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Playing with Matches

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Summary: A certain Goblin King has decided on another hobby outside of baby-napping.

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For My Will Is as Strong as Yours

title: For My Will Is as Strong as Yours
series: Playing with Matches
part: 2
pairing for this part: Dawn/Draco


"But down in the Underground, you'll find someone true..."


He'd already paced the large room with its one barred window several times and had decided to have a rest in one of the two wing-backed chairs sitting near the small table in the room. It was a very comfy chair. It quite reminded him of his favorite sofa in the Slytherin common room. He'd also propped his slippered feet up on a squishy footstool. The fire was roaring, and there was a king size bed all ready for when he finally got tired. All he needed was a cup of hot tea with a nip of firewhiskey in it, and this wouldn't be so bad.

This would be his best kidnapping ever.

Being Lucius Malfoy's son had led him to an abduction or two in his life so far... for a varied range of reasons. One time he'd even been taken from his own house by Professor Snape, but that had been for his own good. His father had been spouting off about making Draco take the Dark Mark. Right. Like he was getting some tack tattoo just to please his father. Snape had found out and blasted a hole in the wards of Malfoy Manor to get to him. Draco hadn't minded that kidnapping at all. It had been a very nice summer away from his parents. An abduction he DIDN'T like to remember was the one by the Parkinsons. They drugged him and were trying to get him to marry their daughter Pansy. Neither Draco not Pansy were even out of Hogwarts yet. It was barely legal, even by wizarding standards. He'd actually been happy to see Dumbledore that day. Just the thought of how close Pansy Parkinson had actually come to being Mrs. Draco Malfoy gave him the shivers. Not that it was her fault. Poor Pans had been just as doped up and under the Imperious as he had been.

When the door was suddenly flung open, Draco Malfoy did, despite his current comfort, jump to his feet and ready himself for an attack. Even though he was quite without his wand. He didn't like it, but he supposed he could defend himself in a muggle way if he had to. It was sort of disconcerting to be so thrown from your private musings of horrors past though.

Those same grubby little things that had abducted him tossed something rather large in a burlap sack into the room. Whatever it was, it was making a screeching noise. His blonde eyebrows shot up. The grubby little kidnappers laughed maniacally and pulled the door back closed. Draco rushed at it only to hear the lock snap into place as he reach the large hunk of stained oak.


"Hello?" The sack said, twitching slightly. "Get me out of this!"

Draco studied the writhing burlap for a moment. How did he know it wasn't a trick?

"Goddammit! Shit!"

Whatever it was, despite its foul mouth, it was obviously female. Draco started fumbling with the ties on the giant sack. The she-thing was wriggling so much, he couldn't get a whole lot accomplished.

"Bloody hell, will you hold still, so I might have a chance to release you, you stupid bint."

The sack stopped wiggling. Draco finally managed to undo the ties and open the burlap. The first thing, a thing that QUITE caught his attention, he noticed were long legs. Very long legs with furry house slippers on her feet. Whoever it was had on little silk pajama shorts and, bloody hell a silk camisole top, and she was shapely too. A bit on the thin side, but nicely curved. As she tried to wiggle her cute little derriere out of the sack, he caught a glimpse of a tattoo at the base of her spine. A red heart with a stick through it? Feminine, yet not. Finally he had a very nice set of breasts paraded before him followed by a mass of brown hair.

His breath caught in his throat as the girl tossed her head about to clear the hair from her eyes. her big blue eyes.

"Bloody hell."

"Well hello to you too..." Dawn's voice failed her.

She'd always had a bit of a thing for Spike. It was like looking at his twin. Almost. There were slight differences, but if you had just glanced at him, he could be Spike. He was wearing black pajamas with a black robe and black slippers. It only set off his skin, hair, and eyes. He was so pale and blonde and silver eyed. Dawn shivered. She could not remember ever being this instantly attracted to someone. You know, when it wasn't a possessing thing or someone wearing tainted jackets or some other such freaky weirdness. She shivered again.

"Are you chilled? You should be. You're very nearly not dressed there."

One eyebrow on her quirked. "At least I'm not doing a version of what Dracula might wear to bed."

Draco scowled at her. "Who are you?"

"You first."

"I rather think not."

"How's about I call you, fish's underbelly, cos that's about how much color you have."

"At least I'm not prancing about like some scarlet woman nearly showing all my bits to strangers."

"Like I knew I was gonna end up here in this cold drafty castle-y place. Hello, I'm from a warm climate, and there's been no time for new sleep wear. I thought I was going to bed. I didn't know I was gonna get to play hostage with a Spike-alike."

"A what?"

"You look like this vam, um, guy I know."

"Well." He sighed.

She was still sitting on the floor. Draco held out a hand to her. After all, he might be a slightly wicked prat, but that didn't mean he wasn't a gentleman. His mother had taught him manners. Draco swore under his breath as he felt current travel from his hand and up his arm the second her fingers slid across his. That was mighty odd.

Dawn couldn't remember how to breath. It wasn't that he was typically handsome. Actually, he was all absence of color and sharp lines, but something about it was working for him. He had the essence of Cordelia from her Sunnydale High days. Just mean and nasty for the sake of being mean and nasty. Suddenly, Dawn was quite sure what Xander had seen in her.

Draco had not let go of her hand once she was on her feet. He didn't really want to. She was sort of pretty upon closer inspection. She had freckles on her nose. Normally, due to his Weasley aversion, he despised freckles, but she didn't have red hair, so perhaps it was the combination he disliked. Because her freckles were very attractive. Her mouth was too big for her head. For that matter, so were her eyes and her nose. He wouldn't go so far as to call her pretty... even though to him she certainly was. He found her very pretty indeed.

"Draco Malfoy."

She breathed in through her nose sharply, like he had just touched her in some way that was intimate. "Dawn Summers."

"I don't mean to be forward, but I am awfully tired, Miss Summers, and there is but one bed."

"It's just Dawn. Miss Summers is my big sister." She pulled her hand away. She couldn't think properly with him touching her. "And you'll be sleeping on the chairs while I take the bed."

"Not bloody likely. If you want to be so damned proper, you can sleep on the soddin' chairs."

Dawn snorted. What a brat this guy was! "I am not sleeping on those chairs, Mister Malfoy. You are."

"Like hell. And if you're Dawn, I'm Draco. Mister Malfoy makes me feel like I'm at school... and thank you, no, I'll pass."

"You're in school? Where do you go to school?"

He blinked at that. She sure could change the subject rather quickly. "Don't think by asking me personal questions I'll forget about the bed."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Well, excuse the piss out of me for wanting to know a little about my fellow captive."

"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."


"Oh sweet Salazar. You aren't hard of hearing, are you? That'd be all I needed. I said... Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"You're a witch? I mean a man-witch? A warlock? No, you said wizardry. You're a wizard then?"

Draco stared at her. "By the gods. Are you a muggle?"

"What's a muggle?"

"Bloody hell. You ARE a muggle."

"What the hell is a muggle?"

"A non-magic person."

"Oh, then so not a muggle."

"You're a witch?"

"No, but I've done some spells before."

"But you aren't a witch."

"Technically no."

"Then, technically, you are a muggle."

"No. You said a muggle was a non-magic person. I'm magic."

"Would you care to explain that?"

Dawn chewed her bottom lip. "I can't. I don't know you well enough."

Draco scowled.

"Well, what if you're evil? Evil's tried to take a few potshots at me before."

"I'm not evil, luv, just wicked. One might even call it morally ambiguous. There's a big difference."

Dawn grinned and looked away. "I can't say. I really can't. Not yet. Just know that I'm not exactly normal in the normal sense of the word. There's magic in me... just not in the way you're thinking."

He stared. Now Draco was completely intrigued... but he still wasn't sleeping on those chairs.

"Look, it's a big bed with lots of blankets. I swear to stay on my side."

Dawn glared.

"There's no reason we can't be adults about this. There's also no reason one of us should be uncomfortable for propriety's sake."


"He's smooth." Connor commented, nodding his head. "I'll give him that."

Ginny snorted. "He's a first-class prat."

She, Connor, and Jareth were sitting on a sofa before a large mirror that was showing them the goings-on in the room Draco and Dawn had been locked in. Jareth started chuckling.


"They're actually going to attempt to sleep." Jareth replied drolly. "How interesting."


Dawn was lying with her back to Draco. She was wide awake and staring at the wall. She was all too aware of the guy in the bed with her. Dawn was tired as hell, but could she sleep? Noooo. Because there was a hottie lying not a foot away from her. She shifted and tried to get comfortable. It just wasn't possible.

"Are you aware that every time you move like that, it moves the ENTIRE bed?"

Dawn rolled over to glare... only to find him SO not on his side of the bed. "What are you doing?"

"What? I'm griping at you because your constant shifting is preventing me from sleeping, you crazy bint."

"And you are SO not on your side of the bed, albino boy."

Draco stiffened. "What did you call me?"

Dawn sat up, throwing blankets from her. "I called you... ALBINO BOY. What are you gonna do about it, you ass pansy? Glare at me real hard... oh wait."

Draco snarled at her. His lip twitched and curled back and everything.

"Well?" Dawn said, folding her arms across her chest. "You gonna do something or are you just gonna sit there and glare?"

He actually launched himself at her with his hands in claws. Most undignified, but Draco was a bit beyond caring just now. He'd always had a very low tolerance for insults to his person. He was one of those 'dish it out but sure can't take it' types.

Dawn shrieked in surprise as he very successfully managed to partially pin her to the bed. Then she managed to maneuver one of her long and limber legs to kick the back of his head. Draco shouted in surprise. How did she do that?

Then it was ON. The two of them were wrestling on the bed. They managed to knock most of the pillows and blankets off. They kept circling one another on their knees, then one would lunge. There would be some grappling for control, then they'd back off and circle some more. Eventually one of them was knocked off the bed with these antics, but Draco didn't stay off for long. He launched himself again with a feral shout. He hit Dawn, and the two of them toppled over the other side of the bed... thankfully onto most of the discarded pillows and blankets. There was some more rolling and struggling at that point.

She landed a few girlie slaps to his head before Draco managed to get from under her. He got up to move away. He wanted to get his bearings, but Dawn grabbed the back of his pajama top. The buttons ripped free quite easily. Draco moved away... but without his top. It stayed in Dawn's hands.

Draco spun around with an incredulous look on his pale face. "Now you're going to pay. Nobody ruins clothing of mine."

"Oh my God. You so sounded just like my older sister right then."

He was stalking back towards her slowly.

"Though you really bear no resemblance to Buffy at all. Her boobs aren't lopsided. Not that I spend a lot of time looking at my sister's tits. Yours... yours I'm getting a full-on looksies at." She waved his shirt at him.

He yelled and tackled her to the bed. "Stop insulting me, you stupid cow! My... my manly manbreasts are NOT lopsided! There is nothing wrong with me!"

Dawn was struggling. "Especially not that winning personality, you prissy brat. Get over yourself! Everyone had faults!"

He was sitting on her and trying to hold her hands down. Her legs were still dangling off the edge of the bed, so Dawn couldn't really get any leverage. Didn't stop her from wriggling about under him.

And this funny look passed over Draco's face.

His skin flushed a bit pink, then he leaned down and kissed her. Light. Dawn went utterly still.


Jareth was laughing his figurative ass off.

So was Connor for that matter.

Ginny was gaping in horror. "I didn't... what just happened?"

"Passionate dislike has a flip-side, m'dear." Jareth said. "Those two will live, die, hate, and love in extremes. Always. Some people are just like that. It's all about the passion."

"I thought they were going to kill one another."

Connor snorted.

"Which wouldn't have made me sad if Malfoy had been the one to perish, but they look..."

"Like they're trying to eat one another's faces now." Connor said.

Ginny shook her head. "I really thought there would be killing."

Jareth laughed. "Kissing definitely, shagging perhaps, killing... not in a million lifetimes, sweetling. Just watch... unless they lose any more clothing. Then perhaps we shouldn't watch. I have no desire to see if Mister Malfoy's arse is as pale as the rest of him."

Connor made a face. "I second that."

"Thirded." Ginny added.


Draco moaned into her mouth when Dawn managed to gain some control. She rolled them sideways. Draco was on his back then with this wild cat in between his legs. She was holding his face now because he'd forgotten to hold her wrists when he'd started kissing her.

And they were still kissing.

His hands were around her waist. One of them was inching up under her top to trace her spine while the other was dipping into the waist of her sleepy pants to explore her tailbone. He placed his feet on the edge of the bed and shoved them so they were more on the bed. He didn't like half hanging off the bed. Draco also managed to move one of his legs so that his thigh was now nestled between both of hers.

Dawn pushed up with her arms and hovered above him with wild eyes. She was panting. Draco tilted his head and smirked at her. Her eyes went all hooded, and she leaned back down for more smoochies. One of his hands was kneading the curve of her rear, and Dawn his just placed a wet, sucking kiss to the center of his chest when the door burst off its hinges.


Jareth sat up straight. "Oh shit."



Dawn shot up off of Draco with a squeak of surprise. She would have gotten farther away, but he held her awfully tight to prevent it.

Buffy was standing just inside the room with an older blonde woman who bore a striking resemblance to the guy holding Dawn.

"What are you doing?" Buffy snapped.

"Draco Malfoy, I would know the very same thing." The other woman snapped. "Why aren't you fully clothed? And were you... kissing that girl?"

Draco groaned and flopped back on his back. "Hello, Mother."

"Er, hi, Buffy." Dawn was blushing.

"You have two seconds to let go of my sister, bud."


Narcissa Malfoy looked at the slayer. "Now see here, you rather violent and overly strong muggle-"

Three people rushed into the room then. Buffy was grabbed. Narcissa was backed to a wall with a wand in her face. Then Jareth breezed in.

"Connor, do release Miss Summers." He looked at Ginny. "Ginevra, do stop pointing your wand at Mrs. Malfoy. We are all going to behave like rational adults here."

"We are?" Buffy said as she shoved herself out of Connor's loosened arms.

"Buffy, this isn't what it looks like."

Jareth glared at Dawn. "Yes, it most certainly is, and please refrain from insulting my matchmaking skills again, Miss Summers the younger."

"Matchmaking?" Draco spat. "You're the one who abducted us? None of this is real?"

Jareth scowled at him. "Yes, I am the on who abducted you, and no, all of this is very real."

Draco snorted.

"I never set up a match that couldn't happen on its own. I just provide a controlled meeting place. Had you and Dawn met around others, in your real world, you would have wasted needless year pretending to hate one another.... before your sexual tension completely made the two of you lose control. Your fighting, name-calling, the wrestling-"

"You guys were wrestling?" Buffy interrupted.

"It was most entertaining, but that's not important right now." Jareth said. "What's important is that they understand now. Like Miss Weasley and Mister Angel do."

"Understand?" Narcissa snapped. "Well, I'm glad someone understands because I am utterly baffled here."

"I don't understand crap." Dawn snapped. "You mean you tossed us in this room so we'd... make out?"

Jareth made a face at her. "And you say you don't understand."

"That's... that's not fair. You're messing with the natural course of things."

"Not messing... just... speeding up. So you wanted to wait more that a decade to discover what you have just discovered?"

"What I just discovered?"

"Draco Malfoy, dear."

Dawn blushed and looked at the discovery in question.

"You know what?" Draco snapped. "We're tired here. Everybody out. Dawn and I are going to sleep."

"Now see here-" Buffy started.

But Jareth had nodded at Draco, and in the next instant, the room was emptied of all persons save Draco and Dawn.

"That's a cool trick." Dawn remarked. "But I'll bet Buffy's really pissed right now."

"And my mother's no lightweight in the ranting anger department either." Draco sighed as he shoved off the bed and began replacing the blankets and pillows.

"So... you meant it about the sleeping."

"Naturally. What else do you expect us to do now that we are blissfully alone again?" He was smirking playfully.

She slapped him lightly on his bare chest. "Oooo, you big faker."

"Listen, non-muggle, I don't plan on faking ANYTHING with you. Can I ask for the same in return?"

Dawn grabbed his hands and pulled him into the bed with her. "I wasn't always human. I'm a few thousand years old, I think. These monks made me human. I used to be energy. Green, I'm told."

"Green's one of my favorite colors."

"Next to black, ay?"

"Naturally." Draco considered. "So you were correct. You are not a muggle... because you ARE magic."


"Might I ask what you did... as energy?"

"I opened portals to other dimensions."


Dawn giggled.

"And I was quite serious about sleeping. I am rather tired."

"Oh." Dawn said, a bit disappointed.

Then she squeaked in surprise when he settled in and pulled her close to him.

"Silly little cow."

"Pasty-skinned brat."

Draco swatted her on the arm.


Dawn pinched his exposed nipple.

"Ow! Bloody hell, girl! That stings!"

"Poor baby." Dawn said rubbing her fingertips over the pinched area. The she leaned over and kissed the place. "That better?"

"I don't see a lot of sleep happening in this scenario. And what do you mean better. Now I'm getting all warm."

"You've never heard of kissing a boo-boo to make it better?"


Connor dropped the black drape over the scrying mirror and turned to face Ginny and Jareth.

"Well, that was interesting."

Ginny was smiling. "I just can't believe you tossed Dawn's sister and Draco's mother into the oubliette, Jareth. That was tacky. You should let them out."

Jareth made a pouty face. "Spoil my fun, Ginny. I'll let them out... after a fashion. We have other things to discuss first."

"Such as?" Connor asked, propping an arm up on the covered mirror.

"Such as who we 'victimize' next, my boy."

Ginny squealed in delight. "Who did you have in mind?"

"Well, there some more polar opposites... some vampires... or perhaps the oddities."

Connor smiled at Ginny's delight in this.

"But first." Jareth said. "Why don't the two of you have a look in the gardens? They'd very beautiful... and secluded this time of night."

Connor's grin widened. He held out a hand to Ginny and nodded his head towards the doors leading to the garden. Jareth smirked after them. Then he went to the scrying mirror and lifted the veil.

His eyes widened.

Draco Malfoy certainly didn't waste time when you clued him in on the fact that he had a propensity for wasting time in an alternate version of reality.

Jareth dropped the veil back to give them some privacy.


end match 2

The End?

You have reached the end of "Playing with Matches" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Jul 04.

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