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Maybe She'd Be Proud

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Summary: Andrew never talks about his sister.

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Television > Sliders(Moderator)MalanaFR131405041,4223 Apr 043 Apr 04Yes
Title: Maybe She'd Be Proud

Author: Malana

Disclaimer: I own neither Sliders nor Buffy

Character: Andrew Wells

Spoilers: till the end of the series for Buffy, none for Sliders.

Andrew didn't talk about Wade very much. In fact, he never talked about her. He had told Jonathan about her, late one night, back before they started planning world domination. But he never mentioned her to the Scoobies. None of them even knew that Andrew had ever had a sister.

Andrew had loved Wade deeply. They never had any problems with sibling rivalry. She was several years older, but they got along well. Wade was intelligent, good with computers, kind, and funny. She was everything that Andrew wanted to be. She was his model, his idol, his friend. Then she was gone.

Andrew was only been 12 years old when Wade disappeared. The Wells family had still been living in San Francisco then. She had just vanished one day. Along with her quasi-boyfriend Quinn.

The family moved not long after. There were too many bad memories. They never figured out what happened to her. There was never any word, anysign of what had might have become of her.

Living on the Hellmouth changed things for Andrew. Nightmares of Wade's possible kidnapping or murder gave way to one's of vampire and demon attacks. He hoped it hadn't been vampires. He couldn't live with the thought of Wade's pretty form being the home of a demon. Part of him held onto the dream that nothing bad had happened at all. She had just run off with Quinn for some reason, and was now living a happy life somewhere.

Andrew often wondered how his life would have been different if Wade hadn't vanished. His family wouldn't have moved. He wouldn't have lived on the Hellmouth. He wouldn't have joined forces with Jonathan and Warren. Maybe Tara wouldn't have died. Jonathan might still be alive. So many things that Andrew just wished he could erase.

But there were also good things. He had turned back to the good side. He helped Buffy and the others. He had assisted in stopping the Apocalypse. Now he was helping re-build the Watchers Council. He still had a lot of blood on his hands. But he was slowly earning his redemption.

Andrew believed that maybe now he'd gone back to being the kind of brother that Wade could have been proud of. And that meant a lot to him. Even if he never saw her again, even if she'd never know what he'd become. It still mattered. It always would.

The End

You have reached the end of "Maybe She'd Be Proud". This story is complete.

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