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Albino on the Hellmouth

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Summary: What if Xander dressed as a scifi character during Ethan's halloween spell?

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Literature > Sci-Fi > Perry Rhodan SeriesmalaskorFR1325,701063,4053 Apr 043 Apr 04Yes


Title: Albino on the Hellmouth

Author: Malaskor

Feedback: Yes. Please. It is the coin of the realm

Story-type: Halloween, Crossover

Disclaimer: All characters used don't belong to me but to their respective owners, namely J. Whedon, UPN/FOX/Warner for the TV part (i.e. Buffy-characters) and for the book part it is Pabel-Moewig Verlag KG and the various authors that wrote and write for them (Perry Rhodan novels)

Rating: 11

Author's notes: I just had to try my hand at a Halloween fic when this plot bunny ambushed me and didn't let me do anything else. On top of it, it is a must for a Xander author to write at least one and I can't get enough of reading them, so here is my try. I know not many here will know the crossover but I'll try to keep it all simple and yet detailed enough for all to understand. For those in the know the character I chose will be from the 4th cycle timeline wise (i.e. around 2320-40 AD)
For those English speakers wanting more information I can recommend going to either of these sites: or or

Notes the second:
Speech = "…."
Thoughts = *…*
Mental conversation = #...#
Telepathy = +…+


The next morning Xander woke up feeling as if he had run a marathon after going ten rounds with Buffy in a sparring match.

+Muahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good morning.+

Xander looked around in confusion for the laughter's source but no one else was in the room.

"Who is that? Come out, that isn't funny."

+Oh I dare to disagree. As t who I am, I have been called a lot of things, but you may call me IT – it is the name you are most familiar with after all.+ The voice in his head answered only to burst into a new bout of laughter when Xander's face took on a shocked expression.

+I hope you like my little presents to you. Atlan's mind has quite a bit to teach to you, use it well. Oh and don't lose the cell activator, while it doesn't stop your ageing completely at the moment it has already calibrated itself to your cell harmonies. You will need it if you want to help humanity prove its worth like Rhodan's does. Yours too, has 20,000 years time to achieve that…Farewell, maybe I'll visit again – this is really a fun place…+ With a final bout of laughter IT's presence vanished from Xander's mind.

"Shit!" exclaimed Xander when his mind started to see the implications of this message.

Quickly he dressed for the day, stuffed the costume into his backpack and grabbed a few stale donuts from the kitchen as he ran out of the house. His steps brought him on the shortest way to the high school. He hastened through the empty corridors until he burst through the library's doors, yelling for Giles.

"Giles, Giles, we have a problem!"

Sighing Giles put his tea aside and left his office, "And what is that important problem Xander?"

"Well you know, when you stopped that spell yesterday it was supposed that all should turn back to normal?"

"Yes and as far as I know all did."

"Not completely, I'm afraid. You see, it seems as if I kept the memories of my costume and parts of it didn't turn back to replicas either…" #You changed back even less completely than you think now, fool.# "… And it seems as if I kept another characteristic of my character." Xander added as soon as he heard that sarcastic voice in his head.

"Maybe you should explain one thin after the other; what about the costume parts that didn't change back?"

"Where should I begin.. oh yes I'll start small. Firstly there would be this vibro-knife, the knife is so hard and the blade vibrates at such a high speed when turned on that it should cut through every material currently known, then there is the combi gun, it has three fire modes, thermic blaster, paralysator and disintegrator or to make it simple fire gun, stun gun and dissolve gun. But the biggest thing is this one," Xander said taking the cell activator out from under his shirt. "This is a cell activator, it is supposed to make me immune to all diseases, poisons and to stop my aging – in short I'm relatively immortal, as long as I'm not killed by an outside force or loose it I can potentially live forever."

During Xander's explanation Giles had taken off his glasses and stared polishing them furiously. When Xander was finished Giles heavily sat back into his chair. In a wary voice he asked, "And what were the other changes you were talking of?"

"I remember everything Atlan did, well everything up to 2343, but still that is over 10000 years of knowledge. And it seems as if I also got his photographic memory and the 'extra brain' as it is called."

"Extra brain? What is that? You have another brain somewhere in your body?"

"No, no, it is just a name for a… well for a sector of the brain that is usually not used that can be activated in some persons. It is a combination of a great 6th sense and cold logic and enormous sarcasm against me. I'm still not sure how I could have kept that, in the books it was always restricted to special Arkonides, never humans."

"I see," Giles replied, though his voice showed that he didn't, at least not completely.

After a bit Xander asked with some trepidation, "Does that mean that I'm no longer human?"

"I wouldn't say that. You are most definitely still a human, just with a little bit more added to the package, just like Buffy is still human despite being the Slayer."

"Good," Xander said with conviction as a heavy weight fell off his heart that he hadn't noticed before hi question.

"Now while I can understand that all that is a lot of confusion and baggage you now have to carry with you, what is the problem with that?"

"Oh damn, I can't believe that I nearly forgot that," Xander replied with a chuckle as he realized the irony in that statement, now that he had a photographic memory. "This morning another character of the books visited me, or better said IT visited my mind."


"Yes, IT. That's his, her, its name. No one really knows what gender to apply. IT is the collective of several billion people that gave up their body to advance to the next level of evolution, a so called Superintelligence. Anyway, IT visited me this morning and said that humanity had 20,000 years to prove its worth and if I wanted to help, I better not loose that cell activator That's the problem I meant when I came here."

"Oh boy," Giles said, for once at his wisdom's end. "Well, I guess we will have to do some more research."

"Great, more work," Xander commented with a definite lack of enthusiasm.

At that moment loud laughter filled the room. +MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!+

The End

TBC? Maybe – in another story if my muse comes up with a decent plot…

The End

You have reached the end of "Albino on the Hellmouth". This story is complete.

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