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Summary: W/Logan. A Quickie Challenge response. A bad girl and a bad boy. What more could you ask for?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Willow-Centered(Site Founder)JinniFR1511,669063,67325 Jan 0325 Jan 03Yes
Title: The Power of Fury
Author: Jinni (
Rating: PG13
Pairing: W/Logan
Genre: BtVS/X-Men Crossover.
Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things X-Men belong to Marvel Comics, et al.
Distribution: WLF, WLS, BMP, NHA, Aislin.
Author’s Note: Pairing #126 at The Quickie Challenge –



It’s stronger than anger. Stronger even than rage. Fury is swift and true, seeking out the object for which it is directed and destroying everything in its way in the process.

Right now Willow’s fury was directed at one of her coworkers, who she also happened to date on a regular basis.

If dating was the word for what happened when they got around each other, tumbling and fumbling, all hands and mouths. Yep, that wasn’t really dating, more like sleeping together, but she was fine with it.

What she was not fine with was the situation she currently found herself in. Trudging through a dense jungle-like region, the sound of explosions and combat all around her. ‘Let’s split up,’ he had said, despite the very specific mission orders they were on to *Stay Together *.

And so she had lost track of him within only moments of entering this odd wonderland of vines and trees, stumbling about in boots and form-fitting spandex through a maze of foliage. It had snagged her hair on more than one occasion, causing her to cry out in pain and doubling her irritation with her ‘partner’.

“You are a dead man when I find you, Logan,” she growled from between clenched teeth. Her hair was dark, eyes just as black. This was her true form now, the one she used when on missions so that she could access the full resources of her magic.

‘Glad I managed to get over the veiny look, though.’ The thought flitted through her brain in a flash of a second, bringing a small smile to her lips as she continued to trample through the jungle.

A log came crashing out of the treetops, hurtling towards her in an arc that would impact directly with her head. There were two things she could do, and in that split second she had to make the decision, she naturally chose the more dramatic of the two. Lightning lit up the tips of her fingers, shooting unerringly at the log. The piece of wood was nothing more than ashes before it made it within three feet of her body.

She smiled and continued on.

Yes, Logan was going to be a very dead creature the moment she found him.

She slowed to a halt next to a river, gazing into the murky waters. There was no telling how deep it was from up here. One foot, two feet, or even twenty, she couldn’t tell. Anything could be lurking down below the cloudy surface of the water and she wasn’t keen on finding out what exactly was down there.

With a whispered word of incantation she drifted slowly up from the ground, her black eyes scanning the other side of the river. There was no movement but that did not mean that there was also no danger. The most deadly of foes, she had found, often lurked in silent stillness. She drifted carefully across the water, continuing to monitor the other side for any sign of movement, even the smallest. They had been warned at the very onset of this assignment that it would be dangerous.

Yet so far she had not found the ‘danger’, other than the snagging trees and thorny bushes.

Oh, and that log that had tried to decapitate her.

But that was all coincidence, she was sure.

Nothing big or bad had come her way yet.

“And I really need to learn to quit thinking things like that,” she muttered under her breath, catching sight of one of the ‘big bads’ she was sure she was supposed to be destroying. She sighed, rolling her eyes at the sight of the thing. Large and dumb-looking, the creature looked like it relied one hundred percent on brute strength and force, not intelligence. It hadn’t even noticed her yet, just sitting there on the opposite bank, blending in as best it could considering its large mass.

She hovered over top of the thing for a long minute, waiting to see if there were others patrolling or sitting as this one was. But she couldn’t spot any.

So she moved in for the kill.

A quickly placed fireball hit the creature’s mottled grey hide dead-on. It reared up, roaring at her in defiance.

But did not seem to be affected by the fireball in the least.

Willow frowned.

Okay, if fire doesn’t work – maybe lightning?

She cycled through all of the elements and even psychic draining attacks, but nothing worked. Her resources were getting low now, her ability to hover wavering in and out, sending her in jarring up and down movements that were rapidly making her stomach whirl with indignation.

“LOGAN!!!!” she screamed, knowing damn well that he would hear her no matter how far away he was in this mess. Such were those acute senses of his, hearing that could make a vampire jealous.


She hovered, listening to the sounds of the forest. There were more things moving towards her now, crashing through the underbrush. She shuddered. This mission was about to end very, very badly and it was all going to be the fault of one hairy little piece of Canadian –


There he was!

Stalking up behind the Thing that was already beneath her. She smirked. The man certainly was poetry in killing motion, even when she was irritated as fuck with him. This was why she desired him, this animalistic grace that he exuded with every pulse and flow of his body. It was the way he walked, talked and, yes, fucked. He was primal, pure passion in every way.

And he was hers.

“Do you think you could’ve made any more noise?”

She pursed her lips in thought at the sarcastic comment as he neatly beheaded the beast with one well-timed swipe of his claws.

“Actually, yes. Would you like to hear?”

He frowned at her then, his dark eyes going just a bit darker. His shirt was torn and his sides were bleeding. He had not been without his share of trouble, it seemed.

Though, maybe if they had stayed together like they were *told* neither one of them would be in any danger.

“Get down here, Red,” he snarled, motioning for her to leave the safety of the sky and join him on the ground. She complied without question, floating to the ground with great staggering jumps of concentration that ended up landing her flat on her ass.

“Owies.” She moaned, shaking her head with pain. “I’m drained.”

The look in Logan’s eyes then was kinder, gentler. It was worry.

“Just sit there while I finish up with these guys, darlin’ – and then it’s me, you, and a hot shower.” He gestured with a jerk of his head at the three creatures that had joined them.

She flashed him a tired smile, not moving from her spot on the ground. Just touching the earth helped her regain a small measure of the power she had exerted during her futile attempts at hurting the creatures. Instead of getting up to watch the fight she just sat there, watching with unabashed lust the man that she called her own. She couldn’t tell who was snarling – the creatures or Logan; but guessed that it was probably both; with Logan being a majority of the noise she was hearing.

It didn’t take him long to dispatch the remaining creatures and saunter back towards her. She could see pain in his eyes and knew that those injured ribs would be hurting.

“Hey,” she murmured, accepting the hand up that he offered her. “You okay?”

He glanced down at where her eyes were looking. The slashes on his ribs looked red and raw, but even now they were healing.

“I’ll be fine, Red. You?”

She shrugged.

“Nothing that hot shower and a little bit of TLC can’t fix.” She leaned into his chest, tilting her head up to look into those wonderful dark eyes of his, her hair bleeding back to its normal red. His mouth was only mere inches from hers, their height not that different; neither of them would ever be called ‘tall’. She saw him lean forward and did the same, working off of instinct and a desire that ran deep within her heart and soul.

When their lips met it was like fire meeting fire, consuming them both in a haze that was borne of passion and a lust that belied all reason. He was always like this after a good work out.

Yet another thing she loved about him.

A flash of light that was blinding and startling knocked her out of the lust induced trance of his lips and suddenly they were in nothing more than a room. A simple room with metal walls and a metal floor.

And an observation booth where their ‘boss’ was looking down in disapproval, some students sniggering behind him; their lesson in Danger Room defense suddenly a lot more interesting than it had been moments before.

“Lady Red, Wolverine. Kindly report for debriefing in my office,” Professor Xavier’s voice boomed through the room.

“I think we upset him,” Willow giggled, hiding her blushing face in Logan’s chest.

“Chuck will get over it.” He shrugged, slinging one arm around his girlfriend’s petite frame. “Wanna skip the debriefing and go straight to the shower?”

Willow grinned and shook her head, letting him lead her in the direction of the showers instead of towards Charles’ office. Logan was such a bad boy.

But that was okay – because she was just as much of a bad girl.

~*~The End~*~

The End

You have reached the end of "Fury". This story is complete.

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