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Buffy Summers Super Slayer

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Summary: What would have happened if the cast of Buffy played the lead roles in JCSS

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Disclaimers: Characters belong to Joss Whedon, most of the plot and original lyrics belong to Tim Rice.

Author’s notes: Okay. This is another alt. Universe deal. I was watching Jesus Christ Superstar and this just popped into my head. It’s what would’ve happened if the casts of Buffy and Angel played the lead parts in the movie. I cut out the parts that made no sense. It’s written in a script type form. It’s all singing.

There are 2 realities, Dawn who’s watching this, and the movie realm.

The movie realm is completely alternate universe; none of it is based on the show. This takes place after season 5, and Buffy is still dead, Willow never dated Tara and never came up with the plot to bring Buffy back. Like my other stuff, Spike and Willow are together like they should be. Dawn lives with Spike and Willow at the Summer’s house because they both promised Buffy they would take care of her.

It’s kind of weird, but it’s fun.


“Hello? Anyone home?” Dawn called into the house. ‘Okay, I was supposed to come here right after school. Spike gets mad when I don’t listen. Could this have something to do with the weird flash of lightning that I just saw flash over the house?’ “Spike? Willow?” she called out. “Xander? Anya? Giles?” she added hopefully. ‘Where is everyone. Hmm… Might as well watch a little bit of TV while I’m waiting for somebody to come home.’ The TV seemed to call to Dawn. She turned it on. “God, the old movie channel. Spike is so weird. What’s this? Uh oh. I think I know what happened to everyone.


Buffy Summers Super Slayer

Times were different and difficult. In the years before, The Master had taken over and now had complete control over the world. The human world itself had been practically destroyed and the humans were pathetically struggling for their own survival. Then one day a woman arrived, the one the humans had been waiting for centuries for: The Slayer.


Rupert Giles leaves his companions and climes up into the hills to watch the slayer and her Scoobies fight the group of vampire guards.


“My mind is clearer now, at last.

All too well I can see where we all soon will be.

If you strip away the myth from the woman,

You will see where we all soon will be.”

Giles moves to look at the slayer and her Scoobies finish the fight and head to their campsite for the night.


You've started to believe the things they say of you.

You really do believe this talk of Slayer is true.

And all the good you've done will soon get swept away.

You've begun to matter more than the things you slay.”

He begins to watch them move away from the site of their most recent battle. Buffy leads the group followed closely by Riley. They are followed by Xander and Anya arguing about the battle. Finally, Spike and Willow trail the group, talking closely and animatedly. Behind them is a large group of followers following the Scoobies to their campsite.

“Listen, Buffy, I don't like what I see.

All I ask is that you listen to me.

And remember, I've been your right hand man all along.

You have set them all on fire.

They think they've found their new Messiah.

And they'll hurt you when they find they're wrong.”

Giles begins to follow the crowd from a distance.

“I remember when this whole thing began.

No talk of Slayer then, we called you a woman.

And believe me my admiration for you hasn't died.

But every word or action you do or say today,

Gets twisted 'round some other way.

And they'll hurt you if they think you've lied.”

Giles stops now.


Your famous child

Should have stayed a great unknown

Like her mother keeping house

She'd have made a good

Wife, mother and homemaker.

Would have suited Buffy best

She’d have caused nobody harm

No one alarm”

Giles is somewhat calm now and is once again following the path the crowd left, smudging it as he goes to make sure none of the vampires follow them.

“Listen Buffy, do you care for your race?

Don't you see we must keep in our place?

We are occupied by demons.

Have you forgotten how put down we are?

I am frightened by the crowd.

For we are getting much too loud.

And they'll kill us if we go too far.

If we go too far.

Listen Buffy to the warning I give.

Please remember that I want us to live

But it's sad to see our chances weakening with ev'ry hour.

All your followers are blind.

Too much humanity on their minds

It was beautiful, but now it's sour

Yes it's all gone sour

God Buffy, it's all gone sour

Listen Buffy to the warning I give

Please remember that I want us to live

So come on, come on, listen to me.

Come on, listen, and listen to me.

Come on and listen to me for once.”

Giles finishes his song and sees a group of vampires. He hides and waits for them to pass, then he hurries into the cave Buffy and her followers have gathered in. It is sparse but there are six or seven beds scattered about, enough for her inner circle. Giles enters the cave, but stays hidden to watch the scene that is going on before him.

(Xander, Anya, Willow and Riley)

“What's the buzz?”

Tell me what's happening.”


“Why should you want to know?

Don't you mind about our future.

Don't you try to think ahead.

Save tomorrow for tomorrow.

Think about today instead.

I could give you facts and figures.

I could give you plans and forecasts

Even tell you where I'm going.”

All the Scoobies are visibly worn and have visible cuts, scratches and wounds. Various follows are trying to clean them up.


“When do we ride Los Angeles?”


“Why should you want to know?

Why are you obsessed with fighting?

Times and fates you can't defy?

If you knew the path we're riding,

You'd understand it less than I.”

The Scoobies seem to ignore Buffy.


“What's the buzz?

Tell me what's happening.”

Spike moves to help Buffy with her wounds.


“Let me try

To mend up your wounds a bit.”

He begins to help Buffy. Whiles he is doing this Willow becomes increasingly angrier and starts to glare at him while he is doing this.


“That feels nice, so nice.

Spike, oooh, that is good.

While you prattle through your mending

Where and when and who and how

He alone has tried to give me

What I need right here and now.”

Riley now becomes angry at this comment.


“What's the buzz?

Tell me what's happening.”


“It seems to me

A strange thing mystifying

That a woman like you

Can waste her time

On vampires of his kind.”

Spike morphs into game face and jumps up to attack Xander, but is held back by an angry Willow who had jumped up as soon as Xander began to sing. She turns Spike to face her and smoothes his ridges until he slips back into his human face. She then pulls him back to her bed much to Xander and Giles’ chagrins. Xander, however, continues singing.

“Yes I can understand that he amuses.

But to let him stay with us,

Treat him as if he were one of us,

Is hardly in your line

It's not that I object

To his existence.

But he doesn't fit in well

With what you preach and slay.

It doesn't help us if you are inconsistent.

They only need a small excuse to put us all away.”

Buffy jumps up from where she was sitting and points to Spike who is now lying with Willow draped across his chest whispering to him, trying to calm him down.


“Who are you to criticize him?

Who are you to despise him?

Leave him, leave him.

Let him be now.

Leave him, leave him.

He's one of us now.”

Buffy now begins pointing at Anya, who seems to be on Xander’s side of the argument.

“If your slate is clean, then you can throw stones.

If your slate is not, then leave him alone.

I'm amazed that some one like you

Can be so shallow, thick, and slow.

There is no one among you

Who knows or cares if I come or go.”

(All of the remaining Scoobies and followers)

“No you are wrong.

You're very wrong.

How can you say that!

How can you say that!”


“Not one, not one of you!”

Buffy leaves the group and moves to a bed at the back of the cave and lays down to go to bed. Everyone disperses to their respective beds, except Giles who is still watching from the corner and has his eyes glued to Spike and Willow, who is still lying in his arms.


“Try not to get worried.

Try not to turn on to problems that upset you.

Don't you know,

Everything's alright.

Yes, everything's fine.

And I want you to sleep well tonight.

Don’t let everyone get on your nerves tonight.

If we try, we’ll be fine

And no one will try to break us apart tonight.

So forget all about them tonight.

Sleep and I shall soothe you

Like I do always.

Make you feel like William.

Then you'll feel

Everything's all right.

Yes everything's fine.

It's cool and my blood is sweet.

Take a drink and feel better, my sweet.

Then, close your eyes

Close your eyes

And relax.

Think of nothing but me tonight.”

Giles now leaves his hiding place and rushes over to Willow and Spike lifting Willow up, pulling them away from each other.


“What are you doing?

Loving a demon?

He should be dust instead.

Why is your love wasted?

You could have so much more.

Yet you love him.

A demon who would kill you

If he didn’t have a chip in his head

You could have so much more than what he can give.”

Willow ignores Giles and kneels down to stroke Spike’s face.


“Try not to get worried.

Try not to turn on to problems that upset you.

Don't you know,

Everything's alright.

Yes, everything's fine.

And I want you to sleep well tonight.

Don’t let everyone get on your nerves tonight.

If we try, we’ll be fine

And no one will try to break us apart tonight.

So think of nothing but me tonight.”

Giles tries to pulls Willow away from Spike again, and Spike, having enough, jumps up as if he were going to attack Giles, and ignores Willow’s pleas.


“Surely you’re not saying.

She has no opinion.

Of who she loves or not.

She is a big girl.

She can think for herself.

You’re not her father.

You cannot think for her.

Or tell her what to do.

Let her make her own decisions.

This is her life.

And she is mine and not yours.

And she’ll be mine no matter what.”

Giles stalks off pissed. Spike lays back down bringing Willow with him who happily snuggles back into his embrace. As the scene ends, Anya’s voice is heard singing softly to Xander.


“Try not to get worried.

Try not to turn on to problems that upset you.

Don't you know,

Everything's alright.

Yes, everything's fine.

And I want you to sleep well tonight.

Don’t let everyone get on your nerves tonight.

If we try, we’ll be fine

And no one will try to break us apart tonight.

So think of nothing but me tonight.”


Buffy and her followers leave the next evening for L.A. They are in their normal traveling patterns. Buffy, followed by Riley and Giles, Xander and Anya and Spike and Willow with the other followers trailing closely behind.


In Los Angeles the top officials are having a meeting in an abandoned hotel.


“Wes, man.

The watcher’s council waits for you.

Everyone you call important.

Are here to talk with you.”

Wesley is sitting in a fancy chair with Cordelia sitting at his right and Gunn sitting at his left, at the other seats at the long table are watchers, vampires and other demon representatives.


“Ah gentlemen,” Cordelia coughs.

“Every one, you know why we are here.

With not much time to open the portal, and quite a problem here.”

(Crowd outside)

“Buffy! Super slayer!”


“Listen to that howling mob.

Of bad dressed blockheads in the street.

A trick or two with dusting vampires.

And the whole town's on its feet.”


“She is dangerous! She is dangerous!”

(Crowd outside)

“Buffy Summers Super slayer.

Tell us that you are who they say you are.”


“She is dangerous, dangerous.

That woman is in town right now.

To whip some of our creations.

A rabble-rousing mission

That I think we must abort.

She is dangerous.”

(Crowd outside)

“Buffy Summers, Super Slayer.”


“She is dangerous

Look Wesley

They are right outside our yard

Quick Cordelia

Go call our vampire guards.”

The Council begins to get up.


“No wait, we need a more permanent solution to our problem.”


“What could you do about Buffy of Sunnydale?

Super freak, hero of fools.”


“The riot's no army, no organization, no slogans.”


“One thing I'll say for her, Buffy is hot.”


“We dare leave her to her own devices?

Her half-witted badly dressed Scoobies will get out of control.”


“But how can we stop her, her coolness increases.

With every minute, she's top of the world.”


“I see bad things arising.

The crowd crown her Queen.

Which the Master would kill us for.

I see our blood and destruction.

Our elimination because of one woman.

Blood and destruction

Because of one woman.”


“What can we do about this Buffymania?

How can we deal with the ex-cheerleader Queen?

Where do we start with a freak who is bigger

Than Faith was when Faith did her psycho killer thing?”

Wesley jumps up out of his chair.


Fools! You have no perception.

The stakes we are dodging

Get frighteningly closer each time.

We must crush her completely

So like all those before her.

This Buffy must die

For the sake of our plans

This Buffy must die

Must die, must die

This Buffy must die.


Now the Scoobies are fighting a new group of demons with some of the followers helping, the rest are just cheering.

Finally the fight is over, and Buffy begins to stalk off to find a place for the day, but is stopped by Riley.


“Buffy you know I love you

Did you see I waved?

I believe in you.

So tell me that I'm saved.”

Buffy just watches him sing and dance before her, but she doesn’t say a word.


“Buffy, I am your boyfriend.

So, touch me, touch me Buffy.

Buffy, I am on your side.

Kiss me, kiss me, Buffy.

What more do you need to convince you

That you have made it and you're easily twice as strong

As the filth from hell who raped our race

And who've terrorized humans for so long?”

Buffy starts to look uncomfortable at his words.


“There must be over fifty thousand

Screaming love and devotion for you

Every one of fifty thousand

Would even give their lives for you.

Keep them yelling their devotion

But add a touch of hate at The Master

You will rise to a greater power

We will win ourselves come home

You'll get the power and the glory

For ever and ever and ever!”

Buffy jumps up, angry beyond all reason with Riley.


“Neither you Riley, nor the fifty thousand.

Nor the vampires, nor the humans.

Nor Giles, nor the Scoobies.

Nor the Council, nor the scribes.

Nor our doomed world itself.

Understand what power is.

Understand what glory is.

Understand what being a slayer is.

Understand at all.

If you knew all that I knew.

My poor Riley.

You'd see the truth.

But you'd close your eyes.

But you'd close your eyes.

While you live.

Your troubles are many.

Poor Riley,

To conquer death.

You only have to die.

You only have to die.”

Buffy pulls away from Riley and the others and stalks into the night. But they are stopped by Spike and Willow who lead everyone to the campsite for the day.


A large mansion looms into view. Angel is in bed, and is seen jerking awake as if from a bad dream. He gets out of the bed and begins to brood.


“I dreamed I met a Californian

A most beautiful woman.

She had that look.

You very rarely find.

The haunting hunted kind.

I asked her

To say what had happened.

How it all began.

I asked again.

She never said a word.

As if she hadn't heard.

And next the room was full

Of wild and angry demons.

They seemed to hate this girl.

They fell on her and then disappeared.

Then I saw thousands of millions.

Crying for this woman.

And then I heard them mentioning my name.

And leaving me the blame.”

Angel walks back to his bed and lays back down with a haunted look on his face.


Buffy is now walking through the deserted L.A. during sunset.


“My time is almost through

Little left to do.

After all, I've tried for five years.

Seems like thirty.

Seems like thirty.”

Suddenly she is assaulted by a group of demons.


“See my eyes I can see your future.

See the city I am going to burn down.

You believe you can stop my plans.

See my claws, you can’t stop me.

See my skin I'm a mass of blood.

See my fangs, I could have you easily.

You believe you can make me well.

Like you did with Spike before.

Will you try to stake me, Buffy?

Will you try to cut off my head?

Will you try to save the world?

You should be dead instead.”


“Oh, there's too many of you.

Oh, there's no one to help me.

Help me someone!”

Suddenly all the demons disappear and Spike picks Buffy up off the ground and carries her into the abandoned building everyone is staying in. He hands her off to Riley and storms off mumbling about the end of the world. Willow follows him to an abandoned part of the building where his and Willow’s bed is set up. Willow tries to calm him down but he swats her away.


“Try not to get worried.

Try not to turn on to.

Problems that upset you.

Well, don't you know.

Everything's all right.

Yes, Everything's fine.”

Spike finally gets up and pulls Willow into a passion-filled kiss. He breaks off the kiss and whispers into her ear.


“And I think I shall sleep well tonight

Let the world revolve around you and me tonight.”




Think of nothing but me and you tonight.”

Spike lays her down on the bed and begins plant kisses all over her body. The scene fades away.

Hours later Spike wakes up, puts his pants on and sits in a chair watching Willow sleep.


“I don't know how to love her.

What to do, how to move her.

I've been changed, yes really changed

In these past few months.

When I've seen myself.

I seem like someone else.

I don't know how to take this.

I don't see why I love her.

She's a human.

She's just a human.

And I've killed so many humans before.

In very many ways, she's just one more.

Should I turn her now?

Should I tell her now?

Should I speak of eternity?

Let my feelings out?

I never thought I'd come to this

What's it all about?

Spike looks longingly at Willow and acts as though he is talking to her. At the entrance of the room, Giles stands at the door listening to Spike sing.


Don't you think it's rather funny

I should be in this position?

I'm the one

Who's always been

So in love with Drusilla.

Now I couldn’t care less.

Loving Willow more than blood itself.

Willow scares me so.

I never thought I'd come to this

Is this what being human is all about?

Yet, if she ask me to turn her.

I'd be lost

Even frightened

I don’t know

Just wouldn’t know

If I could love her with out her soul.

Would she be the same?

I wouldn't want to know.

Being with her scares me so.

I want her so.

I love her so.”

Willow wakes up and sees that Spike is no longer in the bed with her. Seeing him sitting in the chair, she get up, wraps a blanket about her body and walks over to him. When she reaches him, she pulls him up, rakes her nails up his chest and pulls him into a kiss. Spike lets her lead him back to the bed where he begins to nuzzle her neck.

Giles, who had remained unnoticed at the door, runs out of the building and into the daylight. He keeps running through the city stopping only when he sees a poster that reads “Buffy Summers Wanted For Blasphemy. If seen report to the Watcher’s Council.” When he sees this he keeps running. He stops again this time for a poster that says,” Wanted dead or alive: Spike. Traitor. A reward will be given for his capture.” Giles begins to run again, stopping only when he reaches his destination, the abandoned hotel Wesley, Cordelia, Gunn and the Council has taken over. He runs over to the table where they are having another meeting.

(Giles) (Speaking to the Council)

“Now if I help you

It matters that you see

This sordid kind of things are

Coming hard to me

It's taken me some time

To work out what to do

I weighed the whole thing up

Before I came to you

I had no thought at all

Of my own reward

I really didn't come here

Of my own accord

Just don't say I'm

Damned for all time!”

Giles moves away from the Council and now is at Gunn’s feet.


“I came because I had to

Because I'm the one who saw

Buffy can't control it

Like she did before

And furthermore I know

That she thinks so too

Buffy wouldn't mind

That I was here with you

I have no thought at all

Of my own reward

I really didn't come here

Of my own accord

Just don't say I'm

Damned for all time!”

He now moves to Wesley’s feet.


“Wesley, you're a friend.

A worldly man and wise.

Cordelia, you were like my child.

I know you sympathize.

Why are we the prophets?

Why are we the ones?

Who see what’s been happening.

And know what must be done?

I have no thought at all

Of my own reward.

I really didn't come here

Of my own accord.

Just don't say I'm

Damned for all time!”


“Cut the protesting.

Forget the excuses.

We want information.

Get up off the floor.”

Wesley dismisses the Council and helps Giles to his feet.


“We have the spell

We need to get rid of her.

You know her movements.

And can get us Spike, too.”


“Your help in this matter

Won't go unrewarded.

We'll pay you in hundreds.

Cash on the nail.

We just need to know

Where the vampires can find her

With no one around her to help her escape.

Then we can't fail.”

Giles backs away from Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn.


“I don't need your blood money.”


“Oh, that doesn't matter

Our expenses are good”

(Giles, now yelling)

“I don't want your blood money”


“But you might as well take it

We think that you should”


“Think of the things

You can do with that money

Choose any charity

Give to the poor

We've noted your motives

We've noted your feelings

This isn't blood money

It's a fee nothing more”

Giles drops to his knees in defeat.


“On Thursday night

You'll find Spike and Buffy where you want them.

Far from the crowds

In the garden on Gethesmene Street.”

Cordelia claps her hands on two vampire guards pick up Giles and throw him out of the building.


[Thursday night. The Last Supper.]

Buffy, Riley, Giles, Anya, Xander, Spike and Willow are all sitting outside in a the garden on Gethesmene Street. All but Spike, who is distracting Willow from her meal, are eating.


“Look at all my trials and tribulations

Sinking in a gentle pool of wine”

Willow kisses Spike in an attempt to shut him up, much to Giles chagrin, but Spike pushes her away and laughs.


“Don't disturb me now I can see the answers.

Till this evening is this morning life is fine.”

Xander throws a roll at Spike who keeps singing and is now joined by Anya, much to Xander’s dismay.

(Spike and Anya)

“Always hoped that I'd be a Scooby.

Knew that I would make it if I tried

Then when we retire we can write our biographies and star in a movie

So they'll still talk about us when we've died.”

Buffy watches both Willow and Xander attack Anya and Spike, and she begins to laugh sadly.


“The end . . .

“Is just a little harder when brought about by friends.”

Buffy now stands up angry that they could be having fun while she has to think about her final fight up ahead.


“I must be mad thinking I'll be remembered - yes

I must be out of my head!

Look at your blank faces!

My name will mean nothing

Ten minutes after I'm dead!

One of you denies me.

One of you betrays me.

One of you helps to cause my own death.”


“Not I! Who would? Impossible!”

Buffy jumps up and faces them all.


“Xander will deny me in just a few hours

Three times will deny me - and that's not all I see

One of you here dining, one of my best friends.

Will leave to betray me –“

(Giles) “Cut out the dramatics! Get off your high horse!”

(Buffy) “Why don't you go do it?”

(Giles) “You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

(Buffy) “Hurry they are waiting!”

Buffy kicks Giles with her boot and he jumps up and faces her.

(Giles) “If you knew why I do it . . .”

(Buffy) “I don't care why you do it!”

(Giles) “To think I admired you

For now I despise you”

(Buffy) “You liar – you bad liar person!”

(Giles) “You wanted me to do it!

What if I just stayed here

And ruined your ambition?

No one would even care about you if it weren’t for me!”


“Hurry you fool, hurry and go,

Save me your speeches

I don't want to know - Go! Go!”

Giles pushes away from Buffy and runs off into the darkness, only to stop a few feet away. Buffy touches his shoulder to talk to him but he turns around and pushes her away and begins to yell at her.


“You idiotic child - see where you've brought us to

Our families die around us and all because of you

But the saddest cut of all -

Someone has to turn you in

Like a common criminal, like a wounded animal.”

Buffy slaps Giles and backs away from him.


“Get the hell away from me! They're waiting! Get away!

They're waiting for you!”


“Every time I look at you I don't understand

Why you let the things you did get so out of hand

You'd have managed better if you'd had it planned -

They never would have fallen in love and crossed the line.”

Giles rushes off into the darkness. Buffy wanders back to where everyone was eating, a little confused. Riley is asleep on the grass, Anya and Xander are making out on the grass, and Willow is sitting in Spike’s lap falling asleep as he is whispering into her ear. No one sees that Buffy has come back, so she walks further into the garden, stake in hand.

(Buffy whispering to the people laid out in front of her)

“Will no-one patrol with me?

Riley? Willow? Spike?

Will none of you patrol with me?

Riley? Willow? Spike?”

Buffy continues her walk through the garden, softly trying to figure out a way to defy her destiny.


“I only want to ask

If there is a way

Take this fate away from me

For I don't want to taste their poison

Feel them burn me,

I have changed I'm not as sure

As when this destiny thing started

Then I was so unhappy and lost.

Now I'm just sad and tired.

Listen surely I've exceeded

Every one of your expectations.

Tried for five years

Seems like thirty

Could you ask as much

From any other person?

But if I die

See the saga through

And give my gift of death

Let them hate me, hit me, hurt me

Make me kill one of my one to close their portal.

I'd want to know why

I'd want to know

I'd want to see what would happen

If I threw all this away and deny my fate

I’d want to see what is on the other side.

Why I should die

Would I be more noticed

Than I ever was before?

Would the times I’ve saved the world

Matter any more?

I'd have to know.

I'd have to see

If I die what will be my reward?

If I die what will be my reward?

I'd have to know

Why, why should I die?

Why should I have to die so young?

Can you show me now

That I would not be killed in vain?

Show me just a little

Of the future I will save

Show me there's a reason

For your wanting me to die

You're far too keen on where and how

But not so hot on why.”

Buffy suddenly stops and begins to yell at the sky.

“Alright I'll die!

Just watch me die!

See how, see how I die!

Oh, just watch me die!

Kill me now before I change my mind!”

She begins walk back to the rest of the Scoobies, but is stopped by Giles who hands her a gift, a cross.


“Giles, must you betray me

With a gift?”

Giles has a shocked look on his face as Buffy is stunned with a taser and carried off by a group of vampires. Giles walks back to the tree where he sees vampires surrounding Riley, Xander, Anya and Willow. When the vampires see Giles they run to follow the vampires who are carrying off Buffy, and now as Willow realizes it as she picks his duster up off the ground, Spike. Willow throws herself to the ground and holds Spike’s duster to her like a lifeline. Giles moves to talk to her, but is stopped by a very pissed ex-vengeance demon who begins to chant in Latin, so Giles does what he does best- runs away.


The scene now switches to the vampires who have delivered Spike to Wesley. The vamps then leave to take Buffy to see Angel, who must decide whether she is a good offering for the god who will open the portal to hell.


“Spike, you must realize.

The serious charges facing you.

You helped Buffy kill your own kind.

Now they say you love a human.

Well is it true?”


“Does it bloody well matter what I say in my defense?

You’re just gonna stake me anyways.”


“Now that we have Spike

What more prompting do you need?

Here is a stake

Kill him before he starts to breathe!”

Cordelia is exasperated and moves to stake Spike who is bonded any lying on the floor. But is stopped by Wesley.


“Wait, dear Cordelia,

He will die on the night Buffy dies.”

The scene fades away.


Riley, Anya, and Xander, who is half pulling- half carrying a weeping Willow, who is now wearing Spike’s jacket, are walking through L.A. during the day, searching for Buffy and Spike. Xander is stopped by three ugly demons. Riley and Anya stand by watching Xander waiting to attack if the demons try anything.

(Demon 1)

“I think I've seen you somewhere

I remember

You were with that chick.

The slayer they took away

I recognize your face.”


“You've got the wrong man.

I don't know her

And I wasn't where

She was last night.

Never near the place

The demon gives Xander and Willow a strange look and walks away.

(Demon 2)

That's strange

For I am sure I saw you with her”

The demon now points at Willow.

(Demon 3)

“She was with you too. She belongs to that traitor Spike.”

And yet you deny it?”


“I tell you

We were never ever with them”

The demon shrugs, gives Willow a wink and disappears.

(Demon 3)

“But I saw you too

It looked just like you.”



The demon smiles and walks away. Willow pulls away from Xander and yells at him.


“Xander, don't you know what you have said?

You've gone and cut them dead!”

Willow drops to her knees and begins to cry again, wrapping Spike’s duster closer around her body. Xander tries to rationalize his actions to Willow.


“I had to do it

Don't you see?

Or else they'd go for me.”

Willow continues to cry. Riley picks her up off the ground and carries her off. Anya turns to Xander.


“It's what she told us you would do

I wonder how she knew?”

Anya walks away leaving Xander by himself. He slowly follows the other three.



The vampires are now showing Angel the sacrifice for his ritual.


“Who is this broken woman?

Cluttering up my hallway?

Who is this beautiful un-for-tu-nate?”


“The so-called Vampire Slayer.”


“Oh so this is the slayer

I am really quite surprised

You aren’t as pretty as the last

Not what I expected at all

You look so small

But are you the one to bring the Master down?

Or will you just help him set hell free?”

You're deep in trouble, lover

How can someone in your state

Be so cool about her fate?

An amazing thing

Your silence, I mean.

Since you look good enough to eat.

So you need not come see me.

You’re perfect for what we need.

Throw her with the idiot.”

Buffy is shoved out of the room, and into the room where Spike is currently tied up in. Spike has burn marks up and down his body. As soon as Buffy is put into the room, four vampires carry the unconscious Spike out of the cell. Buffy is slightly aware of the fact that one of the vampires was wearing leather gloves and carrying a cross. Giles sees the vampires carrying Spike off and looses it. He runs to an alcove where Willow, Riley, Xander and Anya were. Willow jumps up, but Riley holds her back when he sees Giles’s face.

(Giles talking to Willow)

“My God, I saw him

He looked three-quarters dead

And he was burnt so bad

I had to turn my head

They beat him so hard

That he was bent and lame

And I know I’m who everybody's

Going to blame

I don't believe he or you know

I acted for your good

I'd save him all the suffering

If I could

I know that I hate him

But I could help but feel for you and him

I’d save him if I could.”

Anya jumps up, pulling Willow out of Giles’s embrace.


“Cut the confessions

Forget the excuses

I don't understand why

You're now filled with remorse

You pulled them apart.

They didn’t deserve this.

So tell us something better

Or get your ass out the door!”

Giles runs out of the alcove right into a group of vampires who grab him as a snack. Shocked, Willow runs outside and sees a cross on a hill. Noticing that someone is on the cross, and that it is smoking.

(Willow as she is running)

“I don't know how to love him

I don't know why he moves me

He's a vamp

He's my vamp

We both know I’m too good for him

But I love him even more.

He scares me so!

When this is over,

Will he still love me?

Does he care for me as I care for him?


Willow reaches the smoldering cross and sees Spike tied to it. She tries to untie the ropes, but it is no use. The sun begins to rise.


“My mind is darkness now

Bloody hell I am sick

I’m dying now

And all I can think

Is that I’ll never be with you.

God I'll never ever know

What we could’ve been.

Or why you loved me

When I was never a man.

I will love you always Willow.”

The sun is now risen and Willow throws herself at Spike just as he bursts into flames. Riley, Anya and Xander arrive in time to see Willow on the ground, weeping at the foot of a cross, covered in ash. Tears are running down her face and she wipes at them with her ash filled hands leaving black streaks down her face. Riley and Xander lift the crying, screaming, and kicking girl, up off the ground and carry her back to their camp.


Buffy is pacing in her cell knowing that Spike had been gone too long. Suddenly a flash of light appears and a Giles dressed in all white appears before her.

(Ghost Giles)

“Ev'ry time I look at you

I don't understand

Why you let the things you did

Get so out of hand

You'd have managed better

If you'd had it planned

Now why'd you choose such a backward time

And such a strange land?

Buffy Summers

Buffy Summers

Who are you? What have you sacrificed?

Buffy Summers

Buffy Summers

Who are you? What have you sacrificed?

Buffy Summers

Super Slayer

Do you think you're what they say you are?

Buffy Summers

Super Slayer

Do you think you're what they say you are?”

Buffy stands up tall, hugs Giles and he disappears. She breaks door opens and hurries to where, she somehow knows, Angel and Wesley are opening The Master’s portal to hell.


Willow is back at the camp by herself. Crying she picks up a knife and holds it up just as a white light flashes throughout the room causing her to drop the knife when she sees that it is Spike dressed in all white instead of all black.


“Tell me what the hell you think you are doing pet?

Ending your life, just because of me?

I know that you love me

I’m not denying that

But I’m not worth any of this crap

Baby, we both know I wasn’t good enough for you

But we had all the love to get us through

Right now use that love to take you to the end

You need to save the world

Love, we’ll be together one day again.

Willow Rosenberg

Willow Rosenberg

Being mine do you know what you sacrificed?

Willow Rosenberg

Willow Rosenberg

Without me you can have a normal life.

Willow, mine

My love and Life

Go save the world like a good little girl

Willow, mine

My love and Life

Go save the world like a good little girl”

Willow moves to touch him, but as soon as she moves, he is gone leaving her alone. Raising her head, she leaves the room. Anya, Riley, and Xander silently follow her not knowing what she is doing or where she is going.


Buffy sees Angel’s portal and without thinking, she jumps into it followed by a determined Willow, and in the process closing the portal. A large light flashes throughout the city and it turns into a bustling busy city. Anya, Riley, and Xander look around for Willow and Buffy. Finally, they spy Buffy’s body and what looks like a pile of ash. High above where no one can see, a crying Willow throws her arms around Spike. A happy Buffy and Giles watch them closely.


“Spike, Dawn in going to be freaking out.” Willow said as she and Spike entered the house.

“Relax, pet. Dawn’s a big girl, she can take care of herself.”

“Baby, look.” Willow pointed at Dawn asleep on the couch as the movie Jesus Christ Superstar ended on the TV.

Spike smiled and lifted the teenager up and carried her into her room. Just as he laid her down she jumped awake.

“Oh my God, Spike! You’re alive!” She shrieked throwing her arms around his neck.

“Yeah, pet.” He replied confused.

“And you too, Willow!” Dawn jumped out of the bed throwing her arms around Willow who was standing in the doorway.

“Uh, Dawnie?” Willow asked. “Why are you so happy?”

“The spell. It killed you.”

“Dawnie, there was no spell.”

“There wasn’t?”

“Lil bit, we’d bloody well know if we were killed in a spell.” Spike said calming Dawn down.

“Anya and Xander, too?”

“Yes, Demon girl and Xapper, too.”

“Good.” With that Dawn fell down onto the bed exhausted.

Laughing, Spike and Willow left Dawn’s room arm and arm. “It was a weird spell, wasn’t is Spike?” Willow asked him.

“Yeah, pet, it was.”


The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy Summers Super Slayer". This story is complete.

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