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Summary: A chance meeting set just before the break of WW II. (20 minute Darla challenge)

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Harry Potter > Darla-CenteredechoFR131942011,1984 Apr 044 Apr 04Yes
title: Crossing
author: echo
rating: 13
summary: A chance meeting set just before the break of WW II.
challenge: 20 minute Darla
crossover: AtS/HP


The girl was fighting.


Darla had her pinned to the table in the little pub with one hand to the girl's throat. She couldn't be more than sixteen or seventeen with long black hair and dark eyes behind spectacles. She had out her little witch's wand, but Darla kept batting her hand away every time she pointed it remotely at her. It wouldn't have done much good anyhow. One couldn't cast if one couldn't speak. Darla raised the girl slightly and banged her back against the table. She knew the little chit was seeing stars, but she still wasn't about to give in.

This was one worth turning. She was fierce. Brave. Darla tightened her hand. The girl struggled to breathe. Her thin legs were kicking revealing the black wool stockings under her pale green dress. One of the short heels on the girl's sensible black shoes hit a chair and kicked it across the room. Yes, this one was worth turning.

"Madam, I will ask you to release the girl."

Darla didn't turn.

"Pro... fess... or.... Dum... bel... dore..." The girl rasped.

Darla pulled the girl up then threw her to the floor as she spun to face this professor person, the one she was now sensing was the real threat. The girl coughed and sputtered as she sucked in air from the position on her hands and knees where she had landed. Darla raised one blonde brow at the man standing in the doorway. His blue eyes were the type to hold mischief or wrath... sort of like hers.

Right now they were deadly calm. Darla was suddenly filled with the knowledge that she was not dust because he was allowing it. She studied him. This was a powerful wizard. It was all in his eyes. He rather knew he was powerful too. Not in a gloating way. He just knew.

It was all in those eyes.

Surrounded by a nice face with a few lines on it, a hefty beard that was getting long, and shaggy auburn hair that was liberally streaked with gray. Darla was betting there would be no auburn left in his hair in the next two years.

His eyes darted to the young girl on the floor. "Minerva?"

"I'm all right, sir."

In that instant, Darla closed the space between her and the wizard, but he was ready.

"Strigoi exeme!"

She never even knew what hit her. Darla was blasted off of her feet. She landed on a table, bounced, and spilled quite ungracefully to the floor. Darla laid there for a minute, stunned. Then she sprung up with a growl, her vampiric visage on.

The girl had already been collected by the wizard.... who had one arm around the girl in her pretty mint green dress and the other arm stretched with his wand on Darla.

"Assistant Professor Dumbledore, I'm so sorry. I've never faced a vampire before. I've read all about them. I thought I could handle it. I-"


Darla was smiling. Her demonic face melted away. She and this Dumbledore man were just staring at one another. It was an odd moment. For the first time in her unlife, she did not want to hurt a human. She was completely at peace with this Dumbledore fellow staying human... because that's how he was most dangerous.

"I'm Darla."

"I know."

"That's not very polite." She purred. "You're supposed to tell me your name."

"Am I?"

"It would be the gentlemanly thing to do."

"Ah, but how do you know that I am a gentleman?"

"You just saved the damsel in distress."

He chuckled. "Minerva is hardly a damsel in distress, Miss Darla. She merely got in over her head."

Darla noticed the way the girl straightened in pride at the compliment.

"If I must ask, then I must ask." Darla said, playfully. "I would like to know the name of the wizard who just tossed me down like a ragdoll... without even laying a hand on me."

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore."

"Well, I was going to turn your little friend-"

"I would not have allowed that."

"You could have stopped me?"

"I thought I just did."

Darla laughed then. "I like you... and I haven't been amused by a human in a very long time."

"Well, it's been lovely chatting with you, madam, but Minerva and I must be going. Headmaster Dippet has been most worried about her."

Darla cocked her head to the side and smirked. "All right. But you DO amuse me, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, I'll be hoping our paths cross again."

"You'll forgive me, madam, if I am hoping they do not."

Darla laughed. She watched as the wizard and the young witch exited the pub.

"Minerva, you will never forgive me for saying this I am sure, but I am beginning to be glad that your graduation from Hogwarts will occur before I finish my apprenticeship and take on full professor duties in Transfiguration. You, my dear, are a troublemaker."

The girl sputtered in indignation.

Darla smiled to herself and decided to get the hell out of this little wizard's town before someone who didn't have an appreciation for creatures like the future professor seemed to have came waltzing in here and decided she'd make a grand-looking pile of dust.

She slipped out the back door and hurried off into the night.... to find other mischief elsewhere to get into.



AN: The word 'strigoi' is Romanian for vampire. It is pronounced 'stree-goy'.

The End

You have reached the end of "Crossing". This story is complete.

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