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Amas Veritas

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Summary: Connor doesn't know a bit of magic made him enroll in his Alternative Religions class, and he's about to meet something he always wished for that's been wishing for him as well.(Ats/Practical Magic xover)(20 minute Connor challenge)

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title: Amas Veritas
author: echo
rating: 11
summary: Connor doesn't know a bit of magic made him enroll in his Alternative Religions class, and he's about to meet something he always wished for that's been wishing for him as well.
spoilers: Season 4 of AtS.
disclaimer: The AtS characters belong to Joss Whedon. The Practical Magic characters belong to Alice Hoffman.
challenge: 20 minute Connor
pairing: Kylie/Connor
crossing: AtS/Practical Magic
note: Amas Veritas is the name of the spell Sally did as a child so that she would never fall in love.


He will need me and not even know it.

He will be taller than I am.

He will have strong arms.

His favorite color will be blue.

He will dance very well.

He will like singing along to musicals.

He will think I am funny.

He will be unique.


Connor shuffled towards his last class of the day. Alternative Religions. He'd never know what possessed him to take a class that dealt in wicca. His mom and dad would freak out. They didn't believe in any religion that did not acknowledge Jesus Christ as the savior.

He saw her then. Redhead. Blue sundress, blue flip-flops, mint green sweater tied about her waist, huge blue green and black paisley carpet bag thrown across her shoulder with her books sticking out of it, talking on a cell phone. As he walked past her, he noticed that a silver pentacle hung around her neck. She smiled at him as they made eye contact.

Her eyes were so blue. He loved the color blue. It seemed so soothing to him. He also noticed that there were two braids dropped on either side of her head while the rest hung loose. It gave her this earthy quality somehow.

He overheard a bit of her conversation.

"Toni, don't worry about it." She giggled into her cell.

Connor noticed her fingernails were painted blue as he slid to the floor across the hall from where the class would be. He'd gotten out of his American Lit class early. Connor checked his watch. It was still twenty minutes until the last set of classes were to let out.

"Toni, seriously don't worry. Just explain to Aunt Gilly what happened. I'm sure she won't hold it against you. Not for long anyhow. Mom said she was a horrible driver when she first got her license too. I'm sure Aunt Gillian will be mad, but she loves you. Like I do. She'll forgive you. If not, just sic Gary on her." Her eyes darted to Connor. She smiled again. "Look, Antonia, I love you, but I gotta go. I'm low on minutes, and I still have one more class to go today. Give my love to Mom and Gary. Kiss Aunt Gilly for me, and tell Aunt Jet and Aunt Frannie that I've been working on it."

There was a pause. Then the girl laughed. Connor grinned. It was a very pretty laugh. He'd never thought of laughter as beautiful before, but this was.

"I love you, too. Bye, sis." She flipped her phone closed and stuck it in her bag.

Then she looked right at him.


"Uh... hi." Were his palms suddenly sweating?

She walked over and thrust her hand down at him. "Kylie Owens."

"Connor Montgomery." He slipped his much larger hand into her much more delicate one.

Kylie cocked her head to the side. "You sure?"


"Montgomery? Are you sure that's your last name?"

Connor pulled his hand away and snapped. "Yes."

Kylie shrugged and slipped to the carpeted floor next to him. "I didn't mean to upset you. I just get a different feeling from you. A 'not Montgomery' feeling."

Connor chuckled a bit and changed the subject. "So are you taking this class? Alternative Religions?"

"Sure. You?"


"We should sit together."

"We should. You can be my study buddy."

Kylie snorted. "What makes you think that I know any more about this stuff than you do?"

Connor took a finger and flicked her pentacle. "Oh, I don't know."

"Fine, so I'm a witchy woman."

Connor chuckled. "So what do you say to us going and getting a cup of coffee-"

"I don't drink coffee."

"OR TEA.... after class?"

"I say... absolutely."

Connor smiled.



The End

You have reached the end of "Amas Veritas". This story is complete.

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