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One Knight

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This story is No. 3 in the series "20 Minutes with". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 20 min w/ Anya - AU after Graduation. Anya bumps into someone that she met a long, long time ago.

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Television > Forever KnightLucindaFR151617011,6834 Apr 044 Apr 04Yes
Author: Lucinda

Rating: pg/pg13

Main character: Anya

Disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to Anya or Nick.

Distribution: Jinni, Cat, Paula – anyone else ask.

Note: 20 minutes with Anya response

Anya sighed, wondering what she was going to do now. She was.... human. Utterly, completely, helplessly human. Right back where she'd been eleven hundred years ago - fragile, mortal, and doomed. Well, she still had some magic, but her own sorcerous skills would be very rusty now, maybe enough that they would be useless. What on earth would she do now?

"I hate this." She glared at the forest, not caring that it was empty. She'd left Sunnydale to avoid the big Ascension, remembering the one that she'd seen before. It was too bad, she hadn't seen such a group of people willing to stand so blindly for what they believed in since...

Not since she'd met that group of crusaders over eight hundred years ago. So willing to go toss their lives away for some land, just because of who'd lived there over a thousand years ago. It was astounding, baffling, and so... so human. Idly, she wondered how many of them had been slain in battle, how many had been crippled, returning home to live in misery. How many had returned to their homes, to the wives and betrotheds that they'd left behind. How many of the dead had fallen to the infidel and how many to the demons and vampires.

But that probably didn't matter now. She was eight centuries later and across an ocean, just outside of the city of Toronto. None of it would matter again, they would all be long since dead and gone.

"Anyanka?" The shocked voice sounded almost familiar, as if belonging to someone she'd met a long time ago.

Turning, Anya tried to look around, to see who or maybe what had spoken. "Why don't you come out where I can see you?"

"Still as blunt as ever, aren't you?" The smiling face of the man stepping out of the woods was also familiar.

Tilting her head, Anya tried to remember where she'd seen him. Her mind made his hair longer, and draped him in cloth, and it clicked. "You were on that miserable crusade! But... that was... Shouldn't you be dead by now?"

He shrugged a little, his eyes dropping away from her. "Technically. I go by Nick now. Nick Knight."

"Cute." She smiled, walking a bit closer to him, studying him carefully. "Ohh, you're a vampire now. That explains that."

"Anyanka, it's very important..." He stopped in the middle of his warning, and puzzlement filled his eyes. "Why aren't you dead?"

"When I met you and those other guys, I was a demon. A Vengeance Demon to avenge scorned women." She smiled at him, remembering the awkward way that he'd tried to be polite and courteous towards her.

"I suppose that explains what happened to Jonothan." He murmured. "What do you mean, was?"

"It's sort of...well, embarrassing more than complicated." Anya sighed, glancing at her hand. "I granted a wish, my power center was broken, now I'm human."

"If only it could be that simple for me..." The words slipped out from Nick's lips.

Ideas began to swirl in Anya's mind. "Hey Nick? Why don't we go somewhere a bit more civilized and catch up on the last eight hundred years or so?"

"That sounds... actually, I think I'd like that." Nick smiled, offering her his arm. "Shall we?"

"Indeed," She slid her arm through his.

With a small smile, he put his other arm round her, and they lifted into the air, flying back into town. “How does my place sound?”

Anya smiled, pulling herself closer to him, only partly from the fear of falling. The years had been good to Nick. “It sounds good. And it’s just Anya now.”

end One Knight.

The End

You have reached the end of "One Knight". This story is complete.

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