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Her New Champion

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Summary: 20 Min With Cordelia Challenge response. Cordelia has a new champion.

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Television > Farscape(Moderator)MalanaFR151444131,8053 Apr 043 Apr 04Yes
Title: Her New Champion
Author: Malana
Disclaimer: I own neither Angel nor Farscape
Spoilers: Through You're Welcome for Angel. None for Farscape.
Note: This was written for Jinni's "20 min. with Cordelia Challenge. The goal was to spend 20 min writing about the wonderful May Queen.

I think that The Powers That Be really screwed up this time. First I lose control of my body, then I end up in a coma, and to top it all off I died. I was more than a little pissed off about that.

But apparently, I'm not really dead. They drag me away from Angel, and my friends, the people I love. But I don't get to end up in heaven or anything. No, instead I end up on this god-forsaken space ship.

It's not enough that I've spent years of my life dealing with vampires and demons. Now I have to deal with aliens too. Even the ship itself if in alien. It's name is Moya.

I used to be a seer for Angel. He is a vampire with a soul. He is a true champion. Now I'm a seer for some lost astronaut named John Crichton. He is definitely not Champion material. He and the rest of the crew don't give a damn about my visions. John says its not his job to go around saving people.

I don’t understand why the Powers put me here if I can't be of any help. I'm doing my best. But Crichton is a stubborn jack-ass. And it isn't just him that I have to deal with. Even if I could convince John, I'd still have to convince Chiana, and D'Argo and the others. They're all concerned with their own lives. They just want to get home.

I guess I don't really blame them. John doesn't have a sense of guilt like Angel does. None of them have hundreds of murders to make up for. Why should John have to deal with this? Why should he have this kind of responsibility? But it doesn't really matter why. The Powers chose him. And he should live up to that. He can be a good hero when he really wants to be.

It's not that I like him or anything. I mean, he's attractive. He's got great hair, and beautiful eyes. He's body certainly isn't anything to complain about. And he has these leather pants that could rival Angel's in the "hello, salty goodness" department.

However, the man is a giant ass. He's loud, and angry, and he's violent and kind of greedy. He's pretty much just a jerk. He's kind of like Angelus, minus the evil. He threatens to throw me off the ship every time I even mention the visions. The man makes me want to scream.

But still, sometimes I find myself forgetting about that, and just focusing on those pants.

The End

You have reached the end of "Her New Champion". This story is complete.

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