached into her pocket as she grabbed a new stick of gum, snapping it in half and automatically giving Neville the other piece. She straddled the sofa arm and waited for one of them to make a move.

Harry watched as she looped an arm around Neville. It was so odd to see Neville like that. Calm, nearly relaxed, and not nervous at all. It was a dramatic change in the young man.

“Earth to Potter.” Vi snapped her fingers in front of Harry’s face twice before she got his attention.

“Sorry, you were saying?”

“Nothing really, just wanted your undivided attention before I started.” She smiled. “Ok, we’re gonna clue you in on what Anya told us.”

“How do we even know you can be trusted?” Malfoy demanded. “We can’t even trust that lunatic over there.” He nodded toward Connor.

“Oh, and you’re the poster-boy for trust, now are you?” Harry snorted.

“Malfoy always tried to be upfront about his treachery.” Neville chuckled.

“Ok, knock it off!” Vi cried. “We have to trust each other, cuz we’re all we’ve got right now.”

The three boys were quiet and the room was silent for several minutes. Connor was the first to speak.

“How did you two meet?”

“Easy story to tell.” Vi smiled brightly at him. “So three days ago, I’m on a normal patrol -”

“Patrol for what?” Draco demanded.

“For vampires, numskull. I am a vampire slayer.” She rolled her eyes as she continued. “Anyway, I’m walking along and boom, outta nowhere I got maybe five vamps on me and no backup. They’re thinking they’ve got a tasty little treat and I go to work. One of them gets a lucky shot in, next thing I know, Neville’s on his back, shouting gibberish at him and yanking the vamp’s head back.”

“He could actually -”

“Anyone say you could speak, Blondie?” Vi snapped, silencing the other teen. “I didn’t think so. My story?” Vi noticed the looks she was getting from Connor and Harry and grinned sheepishly. “Sorry, spent too much time hanging out with Faith. Anyway, Neville gave it enough of a distraction to stake the vamp. . . only, he was still on top of it, and well. . .gravity.” Harry and Connor were quiet, but Draco just couldn’t resist.

“You landed on her? You must be awfully desperate for a feel to fall for the first lump who falls on you.” Draco chortled.

“Kiss my ass, Blondie.” Vi rose off the sofa, her fist clenched.

“Vi -” Neville tried to calm her.

“No, Neville. I don’t care what Anya told us, if I’m being truthful, I don’t buy it. He’s too big of an asshole. Oh, will she have a field day when she meets you. She’ll knock you so hard on your ass -” Vi broke off, cackling a bit manically, drawing concerned looks from Harry and Connor, but Neville only grinned.

“Nothing to worry about. Vi tends to be a bit dramatic.”

“Hey! I spent a lot of time with Kennedy and Rona. They were the real drama queens.” Vi sighed heavily.

“Well, so much for your little speech about trusting each other.” Draco muttered.

“Well, if you had been such a twit, I wouldn’t have gotten bitchy. Don’t you wanna know what the sitch is?” Vi smiled sweetly.

“Whatever.” Draco murmured.

“Ok, time to clue you three in. You guys have obviously noticed the tats we’re all sporting, right? Ok, so you’ve all met some of the guardians.”

“Guardians?” Harry asked. Understanding came to him, “Sirius, and that woman, Cordelia?”

“Hole in one. We’ve all got one, it would seem. There are two more of us out there, Anya said they were making their way here. Sirius and Cordelia are your guardians, Neville’s got Anya, and I’ve got a Seer named Cassie. There are two more of them, working with the other two. And then there’s Anya’s Boss Man, goes by the name of Doyle, and he used to work with Angel.”

“Not to interrupt again, and we all know how thrilling this little tale is, but if I’m part of your merry band of idiots, then who is my guardian?” Draco asked sneering.

“Pipe down, punching bag. You’ve got the Boss Man. According to Anya, he’s been watching your back for five years, when the Powers gave him this assignment. He’s been pulling you out of scrapes that would have gotten you killed.”

“Obviously, the ‘Boss Man’ wasn’t watching when that bitch opened up her special brand of torture on me.” Draco spat.

“He was busy, far as he’ll tell me, recruiting people to be guardians.” A cheery voice said from behind Vi. She looked up to see Anya behind her.

“You didn’t tell me he was going to be so obnoxious, Anya.”

“I told you he was going to be like a younger, more whiny, and evil version of Spike. I thought that was good enough.” She shrugged. “Besides, one of you should open the front door. They’re here.”

“Who?” Harry asked.

“The remaining two.”

Vi brightened up instantly, racing from the room. She tore the door open and yanked the two of them off the street and into the house. Harry, Connor, and Draco, tried to peer out the doorway, but were suddenly knocked back by the door.

“Are they always hanging on your every word, Vi?”

“Not like that, and only Neville, really.”

“Someone better help them up, or we’ll be standing here all afternoon.”

Harry stared up in shock at the three females. One had light brown hair, and was peering at the boys on the floor closely. The other was blonde, with light blue eyes. She stared down at him. It took him a second to recognize her.


* * * * *

“I’m back, don’t everyone rush to say, yeah Anya’s back or anything.”

“Did you make sure they knew to bring them into the house, Anya?” Tara asked nervously.

“Yes, all seven are safely ensconced in the Black Manor.”

“That’s just a really weird word choice, Anya.” Cordelia sighed.

“I like it.” Cassie smiled up at the older woman, “It’s cooler than saying in.”

“Great, did you get a seventh Guardian, Doyle?” Sirius asked.

“Yea, his name is Cedric. Figured he’d like a shot at a destiny. Besides getting Avada’d by Voldemort‘s minions.”

“Hello. I take it you’re all dead as well?”

“Yup, life and the afterlife kinda suck that way, dontcha think?” Cassie smiled broadly up at him. “I’m Cassie, I don’t really know anyone here, either.”


“People, back to the topic at hand.” Doyle cried, before starting all over again.

* * * * *

“Loony Lovegood as well as Scarhead and the Fat Lump? Can my day get any worse?” Draco moaned.

“Yeah, we can toss you back in the hole we pulled you out of and let Jillian have her wicked way with you. And don’t call her that.” Harry retorted.

“Well, at least one of you has manners. I think.” The brunette sighed.

“Thank GOD you showed up!” Vi sighed heavily. “I have been going out of my mind trying to explain everything.”

“Poor Vi. Does your head hurt?” The brunette laughed infectiously. Draco opened his mouth.

“Dear Merlin. Has anyone told you your laugh sounds like two hippogriffs passing putrid gas?”

“And has anyone ever told you that you have a face like a rat?” The girl seemed to consider this for a moment. “Did he just compare my laugh to a hippo’s fart?”

“Hippogriff. One third horse, one third eagle, one third griffin. Fascinating creatures, actually. One was executed on Hogwarts grounds three years ago. All because Draco here was a stupid idiot and didn’t listen to the professor.” Luna managed to get it all out in one breathe. “That about right, Harry?”

“Yeah, ‘cept for the fact that Buckbeak didn’t die.”

“There was a theory flying around that it’s head didn’t roll.” Luna gave him a wishful smile. She gave him a hand as he pushed himself up. “But then, my sources never did own up to how they knew that. They hinted.”

“Do I want to know?” The brunette asked.

Luna looked over her shoulder at the brunette. She smiled brightly at other girl, an unusual glint in her eyes that Harry had never seen before. Before he could figure out what was going on, the brunette was talking again.

“So, this everyone, Vi?”

“Yep, in their bloody, scarred, and confused glory.” Vi sighed. “Draco Malfoy is bloody, Harry Potter is scarred, and confused is Connor.”

“Are you trying to be Madonna?” The brunette asked.

“And you are?” Connor retorted.

“Dawn Summers and Luna Lovegood.”

“Dawn’s sister is a slayer.” Vi said.

“And Connor is the son of a vampire. Two, actually.” Luna said suddenly.

The five others turned to stare at the blonde. She smiled. It wasn’t a smile Harry wasn’t used to seeing.

“Every girl should have some secrets. Lu’s just better at keeping ‘em.” Dawn smiled. “Do you have a last name, Connor?”

“My father named me Connor Angel.”

“Angel?” Her eye grew wide, “As in Angelus?”

“You heard of him?”

“Heard of him? My sister dated him for three years.”

“Buffy dated two vamps? I will never understand your sister.” Vi shook her head.

“Join the club.”

“While this is a fabulous topic, what did your guardians have to say?”

“Just that we needed to stay together, stay safe, and watch our backs until they tell us otherwise.” Dawn sighed.

“Ok, so who are your guardians?” Harry asked.

“Mine’s Tara, Willow’s first girlfriend.”

“I’ve met her.” Connor said, distractedly.


“No, Willow.”

“Who’s yours, Luna?”

“Cedric Diggory.”


A/N 2: How will Harry react to Luna’s announcement? What will Dawn ask Connor next? What is going on exactly?! and What about Jillian? Hopefully, I’ll have all of that figured out by then. So, how’d I do?
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