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A Summers at Hogwarts

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Summer's at Hogwarts Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: COMPLETE! Buffy's first two years at Hogwarts and she meets first year Oliver Wood. (HP Crossover) My first attempt. Revising

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Oliver WoodWildFR15713,6954610,14926 Jan 0316 Aug 10Yes


            The rest of the year had gone smoothly. They all passed their exams with no problems. Gryffindor had won the Quidditch cup and the House cup. They said goodbye with the promise to write to each other. Giles, Xander, and Buffy had gone to the house that she had inherited. They were fixing up the house to make it feel more like home. Giles had taken Buffy to visit her mother’s grave when Buffy told him that she was ready. He held her and comforted her when she cried over the loss of her mother. Now, all three of them were sitting at their home waiting for the arrival of Charlie Weasley, Oliver, and a few others. Buffy had asked Charlie to give a few tips on Quidditch. She wanted to be sure that she got on the team. The fireplace came to life. The scene kind of looked like Santa coming down the chimney. She heard the sound two more times before the soot from the chimney cleared. Standing in front of her was Charlie and three boys that had to be his brothers. There were two twins standing before her with matching mischievous grins.

“Hey Buffy, are we the first ones here?”

“Yep, so who did you bring with you?”

“My younger brothers. I made the mistake of saying Quidditch in front of them. Before I knew it they were begging to coming with me. The two up front are George and Fred.”

“I’m Fred. He’s George.” The one on her left said.

“Are you two sure about that? I mean if you can’t tell yourselves apart who can?”

The twins turned and looked at each other before they started laughing. They liked her.

“We’re sure.” They said together.

“Now who’s this guy?” Buffy asked about the one Charlie was holding.

“This is Ron. He just turned six.”

"It's nice to meet all of you. Giles and Xander are around here somewhere. I got a question about Quidditch.”


“Well say if one of the players like a Seeker or a Keeper gets knocked out. Since we have three Chasers, can a Chaser take over that position? Could a Chaser double as a Keeper?” Charlie seemed to be thinking it over. Buffy motioned for them to take a seat.

“Well, I’m not really sure Buffy. When someone is down we usually play twice as hard to make up the difference. As the Seeker I usually stay out of the way, but we’ve never done it before.”

“Then I want to learn all the positions. It might come in handy.”

“We’d better get started soon then.” Seconds later the chimney was activated again emitting Oliver.

“Hey Oliver. I’m glad you could make.”

“Wouldn’t miss it. Nice house you have here.”

“Thanks. The rest should be here soon.” Soon the rest of the Gryffindor team arrived. Giles and Xander came up from the basement.

“Oh. I see our guest have arrived.”

“Hello Professor Giles.” All the Gryffindor’s spoke at once.

“Hello everyone.”

“We’re going to head out to the playing field.”

“Alright Buffy. Xander and I will be out with snacks soon.”

Buffy nodded and led them down a little path away from the house. They eventually came to a huge empty field.

“Wicked Buffy. This will work perfectly.” Charlie said.

“I'm not powerful enough to perform this spell Madam Hooch gave me. Will you perform it


Charlie took out his wand and read the spell. The field around them began to look like the Quidditch field at Hogwarts.


            They had been practicing for hours. Buffy had stunned everyone but Oliver with her flying. They had all heard about how she saved Willow but most had thought the talk was exaggerated. She started off as a Chaser throwing the Quaffle at Oliver who was defending the goal. They had Jimmy Ryan try to stop her. The broom moved up and then did a roll before dropping down and back up. Jimmy couldn't keep up with her moves so she went to throw the ball to score but Oliver had blocked it. Giles and Xander had brought refreshments for everyone so they took a break. Oliver handed her a drink.

“You two are wicked. You’ll make the team for sure. The way she flies and the way you defend the goal the other houses don't stand a chance." Little Ron came running up to Buffy.

“Yeah, the way you dodged those Bludgers…” Fred said.

“…You were bloody brilliant.” George finished.

“Looks like you’ve got a few fans. He’s right though. We’ll win the cup again for sure.”

Charlie said as he came over and scooped up Ron. Buffy was blushing from the compliments. Oliver watched her with a grin on his face.

“Come on let's get a little more practice in.” Charlie said as he finished his snack.


            As Oliver, Buffy, and Willow started their second year Buffy and Xander met them on the train to Hogwarts. Since Giles was a teacher she had spent the last week there. She took the train to the station so she could arrive with the other students.

“Hey Hagrid. How’s my favorite giant doing?”

“Buffy, I’m the only giant yeh know.”

“But that doesn’t mean you aren’t my favorite. Even if I knew any others you’d still be my favorite.” She said hugged him. “See you inside.”


            This year they took the carriages up to the school and Buffy was amazed at the creatures that were pulling them, especially when Oliver and Willow couldn’t see them. She would make sure to ask one of her teachers about it later. Oliver and Buffy sat in the back and Willow sat in the front. When they reached the Great Hall, they moved toward the Gryffindor tables and Buffy sat between her two best friends. The Sorting Ceremony began soon after. When the feast began and the ghost came out, she laughed at the first year’s expressions.

“Hello Sir Nicholas. How was your summer?” Buffy asked.

“Hello Miss Buffy. Just dismal. Once again my request to join the headless hunt has been denied.”

“You’re too good for those stuck up snobs anyway.”

“Why thank you Miss Buffy.” He said as he bowed to her. Buffy waited because she knew it was coming.

“Your Nearly Headless Nick. I heard about you.” A smart looking first year said.

“I prefer Sir Nicholas. If you don't mind”

Here it comes, Buffy thought. Motioning for Oliver to watch, she saw the boy across from the girl ask the question. She watched their faces as Sir Nicholas pulled on his head. She heard the EEWWS and she started to laugh. Beside her Oliver was laughing too.

“It never fails. Someone always ask and his or her reactions only get better. Thank you Sir Nicholas for showing them.”

“For you anytime.” Sir Nicholas said bowing before he left to talk to the others.


            Oliver and Buffy had indeed made the Quidditch team. They were both nervous. It was their first Quidditch match and it was against Slytherin. Charlie gave them each a squeeze on the shoulder.

“You guys will be fine. This is just like practice only a lot more intense.”

“That was sooo not comforting Charlie.”

Buffy said to him. They rode out on to the field waving to their fellow classmates. She saw Xander, Willow, and Hagrid sitting with the other Gryffindor's. She saw Giles sitting next to Snape with the other Professors. They landed on the ground with the Slytherin players waiting for Madam Hooch to release the balls. Buffy was facing off against Slytherin’s new Chaser Wiley King. They had clashed last year when touched her butt in Muggle Defense. She knew that this was going to be a interesting game.

“Madam Hooch releases the balls and Gryffindor’s newest Chaser Buffy Summers immediately takes possession of the Quaffle. She’s moving along fast as she passes to fellow Chaser Jessie Strong. Strong passes to Chaser Paul Small who gets the ball pass Slytherin Keeper Penny Fleece. GRYFFINDOR SCORES! Marcus Flint has the Quaffle and is moving fast down the field.”

Willow and Xander cheered loudly for the score Gryffindor had just made. Then she gasped as she saw the Bludger hit Oliver. She watched as his body fell to the ground unconscious.

“OW! That had to hurt. Two minutes into the game, a Bludger sent by Slytherin Beater John Flo has hit Gryffindor’s new Keeper Oliver Wood in the head. It looks like Wood is out for the count. Marcus Flint scores for Slytherin.”

Buffy’s heart was pounding. It was like everything was moving in slow motion. She wanted to fly down to check on him but she knew she couldn’t. They wanted to play rough she was going to show them rough. Taking a quick look she saw that Madam Pomfrey was already taking him to the hospital wing. Charlie called a time out. They all landed toward the ground.

“All right. We’re a player short now. Buffy it is time to put that practice to use. You got the fastest broom so you just became the new Chaser/Keeper. Watch out for Flo. He’s the one that took Oliver out. Let’s show them our secret weapon.”

“Let win this one for Oliver.” Buffy said as the group put their hands into the circle. They all shouted “GRYFFINDOR!” The playing resumed.


            The game had been going on for seven hours. Both teams were still going strong. Gryffindor was up twenty points. 160-140 was the score. Buffy was doing some amazing flying. Several time she heard the crowd gasp, as did some daring stunt to stop a goal. She had just thrown the Quaffle to one of her teammates when a Bludger was coming straight for her head.

“Wow! Buffy Summers has great reflexes as she dodges a Bludger heading for her head. Gryffindor Beater Dennis Clover sends that Bludger toward Slytherin Buster Simms. Slytherin Chaser Wiley King has stolen the Quaffle from Chaser Small. Gryffindor Chaser Buffy Summers is moving fast. Summers bumps King hard enough that he drops the Quaffle. What a move by Summers! She swoops down quickly and scoops up the Quaffle before anyone else can. She’s speeding toward the goal. The Slytherin team is trying to surround her as she nears the goal.”

The commentator went silent not sure what to say. Buffy had the Slytherin surrounding her leaving her other two players open. She drops the ball to Strong who quickly fly’s with the Quaffle and throws it in the goal to score.

“What a play Gryffindor. Slytherin never saw it coming. Chaser Buster Simms has the Quaffle passes to Chaser Flint who passes to Chaser Wiley King. King passes it back to Simms who is going to score…no! The incredible Buffy Summers comes out of nowhere to stop it. Summers is in possession of the Quaffle and passes it to Chaser Small. Gryffindor Seeker Charlie Weasley is on the move.”

Charlie was on the move. He was determined to end this game soon. He started following the snitch thankful to Beater Marcus Shaw for stopping the Bludger coming toward him. Slytherin Seeker Richard Curry had also seen the snitch and was making his way toward it. Charlie bumped him to try to get ahead. He returned Charlie’s bump. They began following the snitch through the columns. It was heading straight for the column. The Golden Snitch was mere centimeters from the column before it shot straight up. Charlie anticipated it maneuver and was on top of it. With one hand he held on tightly to his broom while trying to grab the snitch with the other. He was about forty feet in the air when he grabbed the Golden Snitch in his hand. He finally leveled out holding up the Golden Snitch.

“150 points to Charlie Weasley for catching the Golden Snitch. Gryffindor wins 320 to 150.”

The Gryffindor crowd cheered loudly as its players hovered in a circle. Buffy looked over to Charlie.

“It’s about time you catch that blasted Snitch. I am so ready to get off this broom.”

“You did great out their Buffy. I’ve seen you fly before and you still managed impress me today.”

“Thanks Charlie.”

She said as they were headed toward the locker room. She quickly ditched her robes and ran out to find Willow, Xander, and the others. She found them waiting for her outside the stadium.

“Buffy you were awesome.” Xander said.

“You rock.” Willow said.

“How's Oliver?”

“Still unconscious as of the last time I asked. Madam Pomfrey won't let us see him.” Willow told her.

“I'm going to go see him. Is that alright with you Giles?”

“Go on. We'll see you at dinner in a few minutes?”

She nodded her head and ran for the medic wing. She opened the door cautiously and peered in. Oliver was lying in the bed looking pale and still unconscious. A bandage had been wrapped around his head. She walked over to his bed and stood there looking at him. She looked up as Madam Pomfrey entered.

“How is he?” Buffy asked her.

“He hasn't regained consciousness yet.”

“Can I stay for a little bit? I just want to sit here with him for a little bit. Please.”

“Alright dear. Just for a little bit. You need to get something to eat after that long match.”

Buffy nodded. She just stared at him for the longest time. When was sure she was alone she talked to him.

“You’d better come out this Oliver Wood. I’m not going to tell you who won the game until you do. I don’t want to lose you too.”

She took his hand and sat in the nearby chair. When Giles came to get her for dinner, he found her slumped in the chair fast asleep. He carefully removed her hand from Oliver’s. Gently he picked her up trying not to wake her. Giles looked down and decided that nothing would have awakened her. She was exhausted. Pulling back the covers he placed her in one of the other beds. Covering her he kissed her goodnight on the forehead.

“Sleep well Buffy you earned it.”


            Buffy was terribly worried about Oliver. She had sent an owl to his parents to let them know what happened to their son. The next day they had arrived at Hogwarts. Buffy was in class when they arrived so she didn't get to meet them till that night. They wanted to be able to talk to her so they asked her to sit with them at the teacher’s table.

“Oliver’s told us a lot about you. It’s nice to finally meet you.” Mrs. Wood's told her.

“It’s nice to meet both of you.” She shook both their hands.

“Thank you for the letter. Dumbledore had already written to us, but it nice that you cared enough to write to us too. You’ve been such a good influence on Oliver. He seems happier since he met you.”

“It’s a two way street. He’s my best friend.” That's how they spent the rest of the evening talking about Oliver.


            Oliver Wood had been unconscious for a week. It was very early in the morning and Buffy was sitting holding his hand. She had woken up earlier than they were allowed, and decided to sneak down to the infirmary. She ran her hand through his hair.

“You’ve got to wake up Oliver. You have way too many people worried about you including me. Don’t you leave me Oliver Wood! I couldn’t take it if I lost you too. I love you.”

She was crying now. The hot tears ran off her face and on to their hands. She had been crying for several minutes when she felt her hand being squeezed. With teary eyes she looked up to see Oliver awake.

“Buffy? I love you too.” He said with a smile that she loved dearly.

“You’re awake! You’re awake!” She said wiping at her tears. “Don’t you ever do that to me again.” She slapped him on the shoulder and then hugged him. “I’m going to wake up Madam Pomfrey and then your parents. I’m so glad you’re alright.”

She quickly kissed him on the cheek before running to get Pomfrey. Had she watched him a little longer he would have seen him blush. He watched her leave feeling slightly confused.

“She’s been here every day. You really had her scared.” Dumbledore said as he entered the room from the opposite door Buffy ran through.

“What happened?”

“What’s the last thing you remember?” Madam Pomfrey asked him.

“Getting ready for the Quidditch game.”

“That was a week ago my dear. You took a Bludger to the head two minutes into the game.”

Madam Pomfrey said as she checked his pulse. Now he understood why she had been so upset. He finally looked around the room and noticed the room was filled with candy, chocolate, and flowers.

“Your team mates have been here quite a few times to see you as have a few of your classmates.” Dumbledore told him.

A few minutes later his parents were there. They both went over and gave him a hug. His mother kissed him.

“Where’d Buffy go Mom?”

“She said she’d be back to see you later. Buffy was so happy she was doing flips. Literally. I have a feeling you’re going to have a lot of visitors before the day is out."

“That's a good girl there Oliver.” His father stated.

“I know dad. I know.”


            Later that night Oliver laid back in his bed. His mother was right he had gotten tons of visitors. The Quidditch team had come by and related how the match had gone. They told him how Buffy had played both Keeper and Chaser, and how exhausted she was by the end. Willow and Xander had come by and they talked for a while. He asked them where Buffy was and they had told him that Giles had wanted to see her. Now it was nighttime and student were forbidden to be out. That was when the door to the room opened.

“Betcha thought I wasn’t coming back didn’t ya? I planned to come earlier but every time I started coming this way somebody wanted to ask me a question or needed something from med me. Then Giles wanted to see me and he made sure I ate. Let’s just say it was hectic.”

She said coming up to his bed.

“Not that I’m not glad to see you but you’re not going to get in trouble for being out after hours are you?” He motioned for her to sit on the bed. She sat down by his thighs.

“Nope. I’m legal. Dumbledore gave me a pass so I could come and see you. I think he knew I was going to sneak out. So when do you get released?”

“’Madam Pomfrey said maybe tomorrow.”

She nodded and the two sat there in silence. Buffy was trying not to succumb to the tears that were threatening to fall. Oliver saw that she was struggling and motioned for her come up to the head of the bed.

“Go on and let it out.” She had no sooner gotten to his shoulder that she started crying. He held her just wanting to make her feel better.

“I was just so scared. I didn’t want to lose you. Especially since I hadn’t told you that I love you.” She sniffed.

“I love you too Buffy. I think I have since the first day we met.”

“Really?” She looked at him.

“Who wouldn’t? You’re beautiful, funny, independent, and you play Quidditch like the devil himself.”

She smiled up at him and he returned his smile. The two just laid there seeking comfort from one another and soon falling asleep.

The End


The End

You have reached the end of "A Summers at Hogwarts". This story is complete.

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