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There's More to Love

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Summary: A W/S fic highlighted with songs from famous musicals

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Miscellaneous > Musicals/PlaysKarmaFR1514,797111,02420 Feb 0420 Feb 04Yes
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon and Co. None of the lyrics belong to me. They belong to whoever wrote them. At the end of the story I have listed all the musicals and songs I used.

Notes: Set in Season 2. Angel is Spike's sire and Dru's just Spike's sister. Angel doesn't hate Spike. The rest is AU. Songs are in italics. In my world it is normal for people to break into song.


Buffy walked to the library door. ‘It’s junior year. It’s gonna go so much better than sophomore year. No Master. Things will be better.’ Buffy pushed the swinging doors open and walked into the library where Giles was sitting reading some book.

“Hi, Giles.” She called.

“Buffy. You’re back.” Giles said as she came in. “Why didn’t you tell me you were back?”

“I got in late last night. It was too late, even for me, to call. No big demons while I was in L.A., right?”

“Nothing dire, thank God.”

Just as Buffy was about to respond the doors swung open again and Buffy was assaulted by a red head and a brunette.

“You’re back!” Willow squealed as she hugged her best friend.

“Yes, and still needing air.” Buffy choked out.

“Sorry.” Willow said as she stepped away from Buffy.

“Buff, you’re back!” Xander repeated hugging Buffy.

“So it seems.” Buffy laughed as Xander let her go. “So, how were things in good ole’ Sunnydale?” Buffy asked as the bell rang.

“Sorry, Buffy. I gotta go I can’t be late for, class. I’ll see you at lunch.” Willow babbled as she ran out of the library and right into Cordelia who was just coming into the library.

“What was that about? She has a free period” Buffy commented as she and Xander walked to the doors and were joined by Cordelia who walked with them to their class.

“Probably about the hicky she had on her neck.” Cordelia said off handedly.

“What hicky? Who would be giving her hickies?” Buffy and Xander asked at the same time stopping in their tracks with dumbstruck looks on the faces.

“Her boyfriend.” Cordelia said as if they were little children. When they didn’t move she stopped and turned them to face them. “What you didn’t know?” She added looking at the dumbstruck looks on their faces. “I saw them at the Bronze together a couple of times. You never saw them together? He’s chock full of salty goodness. Blonde hair, blue eyes, high cheek bones and those muscles…”

“Uh, Cordy. Are you sure you saw them together? He doesn’t seem like her type.” Xander commented.

“Xander, I’m not stupid. When you see two people practically eating each other. You kinda know there together.” Cordy said.

“Cordy that was more information than I needed to hear.” Buffy said as the bell rang and they walked into their history class.


Willow left the campus and hurried to the large house on Madison Street where she knew he would be. As she opened the door to the house, she was pulled inside by strong arms the closed the door then held her up against it.

“Spike.” She giggled as he began to kiss her neck.

“Willow, luv, aren’t you supposed to be somewhere else?” Spike asked her and then began to plant kisses along her collarbone.

“Yeah, but I’d rather be here with you.” She said huskily, not sure how long she could take it if he kept kissing her neck like he was.

“ Is that so, pet?” He asked as she began to squirm at his lack of touch. She nodded, and Spike looked up at her earnest face and began to kiss her deeply.

“Spike.” She moaned into his mouth.

“Would you care to take this to the bedroom, luv?” he asked her, surprised when she nodded. He picked her up and carried her to his room. From the shadows, his sister Drusilla watched curiously.

(Drusilla softly stepping out of the shadows.)

“She's young, very young,

But appealing --

I know him...

He’ll never let her go.

Seeing is believing

And I like what I see here.

I like my Spikey happy.

He spends all his time looking after me.

He deserves to be happy.

What are they doing?

Can you believe it?

My brother Spikey

And my little tree?

They might as well enjoy

This moment...

Miss Edith says the slayer won’t like it

Can you believe it?

Seeing is believing!

I never thought I’d see this

Is this reality?

Am I dreaming?”

As Dru finished singing, her bout of sanity left and she walked back into the sitting room to have tea with her dolls.


Buffy sat down at the table Xander and Cordelia were sitting at arguing.

“Uh, Cordy. Why are you sitting with us?”

“Because even freaks need my advice. Besides I wanna know where Willow went.”

“Excuse me?” Buffy asked a little shocked.

“Willow, she wasn’t in chemistry or English. She must have a good reason. And I want to know what it is, before anyone else hears it and it’s on the rumor mill.”

“Cordy, no one ever talks about Willow.” Xander insisted.

“Yeah, but she wasn’t with that gorgeous blonde, then.” Harmony said as she stopped at their table. “Uh, Cordy, why are you sitting here? Aren’t you gonna come sit with us?” Harmony frowned at Xander.

“Yeah, Harm,” Cordelia, said uncomfortably. “I just want to talk with Willow about her man. I’ll be over in a little bit.”

“Okay.” Harmony said as she bounced away. Just then Willow came up smiling.

“Hey, guys.” Willow said sitting down.

“So?” Cordelia asked.

“So, what? Cordelia, what are you doing here?” Willow asked confused.

“I wanna hear more about your boyfriend.”

“Cordy!” Willow shrieked, looking pointedly at Xander and Buffy.

“I already told them.” Cordy shrugged.

“You and Cordy, are friends?” Xander spat out.

“You mean she wasn’t making up all this stuff about you having a boyfriend?” Buffy yelled, and then dropped her voice when she noticed people staring at her. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I couldn’t get a hold of you. Besides, Cordy kept following me around and asking me, so I told her. Don’t be mad, Buffy.” Willow pleaded giving her puppy dog eyes.

Buffy suddenly noticed that Willow was wearing a short black skirt with a blood red lace tank top on over it. “And she’s been taking you shopping, too.” Buffy said angrily.

“I can’t take this.” Xander said getting up. “First I find out you have a boyfriend. That’s where you were when you told me you where at your grandparent’s house, right?” Upon seeing the shameful look on Willow’s face, he went on with his rant. “I’m not mad or jealous or anything, Willow. I just want to know why you couldn’t tell me, but you could tell Cordy. Call me when you decide.” Xander got up and stalked away from the table.

“Buffy, I-“ Willow started.

“Enough, Willow, if she’s mad she’s mad, but I wanna hear what happened between you and your man when you weren’t in class. And I know Buffy’s curious, too, so speak.” Cordelia commanded. Willow looked at Buffy.

“She’s right, Will. I am hurt, but I want to know about this guy. What’s his name?”

“His name is Spike, but unlike his name, he is so sweet. He loves me, I think. I know that I love him.” Willow gushed.

“So, where were you today?” Cordy asked anxiously.

“I was at his house.” Willow giggled facing Cordy.

“And-“ Buffy put in.

“And-“ Cordy repeated waving her hand in front of the oblivious Willow.

(Willow coming out of her trance and facing both of them)

“Don't ask me how it happened

I wish I knew.

I can't believe that it's happened,

And still it's true.

I got lost in his arms, and I had to stay;

It was dark in his arms, and I lost my way.

From the dark came a voice

And it seemed to say,

I love you so,

I love you so.

How I felt as I fell I just can't recall.

But his arms held me fast, and it broke the fall.

And I said to my heart, as it foolishly kept jumping

‘All around, I got lost, but look what I've found.’

How I felt as I fell I just can't recall.

But his arms held me fast as it broke the fall.

And I said to my heart, as it foolishly kept jumping

‘All around, I got lost, but look what I've found.’”

Cordy smiled at Willow as she stopped singing. Buffy just looked at her surprised.

“Willow did you..”

“Did I what, Buffy?” Willow asked her blushing a little.

“Did you sleep with him?” Buffy hissed lowering her voice.

“Buffy!” Cordelia chided. “Rude much?”

“Buffy.” Willow said angrily. “With Spike everything is love. And what does it matter to you? You didn’t even call me once this summer! I called you three times and you didn’t return any of my calls.” Willow stood up and turned to Cordelia. “Cordy, Harmony keeps looking over here, wanna go see what she wants?”

“Sure.” Cordelia said confused as she got up and walked with Willow over to Harmony who greeted them warmly.

‘What the hell happened here when I was in LA? Willow is friends with Cordelia and Harmony of all people. Plus, Willow is dating some guy without even telling me, and is sleeping with him. And she didn’t tell me any of this. What has happened to my Willow?’ Buffy thought as she got up from the table and began to look for Xander.


Buffy and Xander walked into the Bronze together looking for Willow. They hadn’t seen her since lunch and were worried about her. She wasn’t acting like herself at all.

Xander saw a beautiful woman out on the dance floor. Her hair was red, long and piled up on her head in a messy bun. She had on a dark blue spaghetti strapped dress that went down to her ankles but had a slit that went high up her thigh. “Buffy, look at that girl- good God- that’s Willow!” Xander shrieked.

“What? Where? Oh my, Willow.” Buffy said dumbstruck. “Do you think that’s the guy?” Buffy asked Xander pointing at the bleached blonde currently dancing with her. Though the music was fast, their dance was slow and erotic. They were pressed up against each other slowly swaying to the music their eyes never leaving each other. ‘It’s as though they’ve both shut out the world.’ Buffy thought.

Suddenly Buffy was jolted out of her ennui by a cold hand placed on her shoulder. She whipped around to see Angel. “I’m gonna go try to get information from Cordy.” Xander said hurrying away from Angel and Buffy.

“You’re back.” Angel said.

“Yeah. That’s what everyone’s been saying.” Buffy said still distracted.

“Buffy, what’s a matter?” Angel asked concerned leading her to an alcove and sitting her down next to him.

“Willow.” Buffy said simply.

“Are you two fighting?”

“About her boyfriend.”

“Over her boyfriend?”

“Oh, God no Angel!” Buffy backtracked. “I don’t like her boyfriend, not that I’ve met him. Just seen him, but he’s changed her.


“Let’s see, her new best friend is Cordelia.”

“So that’s it. You’re jealous.” Angel realized.

“Can we just change the subject?”

“If you’d like.” Angel said, and then added “Maybe she’s in love.” Seeing the look on Buffy’s face he continued knowing that she needed to hear this.

(Angel explaining love to Buffy)

“Falling in love is wonderful

It's wonderful,

And with a moon up above it's wonderful

It's wonderful,

I know that falling in love is grand.

And the thing that's known as romance is wonderful, wonderful in every way.

Rumors fly and they often leave without telling you the truth

I've been there once or twice and I should know

You'll find that falling in love is wonderful

It's wonderful,

And with a moon up above it's wonderful

It's wonderful, as they tell you

You'll leave your house a morning

And without any warning

You're stopping people shouting that love is grand

And to hold a someone in your arms is wonderful, wonderful in every way.”

Buffy looked up at Angel surprised at his words, unsure of what to say. She knew he was right. “Thank you, Angel.” She whispered softly as she got up and kissed him softly on the lips. “You’re right. If Willow’s happy, I should just let her be. Tomorrow I’ll even ask to meet her boyfriend Spike. I should go patrol. Bye.” Buffy left before Angel could say anything.

Suddenly her words registered in his head. ‘She said Spike. Not my Spike, right?’ Angel walked out onto the dance floor where he saw Willow dancing with his blonde childe. ‘Damn it.’ He silently cursed. He watched as Willow led Spike over to a table where Cordelia sat with a concerned Xander and a bored Harmony. He watched as Spike grabbed Willow’s jacket and put her in it, then grabbed his own duster. He watched in horror as they left. Hurrying out the door after them, he cursed again seeing them ride off in Spike’s DeSoto.


Cordy couldn’t believe that she let that Loser Xander Harris walk her to her door, or that she actually had a good time with him. “Thanks Xander.” She said sincerely as she closed the door. As soon as she closed it she rested her head on the door.


“You’re welcome.” Xander said softly as he walked down Cordelia’s walk surprised that he had a good time with Cordelia Chase.


Cordy sat down with her back against the door. She had started to get feelings for Xander two weeks ago, but had dismissed them. ‘I could have anyone else, why do I want Xander of all people?’

(Cordelia, trying to sort out her feelings)

“I'll be standing with my back to the door, yet I'll know when he walks in.

It's the strangest thing.

I'll hear the laugh of the crowd, though standing well apart from the crowd

And I'll know when he walks in.

It's the strangest thing.

What do you suppose it is that's mine and his?

What would you call that?

I would call it something mystical if I believed in all that.

Just the same I know when I enter a room,

From the moment I enter the room, if it's some room he's been in

It's the strangest thing.

What do you suppose it is that's mine and his?

What would you call that?

I would call it something magical if I believed in all that.

Just the same,

When I hear the telephone ring, as I hurry to answer the ring

If I know it's him, it's him

It's the strangest thing.

It's the strangest thing.”

Cordelia slowly got up and walked to her room.


Spike was laying in bed watching Willow sleep when Drusilla ran into his room.

“Dru!” He hissed. “I told you to stay out!”

“Daddy’s here!” She singsonged twirling in a circle.

“Shh. Dru, why is Daddy here?”

“He didn’t tell me, but Miss Edith says it’s because of the little tree.”

Spike began to curse silently. “All right, Dru, tell him I’ll be right down.” Spike said shooing Dru out. Once she left, he put his pants on and pulled his black t-shirt on over his head. Leaning over, he kissed his Willow softly on the lips.

“Spike?” She mumbled.

“Shh, baby, go back to sleep. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay,” she mumbled and fell back asleep. Spike laughed silently and took a long look at Willow unsure of whether this would be the last time he saw her or not.


“Spike!” Angel growled as soon as he saw Spike. He grabbed his childe by the throat and threw him back into the stairwell.

“Bloody hell, Angel. What’d I do?” Spike complained.

“What’d you do? Does the name Willow Rosenberg ring in your head?”

“Oh.” Spike said taking a slight step back from his sire. He could feel the anger radiating off of his sire and he knew he did not want to be the one Angel took his anger out on.

“Spike, she’s human. And the Slayer’s friend. Your messing with forces you don’t want to be messing with. And Willow deserves more than a soulless creature like you!” Angel yelled.

“Dru didn’t tell you what she did, did she?” Spike asked moving over to a couch and sitting down.

“What did she do, Spike?” Angel asked as he sat down in a chair. He was exasperated with his childe.

“She decided that I needed to be like my Daddy and gave me half of my soul.”

“She what! Spike, are you making this up?” Angle asked jumping up. “How the hell did she do that?”

“I bloody well don’t know, now do I?” Spike yelled. “I’ll I know is some days I feel it; some days I don’t. When I’m with Willow I feel it and I like that feeling.” Spike explained to Angel not looking at him.

“Spike.” Angel said, putting a hand on his childe’s arm. “Does she know what you are?”

“She knows, I don’t know if she’s fully absorbed it yet.” He replied still not looking at his sire.

“As long as you don’t hurt her, you’ll stay alive. Hurt her and I’ll tie you to a cross and leave you out to meet sunlight. Understood?”

Spike looked up at his sire. “Yeah, mate, I understand.”

Angel smiled. “Good. But don’t let Buffy find out what you are. She may not be so lenient with you, childe.” With that, Angel left the house. After staring in shock at his sire, Spike climbed the stairs to go back to his redheaded goddess. Stopping at the bed, he stood watching his Willow sleep, again.

(Spike softly)

“I've had my way with so many girls

An' was lots of fun.

My scheme was to know many girls to keep me safe from one

I find it can be done.

My defenses are down.

She's broken my resistance and I don't know where I am.

I went into the fight like a lion

But I came out like a lamb.

My defenses are down

She's got me where she wants me and I can't escape no how.

I could speak to my heart when it wakened, but my heart won't listen now.

Like a toothless, clawless tiger,

Like an organ-grinder's bear,

Like a knight without his armor,

Like Samson without his hair.

My defenses are down I might as well surrender

For the battle can't be won.

But I must confess that I like it,

So there's nothing to be done.

Yes, I must confess that I like it

Being miserable's gonna be fun.”

Spike watched Willow again, and then took off his clothes and climbed back into the bed. When Willow felt Spike’s presence again, she snuggled back into him. Spike smiled and fell asleep, replaying the conversation he had with Angel.


Willow awoke to Spike’s soft voice. “Willow, baby.” He whispered into her ear. “You’re going to be late and then an angry slayer is going to be coming here looking for you.” Willow pulled the blankets up over her head and then pulled them back down and turned on her side to look at Spike who was lying on his side watching her.

“Spike. How did you know Buffy was the Slayer?” Willow asked him as he squirmed. “Spike.” She added warningly.

“Angel told me.”

“You know Angel?” She asked incuriously.

“He’s my sire.” Spike said not looking into Willow’s eyes.

“What? Spike why didn’t you tell me this before?”

“I told you now, baby.”

“You didn’t think it was important?”

“Willow, I-”

“Save it, Spike.” She said getting up, to get something to wear out of the closet. Without another word she got dressed and left Spike alone to wonder what the hell had happened.


Xander watched as the doors to the library swung open and in walked Willow dressed in leather pants and a green halter-top. “Willow, what’s up?” He said rather suspiciously.

“Xander, what’s going on?” Willow asked him trying to walk over to Giles’s office.

“Nothing Wills.” Xander said blocking Willow.

“I’m sorry, Xander.” Willow said as she punched him as hard as she could and he went down. ‘Wow. I guess dating a vampire does help with my strength. Spike.’ she thought. ‘I hope he’s not mad at me; I didn’t mean to get so mad at him.’ Willow could now hear Buffy’s and Giles’s voices coming from the office.

“Giles, I’m telling you, Willy told me that the new big bad in town is Spike also known as William the Bloody.” Buffy said.

“Buffy, you cannot think that this is the same person Willow is with.” Giles pleaded with Buffy.

“And most towns you know have more than one person named Spike in them? Giles, I have to kill him.”

“Buffy, Willow-”

“Is gone now. She is not the same person. I don’t know how she met him or how long they’ve been together, but he’s turned her evil. He needs to be killed.”

Willow turned on her heel and ran out of the library and right into Cordelia.

“Willow, what’s wrong?” Cordelia asked.

“Buffy, knows. She’s gonna kill Spike” Willow said beginning to freak out.

“Willow, what are you going to do?”

“Give me your cell phone.”

“Okay.” Cordelia handed Willow her phone, and Willow punched in a number.

“Angel? It’s Willow. Spike’s in danger.”


Willow paced around the room. “Willow, luv,” Spike said coming up behind her and wrapping his arm’s around her waist. “Relax. She can’t tear us apart. You’re mine.”

“Really?” Willow asked turning around.

“Forever. I wouldn’t give you up for anything.”

“Spike. If I’m yours does that make you mine?”

“Forever, luv.” Spike kissed Willow softly on the lips. As he began to pull away Willow pulled him back down and began to deepen the kiss.

“Luv,” Spike said when Willow pulled away for air, “I wouldn’t give you up for anything.”


“Not for all the rice in China

Not for all the grapes in France

Would I exchange the pleasure

That I get with every measure

When we dance

Not for all the kilts in Scotland

Not for all the bulls in Spain

Would I give up arriving

At your house although you're driving

Me insane

Not for all the onions in Bermuda

Or the cheeses that are made by the Swiss

Would I exchange that first kiss

That you gave me

Not for all the beans in Boston

Not for all the steaks in Moore's

Would I agree to part with

All the joy you filled my heart with

When you said, ‘I'm yours’”

When he finished singing Willow looked up at him. “Really?”

“Of course, pet.”

Willow grabbed Spike and pulled him into another kiss. When she pulled away, she felt Spike lift her up in the air and throw her over his shoulder. “Spike! Put me down!” She cried.

“Naw, don’t think I like that idea, luv.” Spike said as he carried her to his bed.


Cordelia sat in the library watching the unconscious Xander while Giles and Buffy were out looking for Spike.

“What am I ever going to do with you?” Cordelia asked Xander softly, as she lovingly stroked his hair.

(Cordelia, softly and lovingly)

“Xander is a dope a man of many faults.

A clumsy Joe who wouldn't know a Rhumba from a Waltz.

Xander is a dope and not my cup of tea

Why do I get in a dither?

He doesn't belong to me!

Xander isn't bright

He doesn't know the score.

Xander’s eyes are blue but little do they see

Why am I beating my brains out?

He doesn't belong to me!

He's somebody else's problem,

She's welcome to the guy!

She'll never understand him half as well as I.

Xander is a dope

He isn't very smart

He's just a lug you like to hug, and hold against you heart,

Xander is a dope doesn't know how happy he could be.

Look at me!

Crying my eyes out,

As if he belonged to me.

As if

He'll never belong to me.

Do I want him to belong to me?”

“Who do you want to belong to you?” Xander asked groggily as he woke up.

“Oh my God Xander, your awake!” Cordelia shouted happily. Before she could stop herself she had him in her arms and was kissing him deeply. Xander kissed her back just as passionately.

“I’m sorry.” Cordelia said pulling away.

“I’m not.” With that Xander pulled her in for another kiss.


“Spike!” Angel called as he entered the Madison Street house. Angel waited at the foot of the stairs when finally a half-dressed Spike came down the stairs, dressed in only his pants. “Spike, get Dru, pack your stuff, you’re leaving now!”

“Angel, why?” Spike asked confused.

“Buffy should be here in less than an hour. If you don’t want to become dust, you may want to leave now.”

“But, Willow…”

“Spike. Now.”

“Fine, Peaches.”

Spike ran up the stairs and stopped at Dru’s door. “Dru,” he said sticking his head into Drusilla’s room. “Get your dolls together. Daddy’s here. He’s taking us away.”

“Because of your tree?” Dru asked absently.

“Just get ready to leave with Daddy.”

Spike slammed the door of Dru’s room closed and went into his own room, slamming his own door as he entered his room.

“Spike, what’s going on?” Willow asked from her position on the bed, as Spike pulled on his shirt.

“That was Angel. Apparently, Buffy’s on her way here to kill me. So, he’s taking me and Dru away.”

“But Spike-”

“Baby, he’s my sire, I have to listen to him. It’s called the Rite of the Sire. I don’t want to leave you, baby.” Spike said stroking Willow’s face.

“Then don’t. Take me with you.” Willow said getting up, and pulling on her own clothes. “I’m coming with you.”


“With so little to be sure of,

If there's anything at all. If there's anything at all.

I'm sure of here and now and us together.

All I'll ever be I owe you,

If there's anything to be.

Being sure enough of you makes me sure enough of me.

Thanks for everything we did,

Everything that's past, Everything's that's over too fast.

None of it was wasted, all of it will last

Everything that's here and now and us together!

It was marvelous to know you and it isn't really through.

Crazy business this, this life we live in-

Can't complain about the time we're given-

With so little to be sure of in this world,

We had a moment! A marvelous moment!”


“I need you more than I can say.

I need you more than just today.

I guess I need you more than you need me.

And yet I'm happy.

All I'll ever be I owe you.”

Spike grabbed Willow and kissed her, grabbing her hand, they ran out of the room, and to Drusilla’s room. Spike pounded on her door and she came out following Spike and Willow down the stairs.

“Finally.” Angel said. Then he looked up. “Willow, what are you doing here?”

“I’m going with them.”

“No, Willow-” Angel started.

“Peaches, she’s mine, she’s going wherever I’m going.”

“Fine, but now.”

Angel, Spike, Willow and Dru went out to the Desoto and sped away into the darkness. And towards the harbor where Spike, Willow and Dru’s ship left for Brazil. Not long after they left, Buffy showed up at the house on Madison Street in time to see it explode.


Six months later, Willow lay in Spike’s arms in their house in Brazil.


“There is more to love, So much more,

Than simply making love --

That's easy.

Gazing into eyes, pretty eyes,

Which could be any eyes --

That's crazy.

Hands are just hands,

A face is just a face...

They come and go --

They're easy to replace...

There is more to love, So much more,

Than moon-struck escapades --

That's nothing.

There is peace of mind, So much peace,

In quiet company --

That's something.

With Spike there is so much more to love.”


Angel left Sunnydale shortly after that to help the helpless in LA. A year later after graduation, the newlyweds, Xander and Cordelia Harris, came to help him with his office. Buffy died in a fight with a master vampire two years after Willow left Sunnydale. Willow and Spike unlived happily ever after.


Songs I used and the musicals they're from. Numbers are what song they were in the story.

The Act




Annie Get Your Gun




Anyone Can Whistle

Song: With So Little to Be Sure Of (8)

Aspects of Love

Song: Seeing is Believing (1)

Song: There is More to Love (9)

As Thousands Cheer

Song: Not For All The Rice In China (6)

The End

You have reached the end of "There's More to Love". This story is complete.

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