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Summary: Sequel to Metro. Faith’s adventures in Kansas continue. *Complete*

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Title: Cosmo 0 Prologue

Author: renelf

Summary: Faith’s adventures in Kansas continue.

Pairings: Faith/Wes, Chloe/Lex mentions Buffy/Angel.

Rating: 15 (For some swearing and references to femslash).

Disclaimer: Neither Buffy nor Smallville belong to me. All kudos to Joss Whedon and DC Comics.

Feedback: Always appreciated.

Spoilers: Buffy through Tabula Rasa, Angel through Heartthrob, Smallville through Vortex (with some random refs to other eps).

Author’s Note: Here it is…the not-very-long-awaited sequel to Metro.


“Wesley!” Cordelia’s voice echoed around the lobby of the Hyperion Hotel and floated up the stairs.

“Yes?” asked the Watcher, popping up from behind the counter.

Cordelia jumped. “What were you doing down there?”

Holding up a shiny axe Wes replied, “cleaning weapons.” He quirked an eyebrow at her. “Did you want something?”

Cordy nodded and scowled. “It’s been less than a week since you got back from Metropolis and, in that time, the sheer volume of the emails you have received from a certain Slayer have crashed my computer...twice.”

Trying to contain a blush, Wesley stammered out an explanation. “Training techniques, new weapons and tactics etcetera.”

Smiling slightly the Seer began to calmly read out an email from Faith to Wesley. The Watcher’s blush deepened. Seeing that she had made her point, Cordy stopped reading and said, “There’s a lot in here about technique and a little about equipment but it’s not quite…” She was cut off by the phone. “Angel Investigations. We help the hopeless.” She paused. “Yes, Angel is here. May I ask who is calling?”

“What is it?” asked Wes as Cordelia turned white as a sheet.

She calmly put her hand over the mouthpiece and asked Wesley to fetch Angel. Then she fainted.


“C’mon Wes, answer the damn phone!” After getting nothing but an engaged signal, Lois slammed down the phone in frustration. Faith had been catatonic for more than two hours. The reporter knew that her roommate’s dreams were intense but she’d never seen anything quite like this. Usually Faith would cry out or whimper. Once she had given Lois a black eye, thrashing about in her sleep. This time was different. Faith had woken Lois with her cries. She had been clawing at the air in front of her face then she had simply stopped. Eyes wide open she had been lying there, not responding, for hours. They had classes this afternoon and Faith had to be there. Nothing upset Faith’s parole officer as much as non-attendance.

Giving up on the phone, Lois pulled out her computer and sent Wesley an instant message. If Faith’s condition was related to something happening in California, he might know what it was and what to do about it.


Several hours later Cordy was lying on one of the couches in the lobby, drinking a glass of water. Wesley was pacing up and down.

“Will you stop that!” said Cordelia finally, irritated by his pacing. “It was a shock at first but we’ll deal.”

“Oh yes,” replied Wesley. “We’ll cope but will Angel? He’s gone racing off to the middle of the desert to meet…”

“The love of his life? The girl who caused him to lose his soul? The amazing resurrecting girl?” supplied Cordelia helpfully. “Speaking of love, I believe that someone has an instant message.”

Wesley rushed over to the computer. “I have to go.” And, pausing only to grab his coat, he rushed out the door, passing Gunn who was on his way in.

“What’s up?” he asked Cordy.

She shrugged.


Faith looked down at her hands. The nails were broken and bloody but her hands were clean. She remembered the ministrations of a blond man. She knew him but…not. Now she was here, standing in the desert. She’d been here before, at night, with a fire and visions. But now she was standing under a rocky outcrop, in absolute shade.

There was a sound of tyres on the sand and she turned, her blonde hair fluttering in front of her eyes. It was longer than she remembered. So it’s true, she thought idly, hair does continue to grow after death. The car parked in the shade and a man got out. “Angel,” she whispered. They embraced.

Then Faith woke up.

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