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A Southern Pit Stop

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Summary: A father-daughter bonding experience takes a slight detour to Bon Temps, Louisiana (crossover with Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Series)

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Literature > Southern Vampire MysteriesdulcineaFR71886012,6044 Apr 044 Apr 04Yes
Title: A Southern Pit Stop

Rating: 7

Author: Dulcinea

Disclaimer: Amy belongs to the Buffyverse, and the characters of Bon Temps, Louisiana belong to Charlaine Harris

Note: This is a response to Jinni’s 20 minute challenge… hopefully if I post enough one shots in this ‘verse, someone else will be inspired to write something longer, wink wink nudge nudge.

Sookie was glad Sam had finally relented to giving her the afternoon shifts so that she could spend more time with Bill, but it sure was cutting into her tips. Take this afternoon for example, even with the lunch rush, she hadn’t had more than three tables to wait on. Here it was almost three o’clock, and the place was quiet as a mouse.

Of course, as soon as she thought that, the door opened and in walked a customer. “Well hi there, can I get you a table?” Sookie beamed, smoothing out her uniform as she jumped up from the deserted bar.

The girl nodded hesitantly and followed Sookie to a booth. “Can I get you somethin’ to eat, somethin’ to drink?”

“Um.” The girl blushed nervously. “Do you have a menu?”

“Why, of course we do, here you go sweetheart.” Sookie handed her the single typed sheet. As the girl reached for the menu, her fingers brushed Sookie’s and suddenly Sookie’s head was filled with a barrage of bizarre images- cauldrons boiling over, cheerleaders catching on fire, an evil woman cackling, and the word mom. “Oh, I’m so sorry, honey.” Sookie covered her mouth with her hand, not intending to say anything, but she was so overwhelmed with the girl’s confusion she couldn’t hold it in.

The girl just eyed Sookie suspiciously. “You know, I think I’ll just get a coke and some fries.” She mumbled, handing the menu back.

“Coming right up.” Sookie smiled broadly, hoping it covered her social faux pas. This girl was obviously not from around here, so she had no idea that Sookie was “handicapped”, at least that’s how the neighbors put it.

Sookie put the order in, and proceeded to get the coca-cola, adding a cherry and one of those fancy umbrellas just to be nice. By the time she was done messing with the drink, Sam had already order-upped the fries. “Sookie, who is that girl? She doesn’t feel right.” Sam whispered as he passed her the basket of fries.

Sookie looked at Sam questioningly then shrugged. “I guess I’ll have to find out.” Sookie set down the drink and fries, and then proceeded to slide into the booth across from the girl.

“So, darlin’, what brings you to Bon Temps?”

Amy stared in confusion. What kind of waitress actually talks to the people she’s waiting on? How dare she try to … what? Be friendly? Well, this was the South, they were known for being a bit odd. “Actually, I’m going to Florida… with my dad, to meet my grandparents.” Amy mumbled. It had been a couple days since she had actually talked to anyone except her dad, whom she barely knew.

“So where’s your dad?” Sookie asked. She had seen several images the girl had labeled ‘mom’ in her head, but nothing about a ‘dad’.

“The car broke down about a mile back; he’s looking for a mechanic.” Amy shrugged. This trip had been a disaster since the start. Her father was trying to make up for a lifetime of absence by a summer of intense attention, and it was just getting annoying. She didn’t want to drive to some retirement community in Florida to meet strangers she supposedly was related to.

“Do you want me to call Fred? He’s probably the closest tow truck on duty right now.” Sookie asked kindly.

“No, I’m sure my dad has it under control.” Amy shrugged.

“You’ve got a very interestin’ accent.” Sookie smiled, knowing she’d need to get some information on this visitor for Sam. “Where are you from?”

“California.” The girl answered sullenly.

“How exciting! Are the people really all so beautiful there? I mean, you’re a doll yourself, so I just can imagine a whole town of pretty people like you. Have you been to Los Angeles?”

“Yes, I mean no, I mean…” the girl blushed. “My dad lives in LA, so I’ve been there, but no. People aren’t all beautiful there.” Of course, Amy mused, maybe they were compared to the people here. She wondered if Jonathan would be considered cute anywhere.

“So you normally live with your mom?” Sookie had to ask.

“Not anymore.” The girl sadly bit down on a fry.

“Oh, I’m so sorry dear. My folks died when I was real young, and it’s been sort of weird since then, but life goes on.” Sookie patted the girl’s hand, getting a rush of images, even more bizarre than the last.

“Amy!” A man’s voice called, as the door jangled open.

“Here, dad.” The girl called.

“They managed to fix the car, so I’m ready to hit to road if you are.” The man smiled kindly, but awkwardly at his daughter.

“Sure, I’m ready to leave.” Amy stood up, slowly unsticking herself from the plastic seat, glued on by Louisiana summer heat.

As she pulled out her wallet, Sookie patted her shoulder. “Don’t worry about it Ms. Madison, you’ve had enough to worry about. You just have a good trip now.” Sookie smiled as the girl awkwardly tried to return her smile.

As Sookie cleared the nearly full basket of fries off the table, Sam came up behind her. “So what’s her story?”

“She’s a good kid.” Sookie smiled. “I just hope she can stay that way. Here, have a fry.”

The End

You have reached the end of "A Southern Pit Stop". This story is complete.

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