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Summary: Everyone has secrets to hide

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesShannonFR1334,233021,5813 Mar 047 Jun 04No


Title: Secrets and Firewhiskey

Series: Crushes

Author: Shannon

Rating: PG

Character/Pairing: Hermione

Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling.

Distribution: Hermione’s Library (, Dark Redemption ( Twisting The Hellmouth, anyone else with previous permission. Anyone else wants it just let me know where it’s going.

Spoilers: Probably nothing specific but anything through OotP is possible.

Summary: Who is Hermione’s crush?

HP Improv #3: Metal, Baby, Lament, Oath

Hermione sighed and turned her back to the large group of Gryffindors sitting in a circle on the floor. She moved her book closer to her face and did her best to ignore loud voices coming from her friends. It had been a Hogsmeade weekend and someone had managed to sneak in firewhiskey. She frowned when Ron jumped up, muttering an oath much louder than was necessary.

“Ron, your language,” she warned.

“Dean spilled it all over my robes,” Ron complained trying to find his wand.

“Because you’re all drunk,” Hermione pointed out, “And if you insist on being this loud Mcgonagall is going to hear you.”

She watched him fumble for his wand for several more seconds before taking her own and muttering the drying spell. While her attention had been on Ron, Ginny had gotten off the floor and moved to sit beside her on the couch.

“Why don’t you join us Hermione?” Ginny asked picking up the book the older girl had set down.

“You know I don’t drink Ginny,” she explained, “Besides I have studying to do.”

“You can study tomorrow,” Harry suggested. “And you don’t have to drink.”

“Oh, alright, what are you doing then?” Hermione asked turning her attention to the group.

“Just talking,” Seamus answered.

“Just taking about what?” She watched as everyone on the floor turned their heads away, no one wanting to answer her question.

“Neville, what were you talking about?” Hermione asked deciding he was the best chance at an honest answer.

“Well, um, not so much talking as uh, playing a game,” Neville said hesitantly.

“What game?” This time she asked the group in general.

“Can’t you just relax and trust us for once?” Ron lamented.

“Fine, we were playing truth or dare,” Ginny admitted when Hermione just glared at the other Weasley. “Well not really. We just all have to admit our secret crushes.”

“Then they aren’t secret anymore,” Hermione pointed out, “And I think I’ll pass.”

“Come on Hermione, tell us?” The boys on the floor cajoled.

“Even if I say I’ll play, how do you know I’m not lying? I could say anything.”

“Guess we couldn’t,” Ginny admitted slowly, “So just relax and try the firewhiskey and play along okay.”

Hermione shrugged, it wasn’t as if she had to tell them the truth. She never wanted any of them to know the truth; she would be so embarrassed if anyone found out. She slid to the floor to join the others, taking a glass from Ron as she did.

“Only one drink though,” she said quickly draining her glass. “So who already went then?”

“Neville and Dean,” Harry answered.

“I’ll go last then,” Hermione said and sat back to listen to the other’s take their turn. Not noticing the grin that passed across the faces of the rest of the group as she poured a second glass of the spiked firewhiskey.


Hermione let out a soft moan and rubbed her temples at the sound of metal clanking together. Why did potions have to be her first class today? Her head hurt beyond anything she had ever experienced. She didn’t know why, she usually only had a headache when she didn’t sleep well, and she had slept like a baby last night.

Of course it wasn’t a natural sleep really. She wasn’t sure how much of the firewhiskey she had drank last night. She remembered having at least three or four glasses but she also had a feeling that Ron and Ginny had filled it more than once without her knowing it.

She remembered very little of the previous night. She had agreed to play their game with them. After all they didn’t need to know that she… no it wasn’t possible that she had told them about… no amount of alcohol would have made her tell…

The firewhiskey. There was something odd about it, now that she thought about it. She had smelled it before when they were at Grimauld place. She hadn’t tasted it but she had been close enough to smell…it didn’t smell like what they had last night.

Why were her friends so eager to get her to drink it anyway? She could have played the game while drinking pumpkin juice or something right. They also didn’t try to push her about her suggestion that she could lie.

They had all been gone by the time she had gotten up today and Ron and Harry seemed to be doing their best to avoid looking at her since she arrived in class. She glanced back at them again and they were whispering and laughing, occasionally casting glances her way.

They were up to something. Veritaserum. No, there was no way they could get that. They would’ve had to steal it from Snape and they wouldn’t risk it. There had to be something else, something they could get more easily in the drinks last night. She began cleaning her supplies when she heard Snape dismiss the class. So they did something to the drinks, now the question is did she really tell them about…

“Hermione?” Harry approaching her table, Ron following closely behind, “Are you coming with us to Grimauld place for the summer?”

“Oh, uh, not sure,” Hermione stuttered, “I mean, I should probably go visit my parents and…why?”

She was reasonably sure she knew the answer. She had told them last night. Now how would she keep them from telling…?

“Well, you know Sirius will be there…” Ron laughed as the blush crept up Hermione’s face.

Hermione sat down in the chair, her face still reddening as both boys made their way from the class room. She had told them, and she had no doubt they would tell Sirius. She needed a way to stop them, something to make them think twice before saying anything. Of course all the others had heard too, but they didn’t know Sirius, never went to Grimauld Place, they weren’t nearly as much of a threat as Harry, Ron, and Ginny. There had to be something just as embarrassing she could hold over them. Something they wouldn’t want everyone to know. She would have to talk to Ginny. She doubted Ginny would say anything, after all she knew who Ginny’s crush was and she wouldn’t want anyone to know either.

Maybe that was the key to stopping the boys too. What had they said last night…? Who were their crushes?


“Ginny what did I say last night?” Hermione asked pulling the younger girl into an empty class room.

“What do you mean?” Ginny asked trying to hide her smile.

“I’m serious what did I say to the boys?”

“You played the game Hermione, you knew what it was,” Ginny answered.

“Right, but did I tell them, Ginny why were they making all those comments about Sirius at lunch?”

“Um well I…”

“Ginny what did they do to that firewhiskey?”

“They had some sort of potion, from Fred and George I think it makes people tell the truth,” Ginny said quickly, “I mean not like Veritaserum or anything but it kind of makes you want to tell the truth if you really try to stop yourself you can but…”

“But it was mixed in alcohol so, I wasn’t thinking all the clearly anyway,” Hermione frowned. “Are they going to tell Sirius?”

“Probably, they think it’s a great joke. They wanted you to play because they thought you would say one of them but…”

“I could just avoid going to Grimauld Place…ever.”

“You can’t avoid it, if it makes you feel any better they also know about me,” Ginny frowned, “I was too drunk to avoid saying it too.”

“Any idea how to stop them?” Hermione asked, “What did they say?”

“Nothing that will help. Nothing we didn’t know, Cho and Luna.”

“Okay so can’t use that, I suppose we could try to reason with them.” Hermione suggested.


“Boys you can’t say anything please, to either one of them,” Hermione begged.

“Oh come on, what’s the big deal?” Harry asked.

“It’s embarrassing,” Ginny groaned. “God don’t you remember how you felt when were around Cho. Imagine if she hadn’t liked you at all, if she thought you were just some kid or something.”

“You guys are making way too much out of this,” Ron insisted.

“No we aren’t,” Hermione replied. She had to make them understand.

“Cho and Luna do know though and it wasn’t that big of a deal once we told them,” Harry pointed out.

“Yeah, but there are age, it’s different. They’ll…God I’ll die if they find out,” both girls argued.

Harry leaned over and whispered to Ron. For several minutes they whispered back and forth obviously disagreeing about something.

“Okay we won’t say anything,” Harry finally said pulling away from Ron.

“Ron?” Hermione asked.

“Fine I agree.”
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