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Birthday Present

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Key of Dagon Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn gives Harry a very special seventeenth birthday present

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Birthday Present

Note: This story is a sequel to Harry Potter and the Key of Dagon. It is rated NC-17 for explicit sexuality.

Acknowledgements: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the creation of Joss Whedon. Harry Potter is the creation of J.K. Rowling.


Birthday Present

Dawn paused at the door of her room and listened to the silence of the house around her. She could hear nothing but the slight whisper of the gentle breeze through the leaves of the tree outside her open window, and the chirping of crickets. She opened her door and stepped out into the darkness of the hallway.

Lumos,” she whispered, and a faint light shone from the tip of her wand. She used it guide her way down the hallway, her bare feet making almost no sound on the hardwood floor. She stopped at the door at the far end of the hallway from her own. She tapped lightly on it. “Harry? Can I come in?” she whispered.

Dawn didn’t hear any response, so she tried the knob. It twisted in her hand, and she pushed the door open a crack. “Harry?”

This time she heard him stirring inside. “Huh? What?”

“Can I come in?” whispered Dawn.

“Er, yeah, sure,” came Harry’s sleepy voice. Dawn opened the door enough to slip through it, and then closed it again quickly behind her. She saw that Harry was sitting up in his bed, his hair even more dishevelled than usual. He was reaching for his glasses on the nightstand beside him. “What’s up?”

Dawn moved quickly across the room, and sat on the bed beside him. She placed her glowing wand on the nightstand. “I’m here to give you your birthday present, Harry Potter.”

Harry looked at the clock on the table that his glasses had been on. “Er…you already gave me a present, and my birthday was over a couple of hours ago.” His eyes moved over Dawn, taking in her bare legs, boxer shorts, and the tiny, tight, t-shirt she was wearing. Very little was left to his imagination.

“Your other present, silly.” Dawn leaned forward and kissed him.

“What?” asked a surprised Harry, as Dawn’s fingers started undoing the buttons of his pyjama top. She slid her hands over the bare skin of his chest. He pushed her away. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that tonight, I’m yours.” Dawn took Harry’s glasses from his face, and put them back on the nightstand. She kissed him again, and her hand moved down.

Harry pulled away from her. “Dawn…you know I want to…” Dawn smiled at that. She could feel that he wanted to. “…but Buffy will kill me!”

“No she won’t, I won’t let her. If she dares to complain I’ll just tell her that I’m nearly a year older than she was, her first time…and you are exactly the same age she was. Now, scrunch over.” Dawn pushed Harry aside as she slid into his bed beside him.

Harry gave up his protests as Dawn kissed him again. She felt his hands start to move over her. This was nothing new for them. They had spent much of the last six months getting their hands acquainted with each other’s bodies. She felt his hands move down to her waist, and then slide up under her t-shirt to cup her breasts. She pushed his top back off his shoulders and moved her mouth down onto his neck. She ran her teeth and her tongue over his skin. She bit down gently, and sucked on his neck. She heard him hiss. He loved it when she gave him a hickey, however much he might pretend to be embarrassed if anyone saw it.

Harry’s hands moved off her breasts, going back down to take hold of her t-shirt. He started to pull it up. Dawn lifted her arms up over her head to let him take it off her, before she pressed herself against him, feeling his skin against hers. She slid herself back up along his body until her mouth found his again. She licked at his lips, until they parted to let her tongue into his mouth.

Dawn felt Harry’s hand glide down her back, and then it slipped under the waist band of her shorts, to hold her ass. She pressed herself harder against him.

Harry’s hand slid around, off her backside, and his fingers started to probe between her legs. Dawn moaned against his mouth. He had never touched her there before, and it felt so good.

Harry seemed to know how his fingers were making Dawn feel, and he slowly moved them in a circle, eliciting another moan. Dawn rolled onto her back, pulling him with her.

Harry pushed himself up onto his hands and looked down at her, illuminated by the glow still coming from her wand. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered. He leaned down and kissed her again. His mouth moved down her neck, across her collar bone, down to her breast. His lips closed around a nipple and his tongue flicked over it. All the time his fingers kept doing wonderful things between her legs.

“Ungh! Oh Harry! Please…”

Harry’s fingers stopped moving, and he lifted his mouth away from her breast. She saw him looking up at her. “Are you sure?” he asked.

Dawn nodded her head vigourously. “Oh yes! I’ve never been this sure about anything!”

Harry slowly pushed himself up so that he was kneeling between her legs. His hands moved to the waist band of her shorts. She lifted her hips up off the bed as he slowly started to pull them down. When her shorts were clear of her hips she lowered them back down onto the bed, and raised her legs. Harry pulled the shorts all the way off her, but he stayed kneeling there, just looking at her as Dawn lowered her legs on either side of him.

“Harry, please…”

“Dawn…have you…I mean, are you protected?”

Dawn smiled at him. “I did the infertilitatus spell before I left my room.”

Harry smiled. He started to move over her. Dawn reached up to the waist band of his pyjamas, and pushed them down to his thighs. She guided him toward her.

She felt the tip of his cock press against her. Harry started to press harder, slowly pushing himself into her. She felt a bit of pain as he stretched her hymen. She let out a tiny gasp.

Harry stopped. “Are you alright?”

“Yes!” said Dawn. “Don’t stop!”

Harry pushed again, and Dawn felt him sinking into her. He started to move slowly, and the pain faded. It felt good…better than good, but then Harry started to move faster. His motion became jerky, and he groaned. He thrust harder, a few more times, and she felt him spurting inside her, and then he lay still on top of her.

Harry rolled to her side a few seconds later. “Oh Dawn,” he said breathlessly. “That was amazing!”

Dawn tried to keep the disappointment out of her voice as she rolled to face him. “Yeah. It was nice.” She didn’t succeed.

“What’s wrong?” Harry brushed some hair back away from her face. “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No!” said Dawn. “It’s not that. It’s just…”

“I was too quick, wasn’t I? I’m sorry!”

Dawn smiled at him. “It’s okay. I’m sure you’ll do better next time.”

“Next time?” asked Harry hopefully.

“You know what they say: practice makes perfect.” Dawn pulled Harry closer, and kissed him. “And we’ve got all night.”

They held and kissed each other. Dawn slid her bare foot up along Harry’s leg, until her toes reached the waist band of his pyjama bottoms, which were still up around his knees. She used her toes to push them the rest of the way down his legs, until he was able to kick them free.

Harry’s hands started to roam over her body again as they kissed. He knew just the places to touch her, and how. Dawn remembered their first fumbling attempts at this. How neither of them had known what the other had liked—or even what they liked themselves—and how much fun it had been teaching each other. She could only hope that they would learn to make love the same way. One thing that they had learned over the past months was how to read how much pleasure they were giving each other from the gentle moans and sighs they made, and from the feel of their kisses.

Harry’s hand soon slipped between her legs again. Dawn moved her own hand down and slowly slid it over his cock, and down to cup his balls. She gently squeezed them as Harry slipped a finger into her pussy. She moved her hand back up to stroke his cock as he probed her. They both moaned together softly. She felt him hardening again.

Harry’s kisses became more urgent. His hand came back up to her breast, and he slowly pushed her over onto her back, and positioned himself over her again. He stopped there, looking into her eyes. “You ready?” he asked.

Dawn nodded. “Yes…but…slowly this time.”

Harry smiled. “Alright.” He kissed her as his cock slid into her.

Harry was true to his word. This time he moved much more slowly. Dawn found herself lifting her knees, taking hold of him between her thighs. “Oh god!” she breathed into his ear as she synchronized the rocking of her hips with Harry’s thrusts. “Oh yeah!”

She felt Harry’s pace start to accelerate, but then he stopped after a thrust that left him deep inside her. Dawn kept moving her hips. “Stop!” he whispered.

Dawn froze, but she kept her legs wrapped tightly around his hips. “Is something wrong?”

“Oh no! This is perfect!” breathed Harry. “So perfect, I want it to last…and I don’t want to come until you do!” He kissed her, and started to move slowly again.

They continued like that. Harry slowly thrusting himself into her for a minute or two, and then stopping, holding himself still. Dawn felt herself coming close to her release, but it always receded away again before it came. She knew what the problem was. As good as Harry felt inside her—better than ever her fingers had—Dawn had never been able to get herself off by pure vaginal stimulation. “Harry, give me your hand,” she whispered to him during one of his pauses.

“What?” asked Harry.

“Your hand,” said Dawn. She took hold of it, and guided it down between their bodies, until his finger tips brushed her clit. “Rub me there!”

Harry started to move again. This time his fingers stroked her clit in time with his thrusts, and Dawn felt herself about to explode. “Oh Harry! Harry! AAAHHH!

She felt Harry spasming, thrusting hard into her. She heard him groan her name. She heard the sound of running feet outside the room, and the door bursting open.

Dawn!” cried Buffy. “Are you—”

Harry pulled away from Dawn so fast he took the sheets with him, leaving her completely exposed. She grabbed for one of Harry’s pillows and clutched it in front of herself as she sat up in the bed. “Buffy! Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?” She could feel herself blushing, and it wasn’t stopping with her face. It was moving all the way down her body.

Buffy was standing in the doorway, looking completely stunned. “I heard— I thought— Oh god!”

Giles appeared behind Buffy in the door. “Oh dear lord!” He whipped off his glasses as he turned away.

“If you are quite done gawking, could you leave us now?” asked Dawn.

“Dawn!” said Buffy. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Pretty much what you think I was doing!” said Dawn. “And if you go, I can get back to it!”



“You are going back to your room, young lady!”

“No I’m not!”

“Yes you are!”

“Am not!”

“Are to!”

“Giles!” said Dawn, looking toward the Watcher who had started to retreat from the scene.

“Oh, no!” said Giles. “You are not dragging me into this!” He cast a look toward Harry, being careful not to look at Dawn as he did so, and his expression hardened. “And I don’t think you want me in it.”

“Mr. Giles!” said Harry. “I—”

Shut up!” said Dawn and Buffy together. Giles took the opportunity to escape through the crowd that had started to form behind him in the doorway.

Buffy took a deep breath. “Dawn. Get dressed. You are going back to your room.”



“Buffy, I’m nearly eighteen. I’m old enough to decide for myself where, and who I sleep with!”


“No! Do you want me to start into the history of your sex life?”

Willow put her hand on Buffy’s shoulder. “Buffy…maybe we should do this in the morning…give everyone a chance to cool down.”

Buffy turned to face her best friend. “Willow—”

“She’s not a kid any more, Buffy.” Willow started to gently pull Buffy back toward the door. “She isn’t doing anything we weren’t doing when we were her age.”

Buffy let herself be pulled.

“Don’t forget to close the door behind you!” said Dawn. Buffy stopped again for a moment, looking like she was having second thoughts about going, but Willow pulled her a little harder, and pulled the door closed behind them with just a look.

Dawn climbed off the bed, still holding the pillow, and quickly crossed the room to the door. She locked it, and then turned and leaned her back against it. “I should have done that the first time.”

“But then Buffy would have just broken it down,” said Harry. He was sitting on the bed, with the sheets pulled up around his waist, grinning at her. “You have a very nice arse,” he added.

“Ooo!” Dawn threw her pillow at him. “That’s for stealing all the sheets!”

“I’m sorry!” said Harry. “I panicked! All I could think of was Buffy ripping me to pieces!” He tossed the sheets aside, letting Dawn see all of him. “Is this better?”

“Mmm, yeah.” Dawn started back across the room toward him. Harry got off the bed, and met her half way. He took her in his arms, and kissed her.

Harry picked Dawn up and carried her back to his bed. He laid her down on it, and picked up his wand off his night stand.

“What are you doing?” asked Dawn.

“Making sure we don’t get interrupted again.” Harry pointed his wand at the door. “Colloportus!” There was a squelching noise as the door sealed itself shut.

“And to make sure we don’t disturb anyone again…” Harry waved his wand around the room. “Silencio!” He climbed back into his bed with Dawn. “Now, where were we, before we were so rudely interrupted?”

Dawn wrapped her arms around him. “I think we were just about to enjoy some post orgasmic cuddles.”

“Oh yeah.” Harry brushed his lips across hers, and gently caressed her with his hand. “Let’s get back to that.”

Harry awoke with his usual morning hard-on, but this morning he didn’t start to masturbate, the way he usually did. That was largely because the girl he had most often fantasized about while jacking off over the last year was lying next to him in his bed, still held in his arms.

He lay there looking at her face, only a few inches from his own. She looked peaceful and content, a slight smile on her lips. He gently caressed her skin, and kissed her. His fingers stroked her breasts. Harry wanted to roll on top of her, to make love to her again, like he had last night, but he wasn’t certain that he should. Would Dawn want him to do that? He didn’t want to ruin what they had just started by pushing too far, too fast, so he contented himself with watching her sleeping face, and the feel of her body against his.

There was one disadvantage to the position that he had awoken in. Dawn was lying on his left arm, and it had gone completely asleep. He couldn’t feel his fingers at all. He carefully tried to get her to roll off it, without waking her, but he didn’t succeed. He was in a very compromising position when her eyes flickered open.

Dawn smiled up at Harry. “Good morning.”

“Er…good morning.”

“Are you trying to take advantage of me Mr. Potter?”


Her smile broadened. “Why ever not?”

“Er…it’s just…you’re lying on my arm, and I can’t feel it,” said Harry. “Er…do you want me to take advantage of you?”

“Too late.” Dawn pushed Harry over onto his back, and swung herself up over him. “It’s my turn.”

Harry lay there helplessly, with only one working arm as Dawn leaned down over him, and kissed him fiercely. Her hand snaked down between their bodies to take hold of his engorged cock. She straightened herself up again, and rose onto her knees—positioning herself over him—before she sank back down and impaled herself on him.

They groaned in unison as Dawn started to move her hips. He lay under her as she undulated. Dawn felt so good around him. Warm, and tight, and slick. Better than his hand had ever felt. She leaned forward a bit and rested her hands on his chest. He reached up with his working hand to take hold of her breast. He tried to move his left arm, but it was still flopping uselessly. It almost felt like it had that time Professor Lockhart had removed all the bones from it.

Dawn leaned against Harry’s hand as she moved on him. He looked down and he could see his cock sinking into her with each gyration of her hips. He knew that he couldn’t last long like this.

He was feeling pins and needles in is left arm as the blood flow was restored to it. He could move it now, and brought his left hand up to Dawn’s belly. He slid his hand down until his thumb found her clit.

“Oh, Harry,” she whispered, and he felt her getting even tighter around him. He couldn’t take any more.

Ungh!” Harry’s hips bucked up against Dawn’s as he came into her.

She kept moving as he spasmed, and then she leaned down to kiss him again. “Good morning.” Her hips kept moving as he softened inside her.

“Good morning,” said Harry. His thumb was still on her clit, still rubbing it. He knew she hadn’t come yet. He rolled them over, reversing their positions so that he was above her. His penis slipped free from her as he did so, and he replaced it with his fingers. He thrust them deeply into her, as his thumb stayed on her clit, and he kissed her.

Harry moved his mouth down along Dawn’s throat. Across her chest, pausing briefly at her breasts, to lick and suck her nipples. He kept moving down, across the flat muscles of her stomach.

He pulled his mouth away from her, and looked at his fingers: two of them, coated with her glistening secretions, sinking into her vagina, his thumb rubbing her clit at the apex where the folds of her labia came together. He could smell Dawn, and she smelled good. He wanted to lick her, but he wasn’t sure if he should. He looked up at her.

Dawn was lying with her back arched and her eyes closed. Her whole body was squirming in time with the movement of his fingers. ‘The heck with it!’ he decided, and he moved his thumb aside, and replaced it with his tongue.

Harry!” cried Dawn as his tongue flicked across her. He couldn’t believe how good she tasted. Her hips bucked as he closed his lips around her clit, and sucked on it. “Oh Harry!” He felt her convulsing.

Harry waited until Dawn lay still before he withdrew his fingers and licked them clean, savouring her taste. He washed her labia and her thighs with his tongue before he slowly started to make his way back up along her body, lightly caressing it with his lips, every inch of the way. He took his time, wanting to memorize every inch of her in the daylight.

When he reached her mouth, he was so hard that he ached. He wanted to make love to Dawn, and it just took a glance at her eyes to see that she wanted it too. He slowly eased himself into her, watching her face as he did so.

Harry watched the expressions play across Dawn’s face as she closed herself around him. Her arms and legs held him as he carefully thrust into her. He watched her close her eyes, and bite her lip as he withdrew, and thrust again. He bent his mouth down to kiss her neck as he kept moving, trying to push himself deeper into her. He heard her moan, and her arms tightened around him, pulling him against her. He snaked his hand down between their bodies to bring his fingers to her clit.

Dawn gasped and arched her back when he touched her. He felt her bucking under him, and then he groaned as his orgasm joined hers. They seemed to keep coming forever, but they eventually lay still.

Harry stayed on top of Dawn, his fingers still lightly stroking her clit. She kept holding him with her arms and legs. He lifted his head away from her neck and looked into her eyes, twin pools of deep blue looking back up at him. He lowered his lips onto hers for another kiss.

They were still kissing when the radio beside Harry’s bed came on. Dawn gave him a little push, so that he rolled off her, but they stayed side by side in the bed, still holding and kissing. Dawn pulled back a bit as the morning DJ was telling them that they were expecting a bright and sunny day southern England. “I think it’s time that we started to get ready to face the inquisition.”

Harry smiled at her. “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

“But it’s the American Inquisition that I’m worried about,” said Dawn. “We’d better get up, before Buffy starts pounding on your door again.” Harry’s hand moved up to cup her breast. “Mmm…or you could keep doing that.”

Harry kissed her. “I’d love to, but Willow’s supposed to be taking me to meet Miss Harkness this morning.”

Dawn sighed in resignation. “And there are a couple of new Slayers coming in that I’m supposed to be giving the orientation tour to.”

“So we should get up, go have our showers, and go down for breakfast,” said Harry.

Dawn smiled at him. “You have your own bathroom.”

“One of the perqs of living in a house where the girls outnumber the guys three to one.”

“So are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I don’t know Dawn…I’m thinking about how beautiful you’ll be all covered in soap suds.”

Dawn rolled out of the bed, and pulled Harry after her. “Close enough!”

Dawn stepped into the stream of hot water pouring from the shower head. She turned under it, letting it soak her hair, and wet her body. When she completed her revolution she pushed her wet hair back away from her face, and rubbed the water from her eyes. She saw Harry standing in front of her, wearing nothing but a smile, and holding a bar of soap in his hand. She stepped toward him, and kissed him.

Neither of them spoke. Dawn stepped back, and Harry lifted the soap and started to rub it across her shoulders. He followed it with his hand, stroking her skin, and spreading the lather around. He washed her arms before coming back up and starting on her chest. He took his time, making sure that every square inch of her skin received his attention as he slowly moved down to her breasts. His hands slid around them, coating them with soap suds before he moved farther down, across her stomach and hips.

Dawn stepped toward Harry again. She took Harry in her arms and kissed him, feeling his skin slipping against her own. She also felt his cock starting to rise again, and sliding between her legs.

Dawn turned around, presenting her back to Harry, and he resumed his slow cleansing of her skin, starting at the nape of her neck and slowly working his way down, across her shoulder blades, to the small of her back. This time he kept moving down, and his hands were soon gliding over the twin mounds of her ass. She shuddered as one soapy hand slipped between her ass cheeks and slid forward, between her legs, to caress her sex. She felt Harry kneel behind her and the soap and his hands started to move down the backs of her legs.

Dawn lifted her feet, one at a time, when Harry reached them, to let him clean their soles, and to rub his fingers around and between her toes. When he was done with them she turned around again, and Harry started to clean his way up along the fronts of her legs. This time he preceded his soapy hands by caresses with his mouth, kissing her knees, and thighs and stomach. He slid a soapy hand between her legs again, sliding his fingers over her labia as he stood up, licking his way up across her navel, breasts, chest and neck before coming back to her mouth. She could feel his cock between her legs again, knocking for admission.

Dawn stepped back and smiled at him. “First, it’s my turn.” She took the soap from Harry and started to wash him, as he had washed her. She caressed his arms, and chest, appreciating the muscles there. Harry had filled out quite a bit in the last year, both from taking part in the Slayer training that Dawn had been giving Ginny, and from his position as a Chaser on the Quidditch team. Chasers needed much more upper body strength than Seekers. Her hands kept moving down, across his stomach and the words ‘washboard abs’ sprang into her mind. Harry really was in very good shape.

Dawn’s hand reached his cock. It was ramrod stiff as she wrapped her fingers around it. She leaned close and kissed Harry as she slowly pumped him a couple of times, and then she pulled away, with a wicked smile as he groaned in frustration. “Turn around,” she ordered. “It’s time to do your back.”

Dawn gave Harry’s back the same attention she had given to his front, feeling the muscles under his skin as her hands slid across him. She moved down, stroking her hands across his ass. She slowly lowered herself down onto her knees while she rubbed him. One hand slid through between his legs, and caressed his balls, making him gasp. She pulled her hand back, and resumed her journey down along his legs, until she reached his feet.

Harry turned around again after Dawn was done with his feet. She started making her way up along the fronts of his legs, kissing them as he had kissed her. She hesitated a bit when she reached his cock, but then she remembered how good his mouth had felt on her cunt a short while ago. She reached out with her tongue, and licked him. From the base of his cock all the way to its tip.

“Oh Dawn!” Harry’s hands took hold of her head, holding her against him. She licked him again, and felt him quiver.

Dawn forced herself away from his cock. “Soon,” she promised, and continued upwards to kiss and lick his stomach. She rubbed the nipple of one of her breasts along his cock as she started to get back to her feet. She brought her mouth back up to Harry’s and kissed him hungrily. She felt his cock probing between her legs again.

Dawn pulled her mouth away from Harry’s and turned herself around in his arms. She rubbed herself back against him, and felt his cock slipping in between her legs again. She rocked her hips, sliding her slit along the top of it. She leaned forward, resting her hands against the shower wall in front of her, feeling the hot water pouring down across her back.

“Now, Harry! Fuck me now!” She felt his hands on her hips, and then his cock plunged into her. “Oh!” Her eyes went wide.

Dawn had read about her g-spot, but she had never been able to find it herself, during her experimentation with her fingers, but she knew that Harry’s cock had hit it on his first thrust. She felt him withdrawing, and then he pushed forward again. “Oh, fuck me!”

Harry kept thrusting, and Dawn gasped on each one. “Oh god Harry! Don’t stop! Like that!” She felt herself coming. Harry’s hips kept pumping, every thrust hitting that wonderful spot. Dawn found herself coming again.

Harry leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her waist. One hand moved up, to hold a breast, while the other slid down, his fingers probing for her clit.

Harry’s fingers and cock propelled Dawn into another, stronger orgasm, and this time she felt him joining her in it. His cock rammed harder into her, and he groaned as she felt his spasms. He thrust forward a few more times before he went still. His lips brushed over the nape of her neck. “God, that was incredible.”

Dawn straightened herself up, causing Harry’s cock to slip out of her. His fingers were still lightly caressing her clit, and her nipple. “Yeah, it was.” She twisted herself in his arms so she could kiss him. Harry’s hold on her relaxed, and she turned herself completely around so she could hold him too. They stayed together kissing and cuddling under the shower for a long time.

They spent nearly as much time drying each other after they got out of the shower as they had washing. They rubbed each other with towels, making sure that every nook and cranny of their bodies was dry before they returned to Harry’s bedroom. Dawn gathered up her discarded t-shirt and shorts from the floor, and grabbed her wand. She went to Harry for a final kiss. “I’ll see you downstairs, in a few minutes.” She disapparated with a crack.

Harry got dressed quickly. He went to his door, unlocked it, and tried to pull it open. It didn’t budge. He had forgotten that he’d done a colloportus spell on it too. He pulled his wand from his pocket, and stopped. He realized that he couldn’t remember the counter-spell.
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