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Counted as Clay Jars

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Summary: With Dawn’s father absent after Buffy’s death, care for the younger Summers falls to one Rupert Giles. However, even as life returns to normal, pieces of his past come back to threaten the future.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredindaraeFR151140,04364523,55411 Feb 045 Aug 04Yes

Epilogue: Slytherin Pride

Epilogue: Slytherin Pride

September 22

Dear Buffy,

How’s Slaying? Have you killed many vampires lately? Averted an apocalypse I should know about?

Things are fine here. I’ve been hanging around with some of the Ravenclaws most of the time, since most of the people in my House are pretty angry with Dad for changing sides. Er. Giles. Should I call him Giles? I mean, everybody here thinks he’s really our dad, which isn’t exactly a bad thing, and I kinda think he’s been a better dad than Dad... but I know it weirds you out.

Harry says it doesn’t matter, and I should call Giles whatever I want. He’s reading over my shoulders. Silly Gryffindor boy. But I guess he’s right.

Well, Dad’s doing pretty good with the whole teaching bit. I mean, I know everything he’s talking about, what with you being the Slayer, but most of the other students here think he’s pretty cool. I’m still having trouble with Potions, but I blame Snape for it. I think he hates me because Harry’s my boyfriend, even though I’m a Slytherin and Dad saved his butt. Bloody ungrateful if you ask me.

Oh, Tara says hi. I saw her and Willow this weekend. Willow’s doing okay. She’s still in the hospital, cause I don’t think the Minster’s gonna let her be out and about until she’s totally de-brainwashed. Tara doesn’t mind, though, and she likes living in London. She’s gonna try to convince Willow to stay here, one she’s better. She thinks using a wand is the coolest thing ever.

How are Xander and Anya? Are they still planning to get married? I think it’s wicked cool, even if they didn’t tell us earlier. We’ll be there for the wedding. I mean, we just have to floo over, not a biggie.

So, spill about the new Slayer. What’s her name, Kennedy? Yeah, Harry says that’s what you said it was. I don’t remember. Weird name. Is she any good? Is her Watcher okay? Dad was worried when he heard they were sending one. If the new Watcher’s evil, just tell me, and I’ll come over and beat him up for you.

Dad says hi. So does Harry. I’ve gotta go do my Potions homework before Snape flips. Send some California sunshine, I miss it.

Love, Dawn



The End

You have reached the end of "Counted as Clay Jars". This story is complete.

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