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Blood of my Blood

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Summary: Crossover with Hellsing. Willow finds herself in a powerless position where she must decides her future.

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Anime > HellsingSerenaFR1311,1542224,17311 Feb 0411 Feb 04Yes
title : Blood of my Blood

author : Serena

rating : PG-13

pairing : Willow/Alucard

X-Over with Hellsing

disclaimer : I own nothing.

Author's note : By the way, I like Victoria, I really do. She's just not in this fic.


I spit out the blood coating my mouth before I swallowed any of it. It really hurt. Tara had died so suddenly in my arms that she hadn't had the time to feel pain. Now I knew that it hurts like hell. The fact that it wasn't any ordinary bullet didn't help at all. Not at all. In fact, it was worse. How could it have degenerated this much?

One week ago, this vampire (if you could call him that) had come into town, claiming the Hellmouth as his own. Apparently, nobody told him it would irritate the current active slayer living on said Hellmouth. Irritated slayers tend to be detrimental to vampires' health.

At first, we thought he wouldn't pose much problem. We've dealt with delusional and over confident newbies before and we 'poofed' them with a relatively short amount of work. This one was different though.

Buffy fought with zombies before but we could actually stop them. Those we encountered while patrolling couldn't seem to be stopped. We finally had to run to escape them. Buffy was angry; I was confused; Xander was freaking out; Giles was bewildered; Anya just seemed nonchalant about it all. We had seen some pretty gruesome scenes before, especially concerning Oz and 'Mr. Hyde' at Sunnydale High. But we rarely had the opportunity to see freshly dead bodies eaten by unbeatable zombies.

Anya knew though. She remembered an old kind of vampires, surprisingly enough coming from Dracula's bloodline, that made flesh eating ghouls everytime it fed. No dead bodies left behind, just his ghouls. Giles found it fascinating. I think the rest of us were just disgusted.

We found his lair three days later after the discovery of what he was. We barged in, determined to end his miserable unlife. But he wasn't ready to leave for the afterworld though, I think.

The bastard was strong—more than we thought he would be. The ghouls were weak—especially if you knew how to 'kill' them—but there were dozens of them. Buffy came pretty close to finishing the vampire off, but luck saved his ass when a ghoul came crashing into my friend's back.

It was then that the situation degenerated. I just had to go and help my friend—when the last thing she needed was for me to jump in and get caught by the bloodsucker. Yeah, I know. It was a pretty careless and stupid thing to do. Buffy was unable to help me due to a flock of zombies in the way. Even though she dismembered a couple dozen in her haste to come to me, others just kept coming and coming.

Then I saw him.

I don't think I could have found someone with a weirder costume, even if I had wanted to. He had on a grey suit with a red trench coat. He had long black hair and a large red hat. And he wore sunglasses... red sunglasses. He was the guy in crimson. Suits him well, don't you think? And he was smiling... that I never understood.

But what scared me the most was the gun he was holding. A black gun, the kind with killing bullets inside. Then he spoke.

"I hate your kind. Vampires with no style, cowards with no conception of what they really are. They are vermin. And I hate insects."

"Is that so? I also hate insects—commonly called humans. Come here so I can squash you under my shoe. Then I can eat this one," he added, squeezing my neck harder for good measure. But the crimson guy wasn't scared, far from it in fact. He laughed.

"Human? Are you really sure that it is what I am?" He slowly removed his sunglasses. His eyes were red, just like the vampire holding me.

"So, you're Him. The vampire working for humans. Why not join me? I could spare your life."

The crimson guy laughed again. I shivered. He was a vampire, but he worked for humans. And he was different. I could feel his eyes on me when he tried to evaluate the helpless situation. "What do you think Red? Should I let him eat you?"

"Definitely not!" The bloodsucker squeezed my throat harder and I whimpered.

He smirked and I could feel the vampire threatening my life squirm at this evidently uncomfortable situation. "I can shoot through your lung and catch his heart. What do you say Red? Want to come with me?"

I knew he was offering eternal life, a vampire's life. At least he was different. He didn't look soulless. I looked at Buffy, then the Scoobies, all begging me to say no. But I could see the hesitation in their conviction. 'No' would mean forfeiting my life. He was offering the opportunity to have another. I already had my answer. I nodded, smiling, and I closed my eyes.

"Wait!" the newbie cried, visibly terrified.

I felt the bullet tear my flesh before I heard the shot and the bloodsucker screaming as he turned to dust. My eyes shot open at the shock. It knocked the air out of me and I fell down heavily. Let me repeat it again: It hurts like hell!

And there he was, standing just in front of me. He crouched down and gathered me in his arms, careful not to catch my wound. "What is your name, Red?"

"Willow," I whispered. Then another fit took me and I coughed. It felt like I was going to cough my lungs out. "What's yours?"

"People calls me Alucard."

"Alucard." I rolled his name on my tongue. "I like it." I just kept watching him when he bent his head down to my throat.

"One usually closes his eyes," he said.

I smiled faintly. "I'm not dying, not really. Death will not be taking my soul away, not tonight at least."

He smiled and I saw his fangs pointing out. "Brilliant! You'll make a fantastic vampire!" I sighed when he bit me and I squeezed his shoulders. My vision was going dark and my head felt numb. He mixed his blood with mine and I became a vampire, just there, on the floor of some dead vampire's lair. I looked into the red eyes of my sire, my master. "Blood of my blood," he whispered. I smiled at the irony of it.

I was officially a member of the undead. Still, I vowed to help my friends protect the Hellmouth. Alucard had to leave for London, but he promised to return. I'm not sure he will. I understood that his master was living in England. Why would he come back to me? Because of his promises? I could only hope my master wouldn't just leave me here to fend for myself—to learn all I needed by myself.

After all, I was his, his childe, his blood.


A sequel? What do you think?

The End

You have reached the end of "Blood of my Blood". This story is complete.

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