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I'll See It Through

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Summary: Luna's life was complicated before the slayers started their school at Hogwarts. . . It's gotten worse.

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Part The First

Disclaimer: Ha! Not mine!

Spoilers: S7 of Buffy, OotP for Harry

Main Characters: Dawn, Luna

Pairings: None for now

A/N / Summary: Just a little story that popped into my head while listening to the song 'I'll See It Through' by Texas. Set in book Seven, but focuses on Luna. Kinda a sad story. The slayers formed a school in England connected with Hogwarts. Feedback is much appreciated.




I’ll See It Through


Part the First

The blaze roared through the stone walls of the castle. She watched, from afar, totally unaffected by it. Her wand was tucked behind one ear, her robes were smudged with soot from the fire. Unshed tears sparkled in her eyes as she watched the fire.

Aurors and those slayer girls were working to put out the flames. No one, in their busy rush to douse the flames, noticed the sixteen year old blonde sitting in the grass with her knees tucked under her. Other students had fled to the tents pitched up quickly for their safety. She watched as Hogwarts burned.

* * * * *

Luna Lovegood was teased daily, for being so odd in her ways. Not that she really paid much mind to that unimportant drabble. There were other things to life besides silly crushes and the lot. She had been sitting alone, like she often did when a girl approached her. Her hair was brown and long, and her eyes were a bluish green. She plopped down beside Luna, a smile on her face.

“Hi, I’m Dawn Summers.”


“I’m with the slayers.” She said quickly, smiling. “Just wanted to get that out of the way, before you know, you ask me who am I.”

“I’m a student.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen you around. I suppose you know my sister?”

“Professor Summers teaches at the Slayer school.”

“Yep. She’s also a guidance counselor for the entire student bodies.”


Luna had been sent to see Professor Summers by Professor Dumbledore a few weeks ago. She knew that Harry was also seeing her. Luna looked up at the girl, not catching what she had said.


“Huh? Oh, I just said that Buffy had said that you were really interesting, so I thought I’d come and meet you.”

“Oh, so Professor Summers thought I needed a friend.” Luna said, understanding.

“No! No, well she said something like that, but when she pointed you out, -”

“I really better be getting to class.” She said rising to her feet.

Luna jumped to her feet to get away from her, not wanting anymore pity. She got enough of that from Harry. She didn’t even realize, in her haste, that she was about to run right into someone.

“Luna, watch where you’re going! You nearly knocked me down!” A deep voice cried out. She raised her head and held back a grimace as she found herself looking up at Ron Weasley.

“Sorry, Ron. Late for class.” She brushed past him. He stared at her in confusion. He thought she was out of earshot when he muttered her most hated nickname.

“Loony Lovegood.”

She nearly froze in her tracks. Dawn actually saw her step go off balance a little. But she carried on, rushing with a speed none of her schoolmates would have though possible of the odd witch. She made it Myrtle’s bathroom before actually letting the painful words sink in. It was odd, but her best friend was a ghost. Myrtle understood her better than Ginny Weasley, who had taken a shine to the wallflower of a girl their third year.

Myrtle wasn’t alone today. Another ghost hovered above the windows with her. She was only sixteen or so, and her hair was shoulder length blond, with purple tips. She smiled at Luna.


“Hello.” She noticed that her accent was like that Dawn girl’s.

“Myrtle’s been filling me in while we watched you from here. She’s not just doing it for Buffy.”

“Who are you?”

“Cassie. Sides, she’s a good friend. Through the fire, she’ll get your back.” Cassie said softly.

“Luna? Luna! Are you in here?” Dawn called from the doorway.

Luna looked up at the two ghosts as they smiled and faded into the sunlight. She turned to face the girl.



“Look about earlier. . .It just wasn’t because Buffy asked me too.”

Luna looked back up at the window where Cassie and Myrtle had been. Maybe she should take the ghost’s advice.

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