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Chasing Amy

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Life as a Slytherin House Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A spin-off in the same universe as "The Life of Brian". Not a sequel, as it does not have the same main characters. This is part of the story of Amy (Madison) Malfoy.

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Harry Potter > Amy-CenteredechoFR181025,8382311342,15726 Feb 0416 Jan 07Yes

the Meeting

warning: Sexual activities.
disclaimer: So not mine. Draco the HP characters are of Rowling. Amy and the BtVS/AtS characters are of Whedon.
spoilers: thru "The Gift" on BtVS.
notes: This takes place about a year after LoB. It's not going to be as long, finished in 10 parts, and yes, there is an actual sequel to LoB featuring Draco, Dawn, and Severus planned. It just won't be written for a long while because there are other things I'm working on.


Her brother had the smuggest look on his pale face.

Amy narrowed her eyes. If one more idiot proposed to her, just because of her stupid surname, she was really going to hex someone. She had her shiny new wand now. Her brother's godfather was teaching her some stuff. As was her stepmother. The woman insisted she refer to her as mother. It wasn't a bad deal. Narcissa Malfoy was ten times the mother Catherine Madison had been.... not that it was that hard to beat Catherine the Great out. The woman HAD tried to steal her body.

Draco was laughing again. Amy kicked him under the table. He was going to turn eighteen in a few weeks, this was his last year at Hogwarts, and he was insufferable. And Amy loved him completely. In the year they had known each other as brother and sister, they had grown quite close. Not to say there weren't fights. There were. But it never lasted long. The two of them just seemed to click.

Amy was glad for the winter break. She'd been sitting in some classes this year to learn wand magic. Her biological mother had been a wandless witch. Amy wanted to know both ways. She and Draco happened to be in Hogsmeade today trying to have lunch at Three Broomsticks. Some idiot had asked if they were the Malfoys. When Draco had answered yes, said idiot had proposed to Amy. It was really frustrating. She'd been plagued with this sort of nonsense ever since The Daily Prophet had run their story about her being a Malfoy. Narcissa, Severus, and Draco had helped her weed out many of her would-be suitors early on.

But it seemed there were so many wizards after her hand, and some of them were quite... worthy of it. She just couldn't get her brain to wrap around the fact that someone who'd barely had dates in high school and had spent a few years as a rat was having to beat guys off with a stick... sometimes literally. Though Snape was certainly good for that.

She liked Severus Snape. He just so happened to be the stepfather of her little brother's girlfriend. Dawn Summers. She and Draco were too funny as a couple. Amy was glad she, Draco, and Narcissa would be spending the hols at Hogwarts with Severus and Dawn. Buffy would be visiting on Christmas Day. There was also a rumor that Xander Harris was tagging along to visit Anya Bell. Right now Dawn was in Sunnydale with her sister... and Draco was being VERY sulky about it.

Well, until that guy that she didn't even know had asked her to marry him, and her little brother had started cackling like a hyena.

"Will you shut up?"

"Sorry, Ames. I just can't believe you're still getting all that noise. How long ago was that story run? I've seen more Slytherin alumni in the last year..."

"All this pureblood crap. Maybe I'll just go marry a muggle. How'd that be?"

Draco made a face at her.

"Malfoy?" Said a deep baritone.

Amy rolled her eyes. "No, I will not marry you!"

"I didn't ask."

Draco and Amy turned. Amy blinked. Twice.

It was a walking tree trunk. She was sure of it. The man looking down at them was just... cut. She could tell. Even though he was wearing heavy winter robes. Black naturally, and they hung on him in all the right ways. He looked menacing too. That Snape kind of menacing, but where Severus was lean and sleek, this guy was bulky. He had an aura of brute force. The jaw was what you'd call chiseled. The eyes were a color not unlike pure coffee, and black hair was sticking off his head a little.

"Flint?" Draco said in shock.

"I thought that was you, Malfoy. It's been a while." He grinned and flashed a bit of white teeth.

"What happened?" Draco asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Not to be rude, mate, but I don't remember your teeth looking so..."

"Like actual human teeth and not freakish troll teeth?"

"Well... yeah."

"Had you heard I took a hex to the face during the final battle with Voldemort?"

"Yeah, I remember hearing about that."

"I lost just about all my teeth. They had to reconstruct most of my mouth."


"So, who's your lady-friend that thinks so highly of herself that any bloke that approaches is after her to the alter?"

Draco laughed. Amy glared.

"Flint, this is my sister Amy. Ames, this is Marcus Flint. He went to Hogwarts a while back."

"Sister?" Flint said gaping.

He could see it now. He'd heard something about that not too long ago. Another Malfoy. She looked like Lucius. He wondered if she was Narcissa's too. His mother would know. Her eyes were bright blue and the hair was more of a honey blonde, but that was Lucius's nose. Her chin also pointed a bit like Draco's did. Her snapping also made some sense. If she were Lucius Malfoy's daughter, she was obviously a pureblood. Other pureblood wizards would be after those sorts of bloodlines.

"Well, Amy Malfoy, it is a pleasure to meet you."

Amy was racking her brain for what she remembered about the name Flint. She knew a Flint had gone to Azkaban after the defeat of Voldemort. This obviously wasn't him. Had to be his father.

"Oh, Draco Malfoy, how ARE you?"

Draco flinched.

A woman with a suspiciously dog-like face walked up to stand next to Marcus. There was a young man with her with honey blonde hair and brown eyes, and then Amy's eyes fell on Pansy Parkinson.

"I thought that was you, dear. Oh who's your lady-friend? Haven't broken up with that mudblood, dare I hope?"

"Don't be petty, mother." The young man said. "You remember. This is Lucius Malfoy's bastard."

Draco bristled.

Marcus Flint flinched as if he'd been slapped. How DARE that pillock insult some girl he'd barely met like that. "You would do well, Parker Parkinson, to remember that this girl is in fact a Malfoy and likely has many of their personality traits."

"I don't believe we've met. Yes, I'm Amy Malfoy." She turned her eyes icy. "My father was Lucius Malfoy, and my mother was Catherine Madison."

It was Mrs. Parkinson's turn to flinch.

"You might also want to keep in mind, Mrs. Parkinson, that Dawn, my very much still-girlfriend, is the stepdaughter of Severus Snape. He gets a bit cranky about people calling her a mudblood." Draco eyes danced dangerously, daring the woman to make another remark about Dawn.

"That traitor..."

"Watch yourself, mother." Parker said, looking around.

Those that still supported Voldemort were not looked upon favorably.

"Come on, Draco." Amy said tossing down some money for their lunch and grabbing her brother's arm. "I'm afraid the atmosphere in here is rapidly declining."

She dragged her brother out into the cold streets while trying to yank the cloak Severus had bought her for Christmas on with one hand. She jumped when she felt someone else's hands helping her. Amy spun around to see the brown eyes and golden hair of Parker Parkinson. Honestly, how mean and daft to name a child Parker when your last name was Parkinson.

"If you'll excuse my mother. She has no tact."

Amy just stared, wondering what he was up to.

"Allow me to make it up to you with dinner perhaps?"

Ah. The other shoe drops at last. Amy was about to decline when an arm snaked around her waist.

"Sorry, Parkinson, Miss Malfoy's spoken for."

"Oh. I didn't realize."

"You didn't ask." Marcus snarled.

All Amy could do was stare. This guy was too warm-blooded to be a vampire, yet he'd managed the most effective snarl she'd ever heard outside of the undead. The bulky man quickly turned them and took off down the street, his arm still firmly about her waist. Draco sneered at Parkinson then hurried after them.

When they were well away, Amy managed to regain her bearings and shoved herself out of his embrace.

"What in the hell do you think you're doing?"

"So you wanted to go to dinner with Parkinson? Have to fend off his wandering hands? I know that bloke. He was a few years ahead of me at Hogwarts. There were rumors he'd raped a few girls. None of it could ever be proven... as one of them disappeared, another transferred to Durmstrang, and the third was strangely obliviated so she could not recall the facts... or even her own name."

Draco shuddered and moved closer to his sister. He was strangely protective of her. "Flint's right, Ames. Parkinson's cut of his father's cloth. Neither of them are good guys. I'm sure Phillip Parkinson's in the cell next to father's."

Amy was still glaring. "I didn't need your help. I could have handled him. I was just about to say no."

"And I'm trying to illustrate that Parker Parkinson isn't the type of bloke to take no for an answer."

Amy just glared at him for a minute. "I can handle myself."

He leaned into her face. "And there are men who will stop at very little to do that handling FOR you. You are just a girl... and a tiny one at that. You are not indestructible, no matter who your parents were." Marcus looked at Draco. "You best keep a close eye on this one, Malfoy. I can tell by looking at her that she's trouble."

Then he was gone. Apparated.

Amy ground her teeth.


end part
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