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Phoenix Risings: Necro-Gate

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Phoenixverse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: (Complete) Sequel to Phantasmal Terrian. With Buffy and Xander reunited, they now must face a new threat. A threat that takes place way beyond planet Earth. Final chapter up. (B/X, Sam/Daniel , Gabrielle/Joxer, Faith/Eric) Enjoy. R/R.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredJonathanFR181049,984048,7064 Mar 0427 Nov 04Yes

Chapter 10

Title: Phoenix Risings: Necro-Gate
Rating: PG-13/R
Chapter Number: 10
Author: White Werewolf
Category: Buffy/Xander, Eric/Faith, Sam/Daniel (Maybe), Gabrielle/Joxer
Spoilers/Timeframe: All I know for sure it is after "Becoming Part 2."
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the ideas and my computer.
Summery: After Buffy leaves Sunnydale, Xander decides to go looking for her. On the other side of the universe, Ninedinna wants the book she created...the Necronomicon Ex Mortis: the Book of the Dead.
Author Notes: This part is just a prologue to the Phoenix Risings Trilogy; which is in turn the starting fic to a huge series. This is the third part of the trilogy. It will be mainly focused on the Buffy/Xander relationship and it will be housing many crossovers.
Special Thanks: Danii, Tenhawk, Teri, Silent Bob Foley, and X-Lander

Crossovers Planned:
Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
Hercules: the Legendary Journeys
Evil Dead
Stargate SG-1
Xena: Warrior Princess
Boy Meets World

Cameo Crossovers will suddenly appear. Take a read, and see if you can spot one.

The people in the cabin looked as the doors flew open and in stormed a familiar brunette woman.

Jack's eyes widened at the person who entered the cabin. Looking back at the rest of the people in the cabin, he saw two Faith Williams.

"For crying out loud! There's two of you!"

Faith snarled, "Bitch!" She then aimed her chakram at her bad self and let loose.

Bad Faith watched the weapon whiz up to her as she easily snatched it with her free hand. "You don't stand a chance against me, Faith. I'm you. I'm just the super evil version of you." She then launched the weapon back at Faith and watched it whiz by.

Hercules's eyes widened as the weapon through the air. He launched himself forward and caught the weapon before it was too late.

Bad Faith snarled as he caught the chackram. She looked around the room and spotted something bright white by the corner of the cabin.

Inside the bright area was a man...her warrior. It had to be. "Get away from my warrior, you stupid blond!"

Gabrielle left her friend's side as she saw Bad Faith charging forward. The bard stood back to her feet and grabbed Bad Faith by the arm. "I don't think so." Gabrielle then threw Bad Faith to the other side of the cabin.

Soon Bad Faith felt cold steel against the back of her head, "As I told my bad self so many centuries ago. Good, bad, I'm the guy with gun! You leave my friends alone."

Bad Faith smiled wickedly as she lowered herself and quickly did a foot sweep causing Ash to fall on the floor. The bad version of the brunette slayer growled, "Obviously the spell didn't work if it brought that imbecile here. At least I got the Necronomicon!"

The others minus SG-1 started to charge at Bad Faith, but soon she chanted a spell under her breath, "Galaticus flojon numbus corius."

Eyes widened around the room as two objects poked through her skin. Soon, two wings emerged, jumping up into the air, with a powerful thrust; she crashed through the roof and flew into the night's sky.

"What the?" Jack asked in surprise.

"Right there with you, Sir."

Ash raised his shotgun again and aimed it through the hole the bad version of his niece made and shot twice. A spray of lead pellets missed the target.

"Shit! That bitch ruined my cabin!"

"C'mon, Ash. We got to stop her!"

Ash nodded as he saw Xander heading for the door, "Right behind you, Kid."

Jack watched the scene go into chaos as he shot a bullet from his handgun into the ceiling, "Somebody damn well tell us what the hell is going on!"

Gabrielle helped Joxer to his feet as Hercules spoke, "You just met Faith's bad self."

Daniel asked, "Bad self?"

Ash nodded, "Take it from me, Danny. Bad Faith isn't going to be easy to beat."


Jack looked at Teal'c, "Do you know what's going on, Murray?"

He said, "I do not comprehend what is going on."

Wesley said, "Colonel O'Neill, Captain Carter, Dr. Jackson, Mr. Jaffaman, what you just saw was the bad version of Faith here. Bad Faith came from the Necronomicon Ex Mortis: Book of the Dead."

Daniel's eyes widened, "The Necronomicon! You mean it actually exists!"

"What is this Necronomicon, Daniel?"

The archeologist answered, "It's an ancient Sumerian book, Sam. A book bound in human flesh if I'm not mistaken and inked in blood."

Jack nodded slowly, "Book of the dead?"

Ash asked, "You know about this book, Danny?"

"Ash, right?" The former promised one nodded, "Well, I've never studied it, but I've read about it. Supposedly, it's as Wesley put it, a book of the dead."

Faith spoke up, "All this is well and good, but my bad self is out there flying around. We got to take her down!"

Buffy agreed, "We will, Faith." She glanced at Sam, "Will you be willing to help?"

Jack said, "Hold on! How do we even take this Bad Faith down?"

Ash said simply, "A lot of firepower. It took a catapult and explosives to beat Bad Ash."

Hercules said, "I suggest we split into three groups and stop Bad Faith. We all had our training with guns recently. We'll capture her, get the Necronomicon out of her hands, and defeat her."

"Good idea, Kevin." Xander said. He looked at SG-1, "You willing to help?"

"What do you say, Sir? You have to admit, fighting this Bad Faith is an interesting ordeal."

Jack looked at Sam, "All I care about is stopping her before she kills someone."

"So how do we split ourselves up, Jack?" Daniel asked.

Gunn gave a twirl of his axe in his hand, "I can go get my crew if you want."

Hercules looked at the group of people in front of him, "I suggest that we do four groups then. Gunn and his crew will be one group. Buffy, Ash, Faith, Doyle, and Wesley will be another group. Colonel O'Neill, Captain Carter, Daniel, and Murray as group three. This leaves Xander, Gabrielle, Tim, and myself as the final group."

Jack said, "I think we should arrange the groups better, Kevin. If we're going to stop this Bad Faith, we're going to need well-balanced teams. It will only help in the long run."

"What do you suggest, O'Neill?"

The colonel said, "Well, Buffy and Faith are vampire slayers. They'll have the strength factor. Apparently Xander here knows his army information. Seems Ash has experienced this book before. Wesley and Daniel know about this Necronomicon, and we have the training, Murray."

Buffy added, "We better figure this out fast, Colonel. We don't even know what Bad Faith has planned."

Gunn questioned, "Does it matter? Just get the book and destroy her. Pretty easy answer "

Wesley nodded, "And let's not forget to read the spell correctly. Due to Ash's experiences with the book, we have to be extremely careful with it."

Hercules said, "Right. The only reason suggested these groups are because these are the people we are used to working with."

Xander added, "And we haven't that much time to work on battle strategies."

Jack nodded, "Fair enough. I suggest we meet back here at," he looked at his watch, "22 hundred hours."

Joxer asked, "22 hundred hours?"

Xander confirmed, "Army time. Meet back here at 10:00."

The warrior wanted to figure out the answer but quickly thought that Hercules and Xander would explain right after.


Faith landed in the middle of the forest.

With a grunt, "Why did that warrier have to be him? He's no threat!"

Soon a thunderclap was sounded as someone said, "Because you fucked up the spell!"

She turned around and spotted the who she thought it was.

"What do you mean I read it wrong, Uncle Ash?"

He glared at her, "Show me the spell you read."

Bad Faith opened the book and flipped to the certain page. She showed it to him. "It's this spell!"

Bad Ash looked at the spell, and read it silently not to read it aloud to cause it to happen again. "You twit!"


"You read the spell wrong! It's wrong.'"

She showed a confusing look, "It is?"

He hollered, "Yeah! It's galoutus cabatous nizo. It's not galoutus capatous nizo. You sent a warrior alright. But you sent a warrior to help them, not to distract them!"

"You mean..."

Bad Ash nodded, "Yeah. You brought that fool to help them, not to hurt them."


He grumbled, "Forget about the warrior spell now. Just bring the Hellmouth here. It's too late to get someone to distract them. The spell will make deadites and any demon come forward."

Ash placed his shotgun down on the couch as he walked over to a nearby trunk. Taking a key from his pocket, he opened the lock, followed by the lid.

Sticking his hand inside the chest he said, "After we left Pierce, he gave us some weapons to fight these deadites. I got something for everyone." He turned to the four army figures, "I already know you got your own weapons."

Jack walked up to the chest and looked inside, "You sure do have a lot of firepower, Ash."

He nodded, "You never went up a deadite before, Jack. As I said before, it takes a lot to take them down."

With that said, Ash started giving guns to the Scrappies. He turned to Buffy with a specific type of gun. The former promised one said to her, "Pierce said for me to give you this one."

Buffy took a deep breath and carefully took the gun out of his hand, "Thanks, Ash." She withdrew the weapon from his hand and looked at Xander who returned her gaze with a comforting smile.

That made her feel better.

He nodded, "Not a problem, Buffy."

Ash then returned to the chest and handed out the rest of the weapons.

Xander walked over to Buffy and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "You alright, Buff?"

Buffy looked down at the gun she held in her hand and nodded, "Yeah, Xan. I'll be okay. I just wish you would be in my group."

"Walk with me, Buff."

Together, the two walked to the other side of the room. The rest of the people were still with Ash. They didn't seem to notice.

"I know you'd like me to be with you, Buffy. But Kevin needs me. You need to start being your own person again."

"It's just so hard, Xander."

He pulled his arm away from her and grabbed her shoulders. Now they were looking into each others' eyes. "I know it's hard, Buffy. But you are a strong confident person. You need to be that again. I'll never leave you, Buffy. I don't plan to. But you have to start being yourself again."

She nodded, "I know."

He smiled and kissed her gently on the forehead, "I'm just going to be with Kevin, Tim, and Gabrielle."

The blond smiled and kissed him on the cheek, "Thank you."

Xander grinned, "Not a problem."


"Here you go, Tim. Be careful with this."

Joxer smiled as he took the weapon from Hercules, "You got me my sword?"

The demigod nodded, "Yeah. I'd thought you'd be more comfortable with it."

The warrior grinned, "Thanks, Kevin." He then gave the weapon a quick twirl of the wrist.

Hercules walked over to the coat rack and pulled out a familiar pair of weapons. He walked over to Gabrielle and gave them to her, "I believe these are yours?"

Her eyes widened and a smile crossed her lips. "Are those my sai?"

He nodded, "Yeah. After you disappeared, I kept them with me. I had your staff with me as well as Xena's chakram. Which by the way Faith is using now."

She showed a confused look, "Won't Xena mind?"

The demigod shook his head, "I don't think she'll mind. Faith's a vampire slayer. She's one of the only few people that can handle it anyway."

"What's the story with those two?"

Hercules and Gabrielle looked to the other side of the room and saw Buffy and Xander talking.

The actor said with a chuckle, "Those two are always together. Funny thing is, it's actually the story of you two."

The bard showed a confused look, "Story of us?"

Kevin's eyes widened as he realized what he just said. To correct himself, he said, "I don't think I should answer that. You two should figure it out on your own."

Gabrielle looked at the floor, "Oh." She turned to her friend, "What does he mean, 'story of us'?"

Joxer looked at Hercules, "Uh, Kevin. Can you give me a second?"

Hercules grinned, "I'll go see what Ash wants."

With that said, the demigod left the two friends.

Joxer immediately placed his hand on her shoulder, "Gabby. You know I love you, right? You know I really mean that, right?"

She thought back to the other night on how much he said to her and what he did say to her.

"I remember."

Joxer took a breath. She needed to hear this, which he knew. "Well, like you and I, Xander loves Buffy. But like you, Buffy only thinks of Xander as a friend. You do the same with me."

Her eyes soon started to glisten with tears.

The warrior placed his hands on her shoulders. "It's alright, Gabby. When you don't feel love, you don't feel love."

Joxer continued, "I love you, Gabrielle. You're my best friend."

She looked up at him, "I love you, too. You're my best friend too. And I don't think of you as just a friend anymore."

Her friend showed a confusing look, "You don't?"

The blond shook her head; "Things have been getting really confusing for me lately. When the colonel shot you, I lost it. I couldn't do this in this world without you. I do love you, Joxer. And I think there might be a time in the near future when we can start courting."

He grinned, "You serious?"

The blond nodded, "Yes, I am. That time on the other planet really made me think of my past. I know you love me. Because of your love, you broke Callisto's hold on me."

The warrior shook his head, "That was all you, Gabrielle."

She kissed him on the forehead, "I love you, Tim. Don't ever leave me."

He chuckled, "Don't plan too."



She looked up to see her watcher standing in front of her, "Hey, Wes."

He noted the hurt look in her eyes, "Don't worry, Faith. We'll stop your bad version."

She nodded, "That's not what I'm thinking about."

Wesley squatted down in front of her, "Then what's the problem."

The Slayer got up from her seat and looked at him, "You wouldn't understand." She then took a few steps away from him.

The Watcher got back to his feet and walked over to her, "I wouldn't understand what?"

Faith sighed, "Forget about it, Wesley."

He shook his head, "Faith, you are my slayer. It is my duty to make sure you are alright."

She turned around and glared at him, "You're duty? That's what I am to you?"

Taking a step back in surprise, "Of course not!"

The young woman said, "That's what you just said, Wesley. You said it was your duty to make sure I was alright."


She shook her head, "I don't want to talk to you right now, Wes."

With that said, she left for her room.

He said to himself, "Good show, Wesley. Good show indeed."

"Everybody ready?"

Wesley coughed, "Well...uh."

Ash looked at the people in the room and said, "One second." He then walked over to the Englishman and said with narrowed eyes, "What happened, Wesley?"

He smiled, "Faith is rather..."

The former promised one nodded, "Rather what?"

The Englishman said, "Rather in distress. She's in her room."

"I see," Ash said as he scratched his chin, "what did you say to her, Wesley?"

Wesley smiled weakly, "I told her it was my duty to make sure she was alight."

Ash lowered his face in and shook his head, "You may be Faith's watcher, Wesley and might love her. But you certainly don't know her that well."

He glared at him, "What do you mean I don't know her, Ash? She's the slayer, the chosen one."

Ash held his hand up trying to quite him down, "Stop right there. Yes, she is a slayer, Wesley. But she is also a girl, a girl that has a lot on her mind. Once you said duty..."

Wesley rolled his eyes, "I can't believe I said that, Ash."

The former promised one said, "Well, you did. She's obviously having a problem. Why don't you go see what's wrong. I'd go myself, but Faith needs to hear it from you. We'll wait for you to get back before we go."

The Watcher nodded, "This should only take a moment. Thank you, Ash."

He flashed a grin, "Just go, Wes. We don't have that much time to spare."

With that said, Wesley left to talk to Faith.


"What does he mean its his duty?" Faith said to herself in the mirror. "I am so not his duty!"

She pulled out a chair from her desk and sat down. Lowering her arms on her legs, she rested her forehead on her limbs. "I am not somebody's duty."

After a second of breathing, she added, "I am not a obligation."


Her head shot up after hearing the voice. Recognizing it right away, she said, "I'm not in the mood, Wes."

"Faith, can I talk to you?"


"Faith..." He said with pure sincerity.


He hit his hand on the door, "Faith, we need to talk."

Knowing that she would have to talk to him at some point, she got out of her seat. She shoved the chair back to its place and went to the door. Opening it, she said, "You got five minutes, Jeeves."

Disliking the nickname she gave him from a while ago, he knew he'd had to let it slide. He wanted to fix this problem.

"Five minutes is all I need."

She just stood there.

"Can I come in?"

Faith shrugged and opened the door further. Taking a step back, she said, "Sure."

The Slayer retreated to the bed and sat down. Wesley closed the door behind.

She looked at her watch, "Make that four minutes."

He nodded, "Right. First of all, Faith. I feel I must apologize."

She nodded, "Go on."

"Of course. I was wrong. You're well being is not my duty. It is my own concern for you."


Wesley took a deep breath, "And, it was wrong of me to you place you as an oblogation. I truly am sorry."

She smiled, "Good."

He grinned, "Good indeed."

"Now, that you realize that, let's go kick my ass!"

Wesley showed a confused look, "Your ass?"

Faith smirked, "Not my ass. Bad Faith's ass."

The Englishman nodded, "Right." He went to the door and opened it, "Shall we?"

Faith walked through the opening, and said, "Let's go."


"We are nearing Earth's atmosphere."

"Excellent. The Necronomicon will be mine again."


Ash saw his niece and her watcher enter the room. Realizing everything was set, he said, "Alright, guys. We've got no idea what Bad Faith has up her sleeve. But you can pretty much count on it being extremely difficult. As Jack said before, we meet back here at 10. The time is now 8:00 which means we've got two hours."

Jack said, "Kids, Ash is the only one that has faced this type of menace before. We must take her down beyond anything. Shoot to kill."

The former promised one took the chainsaw from its usual location and attached it to it's proper limb. "Deadites are extremely tough. Dismember if you have to."

He glanced at Gabrielle and Tim, "I recommend that you use one of my weapons."

Gabrielle shook her head, "Thanks, Ash, but I prefer my sai here. I'm used to them."

Joxer grinned, "And I never part from my sword. It's important to me."

He nodded, "Alright, then. Using those are only going to make things more difficult."

Hercules smiled, "Don't worry about them, Ash. Xander and I are with them."

Ash said, "Right." He looked at SG-1, "I assume you four know what your doing."

Sam said, "Don't worry about us, Ash. We'll be fine."

"Indeed." Was Teal'c's response.

The scarred man looked at Gunn, "You called your crew right?"

Gunn nodded, "They'll be here soon, Ash. These deadites are as good as dead."

"Excellent." The clerk looked at the two slayers, the watcher, and the demon/human hybrid, "And we're good to go."

He walked up to the door and opened it. He glanced at his friends, both new and old, "Tonight you face something that you never went up against. Vampires we've fought and won against. Same with demons and everything else. But tonight, we go against something that is new to you. Something truly old and powerful. The last time I went up against something like this was in 1300 AD. That was a long time ago, but I remember it just as if it was yesterday. We're going against the same thing. Except something far worse.

"You trained and you know all I can teach you. During this past week, we went to Pierce's firing range a few times and trained in our own way.

Taking a breath, he continued, "Let's give them hell!"


Ash turned back to the room and looked at the source
of the voice, "Yeah?"

Jack asked, "Do you have any walkie-talkies? So we
can keep in contact?"

The former promised one looked at his niece, "Faith,
go in the drawer and pull out three of them."

She nodded, "Sure thing, Uncle Ash." Faith did as she
was told and pulled them out. "Got them right here."

He smiled, "Good. Give one to Xander, one to Gunn,
keep one, and I assume Jack has one?"

The colonel nodded, "Yeah, I do. All we need is the
correct frequencies and we'll be able to call for
back-up if needed."

The youngest slayer handed them out. She tossed the
last one to her uncle, "Head's up."

The clerk caught it easily, "Groovy."

The four groups exchanged frequency numbers and headed
out for Bad Faith.


After seeing her uncle disappear, Bad Faith slammed
open the book and went to the marked spells. Reading
them carefully, she chanted, "Baruk atta morengo
kattabo hochimochi golonga."

As soon as she uttered the last word, the ground began
to shake signaling the hellmouth to move.

With a wicked grin, she flew up into the air and
recited the second spell, "Demoklaus bakas cyrox
frumgo wednax clactu varacta nikto."

Deadites started to raise from the ground as well as
hollard screams forcing the demons within her 20 mile

Placing the Necronomicon to her chest, she flew upto a
strong branch that was attached to a tree. She landed
successfully and looked in front of her to see the
carnage that was destined to come.

All of a sudden she heard a mighty cry of, "We shall
swallow your souls!"


"What are we looking for, Sir?"

Jack said, "Anything that isn't human and who wasn't
from the cabin, Carter. We shoot to kill."

Teal'c tightened his grasp on his zat. "I am ready,

The colonel smiled, "This is about to get interesting."

Suddenly the ground began to shake.

"Earthquake!" Daniel yelled.

Sam shook her head, "Don't think it's an earthquake,

The archeologist asked, "How can you be so sure?"

She started shooting a spray of bullets, "Because I
don't think that's human!"


"You guys ready?"

Bobby nodded, "Sure am, Gunn. How tough are these

Gunn answered, "According to Ash, pretty tough.
Tougher than vampires."

James said, "If it ain't human, it's dead to me."

Charles asked, "Is my sister alright?"

Rondell nodded, "She's with a friend. We didn't think
she could handle these deadites."

Gunn smiled, "Good. I can't lose her. Let's go kick
some ass!"

"I was hoping you'd say that. Of course, we're going
to kick your ass."

The ground began to shake.



Faith, Wesley, Doyle, and Buffy looked at their

"Are you sure, Ash?" Doyle asked.

He nodded, "I know they're sent by now." He pointed
in front of him, "A couple feet away. Be ready. This
is going to get messy."

Suddenly the ground began to shook, "That's how it
started last time," Ash said to himself, "It's now or

Buffy tightened her hold on the gun, (I can do this. I
have to.)


"What's a deadite supposed to look like, Hercules?"

Hercules shrugged, "I don't know, Gabrielle. But
hearing from Ash, we're looking for an almost zombie
looking creature."

Gabrielle looked at him confusingly, "Zombie looking

Xander said, "If it doesn't look like us, don't kill.
How well do you know your sai?"

The bard answered, "It's been a while, Xander."

"Definitely a long while." Joxer put in.

She said, "Too long. But I'm hoping I still

Hercules stated, "You should do okay with them,

The vampire gave one of her sai a twirl in her hand,
"It feels familiar to me. It should." She glanced at
her best friend, "you doing okay with that sword,

He nodded, "It feels like I never gave it up, Gabby."

She smiled, "That's good."

All of a sudden, Gabrielle dropped her sai and bent
over in pain. She grunted, "Not now. Not again."

Joxer looked at her with concern, "Gabby?"

The vampire shook her head, "It's Callisto. She's
trying to gain control again."

Hercules added, "Fight it, Gabrielle. You can do it."

The bard looked up to the eyes of Joxer. She could
see the concern those brown pupils were holding.
"Don't give in to her, Gabrielle."

"What do you think is happening, Hercules?" Xander

The demigod shook his head, "I don't know, Xander."

"Fight her, Gabby."

Gabrielle concentrated on the pain. She could feel
Callisto fighting her way back, but Gabrielle didn't
want to go back to being dormant. The blond finally
had control over her body, she didn't want to lose it.
Not again.

Then she saw Joxer with such concern and love.

"We shall swallow your soul!"

She started shooting a spray of bullets, "Because I
don't think that's human!"

SG-1's eyes widened as they saw something that they never saw before. All they ever knew were the goa'uld among other aliens. And just recently vampires, but they never saw what was before them.

"We shall swallow your soul!"

Jack raised his arm and his hand tightened on the trigger of the MP5. Launching a spray of bullets, his eyes narrowed at the demonic creatures in front of him. "You know what, I don't think so. I'm kinda attached to my soul. Thank you very much."

"We shall swallow your soul!"

The skin of the creatures started to tear open as the bullets whizzed by through the air. Their bodies burst open as SG-1's ammo rocketed into the woods.

"You shall never possess the Necronomicon!"

"Possess this." Jack said as he continued shooting.


"Dead by dawn!"

"Dead by dawn!"

"Dead by dawn!"

"I didn't hear them correctly, Gunn. Did they say 'Dead by dawn!?"

Gunn flung his axe forward watching the blade smash through one of the deadites' forehead, "Believe so, Bobby. Let's kill these guys, huh?"

"Dead by dawn!"

"Shut the fuck up!" James yelled as he crossed his tightened fist across one of the deadite's cheeks.

The deadite intercepted the attack and retaliated with a firm roundhouse. "We shall swallow your soul." It then came back with a back kick.

"Can't you say anything original?"

The deadites chorused with, "Dead by dawn!"

Gunn shook his head in disappointment as he yanked his axe from the deadite's forehead and back swung his arm decapitating another deadite's head. "At least now you can't say anything!"

"Dead by dawn!"

"Damn," Gunn grunted. "I forgot there were more of you."

"A little help here, bro."

Gunn, Bobby, and James turned their heads as their friends were trying their best to fight these deadites.

"You hit them hi, and we'll hit them low." Bobby said.

One of the crew said, "I don't care where you hit them, Bobby. Just help us."


"And they're not alone!"

Buffy, Faith, and Wesley looked to where the demon/human hybrid was pointing. "That's rather odd."

Ash looked at Faith's watcher, "What is?"

The Englishman said, "It appears demons and deadites are working together. They never had in the past."

The former promised one revved up his chainsaw, "Well, I fuckin don't care, Wes. Demons and deadites are the same to me."

The five of them looked around as what appeared to be a dozen deadites and six demons charged toward them.

Puddles of mud splashed as the feet from their opponents came forward. "You're too late," one of the demons said, "we already have the book."

Faith's hand immediately grabbed her chakram and let it soar through the air and zip by three deadites-cutting through them as if they were made of tissue paper. "Damn." Faith said to herself, "this chakram kicks ass!"


"Isn't this the pretty picture?" A demon said as it approached his victim. "The Slayer is shaking like a leaf."

Buffy tried to control her hand with the gun, but it was still difficult.

The demon smiled malevolently as he circled around her, "You're friends are fighting off the deadites, and the vampire slayer from Sunnydale can't even hold up a gun."

Feeling the fear boil in her body, she watched in terror as the demon came up to her. Her free hand went to her side for the stake, but it wasn't there. Buffy's two hazel eyes quickly scanned her surroundings-spotting the stake on the ground a few feet in front of her.

The demon chuckled to himself, "The Slayer's stake is on the ground, what's a blond girl to do?"

Fear continued to torture her body. She wanted her stake, she wanted her weapon that she knew all too well, her weapon that she mastered within the past few years.

She needed help, her eyes scurried through the scenery. Ash, Faith, Wesley, and Doyle were all a little busy.

Xander wasn't there either. He was off with Kevin, Tim, and Gabrielle.

"The Slayer is all alone, so scared, so shaken."

Xander's words ran through her mind, 'I know it's hard, Buffy. But you are a strong confident person. You need to be that again. I'll never leave you, Buffy. I don't plan to. But you have to be yourself again.'

Her mind suddenly centered on his last few words to her, 'But you have to be yourself again.'

With a smile, Buffy tightened her grip on the gun.

"You're scared, aren't you?"

Her eyes brightened at that moment, "Not anymore."


Then she saw Joxer with such concern and love.

"We shall swallow your soul!"

Gabrielle looked at her friend, and smiled. She turned to whatever was saying the last statement. "My soul isn't for swallowing! It's already been swallowed for way too long."

Joxer's eyes widened as he watched his beloved shake free of her torture. Gabrielle launched herself forward with her sai aimed high. "You get them, Gabby!"

Suddenly he was knocked to the ground as two of their opened hit him.

"You shall never possess the Necronomicon!" One of them said.

"Leave my friend alone." Joxer heard Hercules say as the demigod yanked the two of them off of him.

The warrior smiled, "Thanks, Hercules." Joxer said as he got to his feet, "Although, they would never have beaten Joxer the Mighty!"

Soon, three more deadites attacked him, "This will be easy." He took his sword and attempted to knock the creatures off of him. But his sword was knocked out of the warrior's hand as one of the deadites yanked it free.

Suddenly, he heard three loud bangs. Joxer looked at his opponents as they fell on top of them. He shoved them off of his body and stood back to his feet, "Of course you got the upper hand for a while, I have been asleep for 5,000 years." He then ran to help Hercules, "Have no fear, Joxer the Mighty is here!"

Joxer failed to notice Xander standing by with a gun in his hands.

All of a sudden, Xander heard Gabrielle shout, "Joxer!"

Bullets tore through the air at rapid speeds. All of them were aimed at the lifeless creatures in front of the eyes of SG-1.

"These guys keep on coming, Sir." Carter said as she continued her onslaught of buckshot.

Teal'c nodded as he shot his zat. "You are correct, Captain Carter. They seem to raising from the ground."

Daniel shook his head in shock, "It seems that these deadites, Jack are a lot like zombies."

The colonel sighed, "Great. Not only vampires and werewolves exist, zombies do too."

The archeologist added, "Among other creatures."


Jack looked at his friend, "Yeah, Teal'c?"

The Jaffa suggested, "Perhaps we should contact one of the other groups for assistance?"

O'Niell stated, "Good call, Teal'c. Radio Ash's team."

With that said, Danielle took his walkie-talkie and said to his friends, "I'm on it."

"Meanwhile, let's take what we can down."

"We shall swallow your souls!"

Jack smirked, "I don't think so."


Gunn and his side of friends ran to where the other half of his team was. The self-proclaimed mail slayer launched his axe forward until it tore into a deadite's chest.

Bobby smiled, "Look, Gunn. It takes a lickin, and keeps on tickin."

He shook his head, "That was lame, Bobby."

Bobby shrugged, "I've been talking to Xander."

Charles gave his axe another thrust and decapitated the deadite's head, "That explains a lot."

James slashed his opponent with his sword followed by one long hook at the end. He smiled at his accomplishment. "This deadite will always know that I was the one who took him down."

Chain looked at him, "How can you be so sure?"

"I cut the letter 'J' into his chest, Chain."

Gunn sighed, "Stop acting like Zorro. C'mon, we got deadite to destroy."

"Dead by dawn!"

"Dead by dawn!"

"Dead by dawn!"

"Dammit." Gunn said again. "These guys are still just as annoying as before."

"Dead by dawn!"

"Shut the fuck up!"


Ash cut through one of the deadite with ease. The teeth of the blade rapidly span around as the sharp edges tore through the decaying flesh across the neck. "Ooh, that's gotta hurt."

The deadite tried to speak.

He glared at his opponent, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. 'We swollow your souls!' Looks like you'll have a hard time swallowing now." He then chuckled a little to himself.

As soon as the blade tore through the neck, Ash brought the chainsaw back and cut through the torso of the undead creature. "It slices, it dices, and it makes julienne fries."

The former promised one than cut through more of the deadite. From one arm, to the right leg, left leg, finally the other arm fell off.

Shoving the remaining body pieces from the blade, Ash glared at the upcoming deadites and demons. "Who's next?"


Doyle and Faith were back to back while a total of six demons circled around them. "This hardly seems fair, doesn't it, Lass?"

Faith brought the chakram closer to her face. "Yeah, it sure does, D." With a quick thrust, the weapon soared from her hand to the nearest demon. After making a quick cut, the chakram rebounded and continuously cut into three more of the said demons.

"You certainly are getting better with that thing."

The brunette nodded, "Damn straight, Doyle."

The human/demon hybrid swung his sword diagonally forcing the blade to run from the right shoulder to the left side of the demon's torso. The two parts of the demons collapsed onto the ground.

Faith cleaned off the demon guts from her weapon as she looked up into the sky. "Now, where's the fuck is my counterpart?"


Buffy launched out a spray of bullets. Each piece of ammunition impacted the demon with rapid flare. Drops of green blood started to squirt out of the newly formed wounds.

"What? No taunt from the big scary demon?"

Her eyes glared at her foe when she quickly did a roundhouse forcing the demon to fall to the ground.

"C'mon. You thought I was this helpless little girl. Didn't you?"

Again, the demon said nothing.

She shrugged not waiting for an answer. With her gun aimed at the demon's left temple, she felt the bullet expload within the barrol as it left the gun and tore through the skin, followed by the skull of the demon.

"Nicely done, Buffy."

The blond looked up from her kill to the watcher that was standing a few feet away from her.

"Thanks, Wes."

"Anytime, Buffy. Anytime. Now, as I believe it. Ash received a radio signal from Daniel Jackson. We're on our way to help."

Buffy nodded as she picked up the stake from the ground that was laying beside Wesley. "Lead the way, Wesley."


Xander watched as the vampire ran toward her fallen friend. "What happened?"

Joxer was on the ground rolling side to side. He held his left leg tightly in his grasp. "By the gods!"

Gabrielle went to inspect him, "You okay?"

As Joxer started to pull himself into a sitting position and glance at his beloved, two deadites came charging forward. With a wild grin, Joxer said, "I can handle these guys, Gabby."

Just as she was about to respond, Hercules grabbed the two of the undead creatures and forced them forward. He heard a loud noise as the two deadites banged together on their foreheads.

"You have to be careful, Joxer," the demigod said as he released his opponents.

Joxer said with pride, "I'm always careful, Herc." He glanced at Gabrielle, "aren't I?"

She smiled weakly, "You really need to train more, Joxer."

Xander looked up into the nightsky and saw something flying. Under the moon's light, he could make out who he thought it was. Remembering his army knowledge, he aimed his gun, tightened his aim, and pressed the trigger.

A bullet exploded within the weapon as it launched itself out of the barrel and flew recklessly through the air.

His eyes widened as the bullet, followed by numerous others, hit the target.


"What happened, Xander?"

Xander, Hercules, Joxer, and Gabrielle looked up into the night sky when they saw something falling at incredible speeds.

"I think I nailed that thing, Herc."

The demigod nodded as he saw the target hitting the ground. "We better see what happened."

The four of them ran towards the target-the whole time slashing through deadites and demons along the way.

Just as they were about to reach their destination. The creature that landed leapt onto the boy. "You fuckin' son of a bitch! You ruined my wing!"

Gabrielle launched her sai into the demon's back. Both weapons breaking the joint between body and wing. "Like to see you fly now."

The demon tried to fly back into the sky, but found it to be hard with her wings broken. Landing back to her feet, she glared at the boy that shot her and screamed a mighty sound. "Arrrghhhhhhh!"

Xander immediately covered his ears with his hands, allowing the guns to fall out of his hands. He bent down as if he was in pain, which he was. He felt like he was getting a migraine.

All of a sudden there was silence. Xander looked back at the demon and saw Gabrielle standing over the injured demon. Her body twisting back to a normal fighting stance. "You're a sad excuse for a siren, you know that." The demon was in a kneeling posting from a roundhouse that the vampire shot.

Xander used the opportunity to gather his guns and approach the still out-of-breath demon. He walked up to the demon, and smirked. "Hasta la vista, baby." The teenager then shot a spray of bullets into the demon's forehead.

"What language was that?" Joxer asked his new friend.

Hercules spoke up, "That would be Spanish." He then shrugged, "For the most part that is. Xander just used a reference to a movie called, Terminator."

The warrior showed a confused look, "Movie?"

Xander shook his head, "Later, Tim. We better head back to the others. I'll radio Buffy to see if she needs help."

The four of them started to through the woods. "Joxer?"

The Greecian turned to the demigod. "Yeah, Herc?"

"We need to give you some training, and fast. If you want to survive in this time period, you're going to need to learn to handle yourself better."

He scowled, "I don't need training."

The vampire nodded, "Yes, you do. But, Hercules, Xander, and I are going to help you through it."


"Damn it!"

Gunn looked to his friend, "What's up, Bobby?"

Bobby growled as he decapitated a deadite. "These things are easy to kill, but there too damn many of them!"

The leader said, "We just have to keep on fighting until we hear otherwise, bro."

James successfully dragged his foot across one of his opponents. "We're this Bad Faith anyway?"


"I see someone, O'Neill."

Jack looked at the alien, "What do you see, Teal'c?"

The Jaffa said as he let out two discharges from his zat, "I believe our reinforcements have arrived, O'Neill."

Sam hollered, "It's Buffy, Sir. She and her friends are here."

"Colonel O'Neill, we came as fast as we could. What's the situation?"

Jack glared at the source of the comment, "Harris, we're knee deep in deadites."

Ash growled, "I see that, Jack." He revved up his chainsaw, "And we're here to destroy these guys."

With that said, SG-1's new friends charged forward to get near them, with weapons held in the air.

"We shall swallow your souls!"

"We shall swallow your souls!"

A new wave of deadites came from the east. They appeared to be chasing some people.


Hercules looked to the east, "It's Gunn. Need a hand?"

James said, "Definitely."

What seemed to be nearly three dozen demons and deadites disbursed. Some went towards SG-1, some went toward the Scrappies, and the rest went for Gunn's crew.

"This is so not what I need." Buffy said under her breath, but smiled when she saw Xander releasing a real of buckshot. "But I can use the workout."


Ash took his free hand, balled it into a fist, and shot an uppercut to one of the deadites. It soured into the air a few inches, and the former promised one spun around and felt the teeth of the blade tear into the undead skin as Ash did a full circle.

He came to a halt when he saw Faith's chakram come whizzing by. Ash watched in awe as the weapon rebounded against necks of demons, decapitating them with ease. When the chakram came back to his niece, he said with a grin. "Come get some."

The deadites soon came forward, forming a circle around Faith, him, and Buffy. The three of them soon touched back-to-back. "I'll watch your back, if you watch mine." Faith said to her uncle and friend.

"That sounds like a plan." The blond slayer said to them as they started to cycle.

"Dead by dawn!"

"Dead by dawn!"

Buffy took her gun and stared at one deadite. Narrowing her eye, she aimed the weapon, and placed pressure on the trigger. Still feeling the fear of the gun, she shook it off easily when she saw Xande not that far away. Pressing the trigger, bullets shot out of the barrel and she moved her gun down the line-killing four deadites in a row.

"Nice move, B."

The eldest slayer nodded, "Thanks, Faith. Not bad on that chakram of yours."

"This baby kicks so much ass, B." She then placed it at her hip, "but sometimes hand-to-hand contact is better."

"I still prefer my chainsaw." Ash said as he cut through a demon, lengthwise-from the top of the head, to the bottom of the crotch.

Buffy placed her gun back into her holster, grabbed her stake and said, "I'm with you, Faith."

With that said, the two slayers sprang into action as they headed towards the deadites.

Ash said, "If you two go that way, I'll go the other."


"Can you do me a favor, Kevin?"

Hercules looked at Xander as he decked a demon across its face. "A little busy, Xander."

Xander said, "I'm just wondering if you can do something. You saying is probably the closest way I'll actually get to someone real saying it."

The actor shrugged, "What do you want me to say?"

"Have you read Fantastic Four?"

He showed a confused look, "Fantastic Four?"

Xander sighed, "Just clobber two deadites together and say this line." He then whispered it to the demigod.

Hercules said, "Sure." The son of Zeus then walked toward two deadites, grabbed them by the back of their heads and smashed them together, "It's clobbering time!"

Xander couldn't help but smile, "That was awesome!"


"Sir, look up there!"

Jack looked up, "What is it, Carter?"

Jack's eyes widened, "It's the damn bitch!"

"Who?" Daniel Jackson asked.

Faith glared up into the sky as she saw her counterpart soaring by. With heated breath, she yelled, "This ends now!" The younger slayer grabbed her chakram and let loose. The weapon whizzed into the air, but Bad Faith caught it.

She flew down at her other self. Holding the Necronomicon within her arm, the bad version of the slayer landed on Faith. Her feet crushing down on Faith's shoulders. "You foolish, Bitch!"

Faith collapsed on the ground, and stared at her opponent as she said, "I'm you, remember? I'm just the stronger version!"

A chucking sound could be heard as the two Faiths turned their heads to the source of the sound.

"Sronger, yes. Smarter? I don't think so."

Bad Faith then flew off Faith and hit the ground a few feet back. She looked up and saw Kevin Sorbo helping Faith to her feet.

"Now, be a good whatever you are, and give back the Necronomicon."

She gritted her teeth, "I don't think so, Sorbo."

"You better do what he says." Joxer said.

She smirked, "And that's because why?"

Xander let out a round of buckshot from his gun as he targeted the big bad. "Because you're not facing Kevin and Faith alone."

Bad Faith snarled at Xander as his ammunition hit her. She leapt forward and charged him when she suddenly fell to the ground. She looked up to see Buffy standing by her.

"And that slayer never has to be alone. Neither does this one."

Bad Faith got back to her feet as the rest of Scrappies, SG-1, Gunn, and his crew shot their weapons at Bad Faith.

She flipped open the book to a destined spell when her hand was cut off.

Bad Faith looked up to see Ash's chainsaw ripping through her skin. "No Necronomicon for you. Forever."

As the book fell to the ground, Ash cut her other hand off while the Scrappies , SG-1, and a few members of Gunn's crew shot Bad Faith.

They stopped when Bad Faith's body fell to the ground with a thud.

With Bad Faith gone, the deadites and demons disbursed. The deadites fell to the ground and disintegrated. The demons walked away to their own matters.

"Well, I guess that's why the demons and deadites were working together." Wesley said.

"How so?" Gabrielle asked, "and why wasn't I part of the battle?"

Danielle spoke up, "Well according to what I learned about the Necronomicon, Gabrielle, Bad Faith was the source behind all of this. With her dead, everything she cast nullified. As for you not fighting, I suppose it's because of your soul."

Gabrielle asked herself, "My soul?"

Xander nodded, "It makes sense, Gabrielle. With your soul intact, you were able to fight off Bad Faith's spell. That would explain why you were having trouble back there."

She nodded. "I understand now."

"Good." Ash said with certainty.

"So what do we do now?" Joxer asked.

"Well, Buffy, Ash, Wesley, Faith, and I head back to Sunnydale. Thanks for all your help, guys."

Hercules walked over to Xander and grabbed his forearm. "Don't be a stranger, Xander."

He smiled, "Don't plan to."

Jack said, "And my team has to go back to Colorado. It was nice meeting you all."

No one failed to notice Faith picking up the Necronomicon. "What do we do with this book now?"

Hercules said to her, "I think I can find the perfect place for it."

Just as Hercules was about to take it, a blueish light appeared. When it dissipated, a woman who was covered in gold jewelry walked out. Her eyes flashed silver when she saw the book. "That book is mine."

She then walked over to Faith and grabbed her-placing the slayer close to her body.

"Get away from her!" Hercules said as approached the unknown woman.

She held out her hand, and light came out. A sudden blast shot from her palm and sent the Scrappies, SG-1, and Gunn and his crew back. "I don't have time for this."

With that said, she closed her eyes, and Faith, the Necronomicon, and the mysterious woman disappeared.

"Here we go again." Xander said to himself.

TBC-To Be Concluded in...

Phoenix Risings: Necro-Gate: Part 2.---The last of the Phoenix Risings Trilogy.

Now, you can find Phoenix Risings, Phantasmal Terrain, and Necro-Gate: Part 1 at



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