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Wrong Frame Of Mind

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Summary: First part in the Prophecy of the Stones, sequel to Holes Above Us. Connor and Harry meet, neither knowing the power the other possesses. No slash

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Harry Potter > Connor-CenteredJmariaFR181013,0261134,97810 Feb 0413 Dec 05No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own Jillian - everyone and nearly everything else belongs to either Joss or J.K.
A/N: This follows immediately after the happenings in Holes Above Us. SPOILERS FOR EVERYTHING in the Buffy/Angelverse and Harryverse. I have no clue where I’m going with this, but it’s taking me somewhere. No pairings besides that of the Cordy/Sirius partnership. Mostly involves Connor and Harry. And the prophecy I made up. Big ole fat: I own nothing cept for the idea. So, here I go. (Oh, I really recommend you read Holes Above Us. It’ll simple up the understanding.) Oh! I gave Connor a new name to go along with his new family, so John Matthews is really Connor. He won’t be that for long though. And the prophecy? I wrote it, (yeah I kinda suck at poetry) As always, tell me how I did.

Wrong Frame Of Mind

Chapter One

Two children, cast to the stones

Never knowing if it ever ends

Chosen to be great

Given over to hate

They fight the loss

They can never replace

And in their Souls they feel

A pain that burns

Guardians of light

Powered by the Might

Of the heavens

To see the seven

Seven chosen by the Powers

Seven gifted by the Heavens

To see the light

In the darkest of nights

To feel the Life

Through bitter strife

-Prophecy of The Stones

Ramedilla Crow


The rain began to soak into his skin as he watched the couple in the street. John Matthews didn’t know why he was drawn to them. She looked to be in her twenties, and he was in his thirties. John felt someone bump into him as the couple seemed to bicker in the street.

“Sirius!” The person beside him cried out as they disappeared.

“You know them?”

“What? No - wait, you - you saw them?” The dark haired boy asked.

“Kinda hard to miss the couple standing out in the rain in the middle of the street.”

“J.C., come out of the rain. You too.” Dudley called.

“Right, Dudley.” John called, he grinned at Harry. “I hate it when he calls me J.C. I’m John Connor Matthews. You’re . . ?”

“Harry Potter, Dudley’s cousin.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” He said seriously.

“Me too.”

Cordy and Sirius watched from the street, as they walked together into the house. Sirius motioned for her to follow them

“Ladies first.”

“Now you show me respect.” She muttered as she walked through the wall.

“Would I show you anything else?” He asked, rolling his eyes.


A/N 2: Ok, a short chappie in the first of the Prophecy of the Stones series. Right now I’m thinking it’ll be this one, then one focusing on two or three of the other five, and then a finishing story. No clues as to where it’s taking me, and as always, how’d I do?
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