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Summary: A late night chat. With two disturbingly familiar people. (Power Ranger NS slash)

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Television > Power Rangers > Power Rangers Ninja StormChimeraFR1314860298414 Feb 0414 Feb 04No
Disclaimer: Power Rangers do not belong to me, they belong to assorted people including Haim Saban, Shuki Levy and some other people I can’t remember right now. Hunter and Cam probably belong partially to Jason Chan and Adam Tuominen. The thoughts of Cam/Hunter being ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ characters belongs entirely to Starhawk and whomever else helped her come up with it.

Author: Chimera

Title: PowerIntro

Summary: A late night chat. With two disturbingly familiar people.

*HuntThunder has logged onto chatroom PowerIntro, subject: Big Evil Group Hug at 22:56:59 6/6/03*

HuntThunder: Hello?

NinjaSamurai: Yeah.

HuntThunder: Hi.

NinjaSamurai: Hi.

NinjaSamurai: a/s/l?

HuntThunder: age/sex/location, right?

NinjaSamurai: yeah

HuntThunder: sorry not used to chat yet 17/male/undisclosed

NinjaSamurai: undisclosed?

HuntThunder: even on the internet i’m not supposed to say where I am

NinjaSamurai: Mystery. I like.

HuntThunder: so…asl

NinjaSamurai: 23/male/also undisclosed.

HuntThunder: well…this is a situation

NinjaSamurai: You somewhere in the USA?

HuntThunder: I think I can say that. somewhere in California.

NinjaSamurai: Me too.

NinjaSamurai: So you got a pic?

HuntThunder: nope, u?

NinjaSamurai: Our scanner’s sctreed.

NinjaSamurai: *screwed.

HuntThunder: You straight, bi or gay?

HuntThunder: hello?

HuntThunder: sorry if I offended you

HuntThunder: anyone there?

NinjaSamurai: Gay.

HuntThunder: Bi.

NinjaSamurai: sorry about pause – haven’t come to terms yet.

NinjaSamurai: hell, you’re younger than me and you can say it in like three seconds.

HuntThunder: I’ve known since forever, dude.

HuntThunder: any hot guys help you decide?

NinjaSamurai: one

HuntThunder: A pause…intriguing. go on

NinjaSamurai: what?

HuntThunder: details

NinjaSamurai: like…

HuntThunder: like have you kissed, how cute is he

NinjaSamurai: no kiss

NinjaSamurai: very cute

NinjaSamurai: very straight.

NinjaSamurai: possibly asexual.

HuntThunder: for the dumb people…

NinjaSamurai: ?

HuntThunder: asexual: not involving sexual activity or sexual attraction

HuntThunder: what, he got a chastity belt

NinjaSamurai: we don’t have anything in common

HuntThunder: neither do a lot of people

NinjaSamurai: I’m fairly sure most have some basis to go back to

HuntThunder: how did you two meet?

NinjaSamurai: something they do together or both enjoy

NinjaSamurai: long story

NinjaSamurai: you know that ‘the devil went down to georgia’ song?

NinjaSamurai: like that. but I wasn’t johnny

HuntThunder: he tried to steal your soul but gave you a fiddle of gold?

NinjaSamurai: …you could say that.

HuntThunder: strange dude

NinjaSamurai: who? Me or him?

HuntThunder: probably both

NinjaSamurai: thanks. :P

HuntThunder: welcome :D

HuntThunder: so do I get any more details

NinjaSamurai: no

NinjaSamurai: should you?

HuntThunder: cmon, you’re the most interesting thing around

NinjaSamurai: nice to know I only exist to alleviate your boredom

HuntThunder: you’re my slave, its your duty

NinjaSamurai: now that’s just kinky

HuntThunder: :P

NinjaSamurai: now we’ve established your dominatrix tendencies…

HuntThunder: nah, Cam’d be more that type

HuntThunder: i’d be the one tied up

HuntThunder: hello?

HuntThunder: pause again…

NinjaSamurai: …Cam?

HuntThunder: you know most people say brb or something when theyre going somehere

HuntThunder: sorry

HuntThunder: we didn’t go onto me crush yet did we

NinjaSamurai: should I ask for details

HuntThunder: very cute, very not nice, no kiss.

HuntThunder: seriously straight although ive never actually seen him talk to a girl

HuntThunder: and theres that pause again

HuntThunder: you know this is getting really repetitive.

NinjaSamurai: that’s not nice

HuntThunder: :P

NinjaSamurai: I talk to Tori.

HuntThunder: …cam?

NinjaSamurai: Hi Hunter.

*HuntThunder has logged out at 23:18:23 6/6/03*

NinjaSamurai: Bye Hunter.

*NinjaSamurai has logged out 23:19:19 6/6/03*

The End?

You have reached the end of "PowerIntro" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Feb 04.

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