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An Abused Heart

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Summary: Xander Harris lives with his abusive father in Santa Carla, but one night his father goes too far. He runs away and encounters a Lost Boy, He finds out a secret that will affect him for the rest of his life,will he find a place in a new family?

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Movies > Lost Boys > Xander-CenteredLostGirlFR721,1581103,2974 Apr 0410 Apr 04No

Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Lost Boys or Buffy. I don't own Xander either. And thanks to Ronin100 for reviewing- there wont be any slash don’t worry!
Rating- PG
An Abused Heart
Chapter 2

Paul flew into the cave, an unconscious Xander in his arms. His eyes scanned the main room of the sunken hotel, jumping down the last few steps, quickly placing his charge on one of the beds.

He gazed down at the youth, a shock of recognition shooting through him, he frowned, absently brushing a stray lock of brown hair from the boys head. He felt as if he knew him and it seemed to him that he had been looking into a mirror. He traced a purple bruise on Xanders cheekbone, vowing revenge on the person who had done this. He felt close to the boy, like a brotherly affection, after all, he knew what the teen was going through, he’d been there himself.

Paul’s eyes widened, memories flashing before him. Images of a small, dark-haired boy, sounds of laughter, a feeling of companionship. Images passed by, all of them familiar to him and they soon faded, leaving him confused and wondering about who Xander really was.

“Alex…”He breathed, suddenly a sharp wind blew through the cave.

“Who’s Alex?”

Paul jumped, undead heart beating wildly in his chest. Marko stood behind him, eyes questioning.

“Alex is…he’s my…cousin.” He replied uncertainly, as if testing out his theory. David’s evil chuckle made Paul jump once more and he whirled around to see David sprawled in his usual wheelchair, taking a drag from a cigarette.

“What have I told you about bringing strays into the house Paul?” He said with a casual smirk. Dwayne and Marko laughed, Paul rolling his eyes in response.

Dwayne inspected the sleeping youth, his eyes tracing the features. He peeled back the lid, to reveal vacant brown eyes, but the similarity was unmistakeable. “He has Paul’s eyes. And they definitely have the same scent.” He said to David.

“And fruit rolls.” Paul smiled, lost in another memory. David, Dwayne and Marko gave him strange looks, knowing full well what Paul was like so they didn’t bother replying.

Xander/Alex stirred in his sleep, wincing as he caught a particularly painful bruise on his side, this caught the attention of the four vampires present and David approached Xanders bedside, leaning over to inspect the slumbering youth.

“His presence feels like Paul’s, their auras are similar.” He murmured, touching the cut on Xanders head. “But he is badly injured, he must rest.”

Paul looked hopeful. “So he can stay?”

David smirked, “For a while at least.” Marko gave David a pointed look.

“Are you sure that they’re related? It could all be a fluke.”

David shook his head, moving to stand near the fountain as he lit up another smoke.

“Paul has never been wrong before.” He replied as the three left the cave, going out into the night in search of Laddie and Starr, Paul trailing behind them.

Xander, or Alex as Paul knew him, lay in slumber, plagued by dreams of blood, ink black lightning and a primal force that pulled at his insides. He laboured through the nightmares, racked by sobs and the horror of the reality of these dreams.

The night began to come to a close, the lost boys returning near dawn. Paul took one last look at his blood relative before going into the safe haven of darkness in one of the smaller caves, leaving Xander to face the day.

The End?

You have reached the end of "An Abused Heart" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Apr 04.

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