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Mummy Dearest

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Summary: Mummies, magic, a couple explosions... Hey it's a x-over with the movie series The Mummy.

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Part 1

TITLE: Mummy Dearest
AUTHOR: Silence
DISCLAIMER: Joss, Fox, UPN and whoever own all things Buffy. Stuff from The Mummy belong to Universal Studios and Stephen Sommers and whoever else has legal claim. Which isn’t me.
SPOILERS: General warning for Buffy, and EVERYTHING for The Mummy series
SUMMARY: A mummy exhibit on the Hellmouth always leads to mayhem.
DEDICATION/BLAME: Xandman, cause while I had been pondering this idea since I read The Mummy Returns, him suggesting it gave me an ego boost that actually got me to write it. Weirdbard, who gave me the title as his first suggestion, which I snatched fast, cause I liked it. And last but not least, Sugar. It’s the key to all things in life.
AUTHORS NOTES: This is a crossover. With 2 of my favorite things. Buffy and The Mummy series.  And in my world… season 6 did not end the way it did. ;p
Some things may be wrong… but I used a lot of things from the book version of The Mummy Returns & a script I found online for The Mummy.
Alexander Harris, otherwise known as Xander was pouting. Not a ‘I’m so sad I need a hug’ pout, but more of a ‘Pouting gets me what I want’ pout. Unfortunately the target of the pouting was a very strong willed Buffy Summers.
In other words, he could pout all he wanted and the slayer wouldn’t give in.
Buffy merely stared him down. “We’re going.”
The two were sitting at the large table in The Magic Box arguing. As if that wasn’t obvious. They were both bored out of their minds and didn’t have Willow to annoy. The witch was with her girlfriend Tara on vacation courtesy of a trip Tara won. Not only that, but Dawn had been given the chance to go to Paris with her and Buffy’s father. Naturally she went.
Rupert Giles walked back in the shop from his lunch break to see the ‘dynamic duo’ still at it. He sighed. “Are you two still arguing?”
“From the sound of that sigh it’s pretty obvious you know we still are G-man.” Xander said.
“Don’t call me that.” Giles said as he headed for the cash register. “What in the world are you bickering about anyway?”
Buffy’s eyes lit up at the chance to explain. “Well, you see there’s a new exhibit at the museum and Xander refuses to go.”
“Since when are you interested in the museum?” Her watcher asked. “Is it a showcase on fashion through the millennia?”
“Ha ha.” Buffy said with a glare. “It’s something mom got to help with in the planning stages. They wanted her input on some things…”
“It’s a mummy exhibit!” Xander blurted out. “I’m not going. Déjà vu much?”
“Don’t be a wimp. It’s not even an Inca mummy. It’s an Egyptian one!” Buffy said.
Xander shook his head firmly. “No way in hell I’m going with you.”
“I really hate you.” Xander said as he and Buffy wandered the museum in search of the new exhibit.
Buffy merely smirked. “Unlike you, my pouty face works.”
“I’ll have you know my pouting has gotten me many things.”
“Like what?” Buffy asked. Her friend opened his mouth and she stopped him, “And sex with Anya doesn’t count.”
“There’s no need to pout when that’s an issue.”
Buffy rolled her eyes, “Oh lord. Hey look! There it is!” She pointed to a large doorway to the left. “C’mon!”
Xander allowed himself to be dragged into the room just in time for the tour guide and her little tour talk. He took a quick glance around, taking note of all the ancient Egyptian artifacts set up. Next to the tour guide was a large glass case about seven feet tall. In it was a large cocooned figure, which one could only guess to be the star of the show.
The tour guide was a tall young woman with straight ebony hair that fell just above her shoulders, and she had a somewhat olive skinned complexion. Her uniform looked like something from ‘Stewardess’s R Us’ and was a shade of blue that just said ‘boring’.
“We here at Sunnydale have truly been given a gift.” She said. Her nametag read ‘Niki’, and she spoke with an accent that Xander didn’t recognize. “Before us is Imhotep. He was once the holiest of the high priests to the Pharaoh Seti, and he was entrusted the task of preparing the dead and granting them safe passage to the afterlife. His fate was sealed as soon as he dared to fall in love with Anck-su-namun, the Pharaoh’s mistress. No man was allowed to touch her…  She fell in love with Imhotep, and they became lovers. The pharaoh found out and was murdered by the couple. Anck-su-namun killed herself so that her lover could resurrect her and they would be together once more.”
Niki glanced at the case, a strange look on her face. “During the ceremony, the royal guard disrupted him, and they punished Imhotep and his priests, by having them mummified alive. Imhotep received the Hom-Dai. The worst of all ancient curses.”
Xander groaned and nudged Buffy. “How much you want to bet that we get to save the world again soon?”
“If I took that bet every time you offered it, I’d be in debt for at least a hundred years.” Buffy grinned at him. “Now shh. I want to hear this.”
The tour guide had continued. “The curse was so horrible that it had never been bestowed before. He was to be remained sealed inside his sarcophagus, the undead for all of eternity. If he were to be released, he would be a walking disease, a plague upon mankind, an unholy flesh eater, with the strength of ages, power over the sands, and the glory of invincibility.”
“Oh now I KNOW we’re going to get involved.” Xander muttered.
“They say that He was once released in the 1920’s.” Niki said. “It rained fire in Cairo, and water turned to blood… the sun turned black…” She chuckled. “But if that had been true, we wouldn’t be here now would we?” The crowd laughed and Niki flashed a smiled. “Now if you’ll follow me, I’ll introduce you to the legend of the Scorpion King.”
The tour group followed Niki like a herd of sheep, all except Xander and Buffy. Buffy had wandered over to a pedestal with a glass case on it. She pointed. “Hey look.”
Xander stepped up behind her to see what she was looking at. “What is it?”
“That book is made of gold!” She said. In the case was an oversized book made of gold with ornate hieroglyphs carved on to the cover. Buffy stared at in awe. “Solid gold...”
“No kidding? For real?” Xander asked.
Buffy nodded. She began reading the plaque in front of it. “The book of Amun-Ra.”
“The book of the Living.”
Buffy and Xander spun around and found them face to face with a young man who looked to be in his mid-twenties. He had light brown hair and a disheveled, but friendly smile on his face. It didn’t hurt that he was rather good looking in a dashing and debonair sort of way. He nodded and smiled in greeting. He pointed at the golden treasure. “There is a companion tome to this one, but it’s been lost for god knows how long. It was called the Book of the Dead. It’s what Imhotep was going to use to resurrect Anck-su-namun.”
“Nice little book ends I’ll bet.” Buffy said. “Mind if I ask who you are since you gave us coronaries?”
The man laughed. “The name’s Jackson Randell.”
“I’m Xander, this is Buffy.” Xander said. He frowned, as Jackson’s eyes seemed to settle on Buffy for a bit too long. “How do you know about these books?”
Jackson blinked, and removed his gaze from Buffy reluctantly. “I was put in charge of the layout of the exhibit.”
“Really? It looks great.” Buffy grinned flirtatiously, much to Xander’s annoyance.
“Well, I can’t really take too much credit. I just used the basic layout that my predecessor was planning.”
Buffy frowned. “You wouldn’t be talking about Joyce Summers would you?”
Jackson nodded. “Actually yeah. You know her?”
“My mom.”
“Really? I’d love to meet her. I never did find out why she didn’t do this herself… I mean they commissioned her from her own gallery for this…”
“She died.” Buffy said sadly.
“Oh.” Jackson looked at her sadly. “I’m sorry. You must think I’m an idiot for going on like that.”
“Yes we do.” Xander said. “We’ll be going now.” He grabbed Buffy by the arm and dragged her out of the building, ignoring her protests and Jackson’s look of shock.
As soon as they made it outside, in the California sunshine, Buffy wrenched her arm free of his grip. “What the hell did you do that for?” She hissed.
“First of all, you were gazing at him like a school girl.”
“So? I’m single, I haven’t had a date since Riley, AND he’s cute. Who do you think you are? My boyfriend?”
Xander shook his head vehemently. “Of course not! But there was something that just bothered me about him. Gut instinct.”
“I think you’re being too overprotective of me. I’m the slayer. I can take care of myself.”
“I know you can. And maybe I am being protective. I don’t want to see you hurt. Plus… that whole Imhotep spiel was giving me the wiggins.”
Buffy arched an eyebrow. “You too? I thought it was a cool story, but it just had a… I dunno, a vibe.”
“Want to try and take precautions to avoid another apocalypse?” Xander asked.
“We can try.” Buffy said. She grinned at him. “To the bat cave, boy wonder!”
“Why do I have to be boy wonder?”
“You look better in the red sp—”
Elsewhere in Sunnydale…
A figure opened a tome identical to the Amun-Ra, except rather than gold, the book was obsidian. There was a soft chuckle as the figure began reading from the book…
And in the museum Imhotep began to squirm from his prison.
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