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Flying Higher

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Summary: Faith is invited to join the league. Will she fit in in this group of misfits? Faith/Sawyer romance.

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Comics > League of Extraordinary GentlemenRainFR131930021,2784 Apr 044 Apr 04No
Title: Working title

Author: Rain

Disclaimer: I don’t own Faith, Or LXG. Slight spoilers for season seven.

Summary: Faith is invited to join the league. Or rather, Faith ends up on Captain Nemo’s ship.

Pairings: Faith/Tom Saywer.

Rating: don’t know yet.

Chapter one ~ A slayer’s pride.


Chasing what looked like a Jason Voorhies lookalike through the graveyard (Machette and everything) Faith felt pumped. She never lost the rush she got from slaying, even after her jaunt in Jail.

“He’s going right! No, left!” She shouted to the two potentials who she had been taking on patrol with her that night.

Taking a sudden sharp left, the monster that had been terrorizing Sunnydale for the past two nights sped towards and open grave. Faith smirked. That was the one thing she loved about graveyards in Sunnydale. All the free booby traps.

Mr. Voorhies dove headfirst into the grave and Faith followed, expecting him to be there.

Of course, he wasn’t.

And neither was the bottom of the grave.


Faith grunted as she felt the ground attack her. Not having time to take in her surroundings, she saw Mr. Voorhies flee around a corner. Jumping to her feet she followed him, whipping a knife out of her boot as she went.

Three corridors and a few dizzy spells later, Faith chased the chainsaw wielding maniac into a dead… well, almost a dead end. ‘Jason’ backed into a slightly open door. He fell through it in the style of a badly done comedy sketch. Hearing gasps from the inside of the room, Faith decided she didn’t need any more dead people around, and so made her way into the room after him.

Inside looked like a stately dinner. Faith felt done down in her black combats. ‘Jason' was stood on the table, having dragged a Johnny Depp (Only slightly more obnoxious looking) look-a-like up with him. He was holding him by the throat. The man, to say the least, looked unperturbed.

Faith leapt into action. She threw the knife at ‘Jason’s’ throat, catching the skin long enough to make him let go of the man. He jumped off the table and drew his long knife, going straight for her. Faith brought her hands up quick as a flash and before you could say ‘Aycarumba’ His head was detached from his body.

Faith brushed her hands together, looking around her. It seemed to be a large group of men and one woman. As soon as Faith set eyes on the woman her spider senses (As B used to call them) began to tingle.

“Who are you?” asked one man standing to get a better look at her. He had a Scottish accent and reminded her of someone who had played James Bond a very long time ago.

“I’m someone you don’t need to know.” Faith said airily, still not taking her eyes off the woman. Her hand gripped the stake in her pocket “I’ll just be leaving now.” She said, heading toward the door.

“Miss Wilkerson?” A deep voice behind her asked. Faith turned. A man with a long beard and a Turban was addressing her.

“How do you know my name?” She asked suspiciously. The man stepped forward and kissed her hand. Faith pulled her hand away.

“You are a slayer, correct?” Faith nodded, wide eyed.

“How did you -”

“My name is Captain Nemo. That man -” He gestured to the corpse that was in two pieces on the floor before them, “Is my means of bringing you to the League.”

“What League? How… I don’t understand. Who are you?” Faith asked, wicked confused. This man had openly revealed that he had tricked her into to going to… wherever she was.

“Let me explain to you, Lady. This is the league of extraordinary gentlemen. Every person here has a special skill. A Hunter, an immortal, a vampire -”

“WHAT?” Faith exploded, “Where?”

Captain Nemo gestured to the only woman at the table. She looked at Faith with wide eyes.

“Is this strange to you?” She asked. Her voice was musically odd and it disturbed Faith.

Faith thrust her chin out defiantly “I kill your kind.”

“And I bite yours.” She said quietly.

“Allow me to introduce Mrs. Mina Harker to you, Ms.Wilkerson.”

“Faith’s fine. So you’re Mina Harker?” Faith said to Mina. She nodded.

“And you’re a vampire?” Mina nodded again.

“But I read Dracula, and I’m pretty sure you didn’t die at the end, so how…?”

“Do not believe everything you read, Ms. Wilkerson.” Mina smiled. Faith frowned. She turned to Captain Nemo.

“So what am I doing here?”

Captain Nemo smiled, “Please, take a seat Ms. Wilkerson.”

“Again, it’s Faith, but OK, thanks.” Faith drew out the chair nearest to her and went to sit on it. Halfway down, Faith’s body collided with an invisible barrier which stopped her from sitting in the chair properly.

“Skinner!” Barked the man with the Scottish accent.

“What?” asked an innocent voice from underneath Faith. She yelled and leapt to her feet.

“I told you I wanted to you dressed at all times!” The man said coming round to stand over the chair.

“Sorry, Allan.” The voice said meekly.

“You mean I just sat on a naked invisible guy at a stately dinner? That’s gross even for me.” Faith wrinkled her nose.

“Don’t apologise to me,” Allan said harshly, “Apologise to the young woman you frightened half to death!”

“I wasn’t scared,” Faith mumbled, her pride beginning to assert itself again.

Allan turned and gave her a sceptical look, but didn’t say anything.

Captain Nemo led her around to an empty seat, which Faith waved her hand around before sitting on.


Good? Bad? Terrible? Any reviews welcome, but flames will be duly ignored.

P.S If anyone can think of a good title, I am open to suggestions.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Flying Higher" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Apr 04.

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