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Into the Sea

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This story is No. 16 in the series "20 Minutes with". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 20 min w/ Angel - AU look at just how Angel might have gotten out of his metal prison.

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Movies > Little MermaidLucindaFR131638031,7904 Apr 044 Apr 04Yes
author: Lucinda

mostly light and fluffy.

disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to Angel or Connor. Ariel, King Triton, and all other recognizable mer belong to Disney's 'the Little Mermaid', based on the fairy tale recorded by Hans Christian Anderson.

distribution: Twisting, if anyone else wants it, just ask.

note: 20 minutes with Angel response. (plus a bit of time for spell-checking.)

Aria giggled to herself as she swam through the water. Her parents could be so stuffy sometimes. Didn't they know that she would be careful? Didn't they know that she knew how to take care of herself?

Hadn't the past three centuries of family history taught them that the line of King Triton, who was her great, great grandfather, couldn't live a boring life if they tried? If it wasn't Sea Witches, there were in-laws and squabbling nobles. There were fishing boats and divers to dodge. But really, that's why they were mer, because they were smart and agile enough not to be caught.

A large metal ball dropped through the water, the ripple of its sinking jarring her.

"What was that?" Aria blinked, her curiosity, something that she'd inherited from her Grandma Ariel, getting the best of her. Swimming closer, she discovered that there was a tiny window. Inside, there was a man, a human man. He'd been in some sort of a fight, and apparently the winner had tossed him into this metal shell and dropped him into the water. Into the water to die.

That wouldn't do at all. Aria managed to redirect the fall, sending it down near a place where there was an large air pocket. She'd discovered the pocket a few years ago, on a dare from her cousin. But it would be good for this man, this air breathing human.

She managed to get the ball into the cavern, and paused. How could she get the metal prison out of the water, so that the human inside wouldn't drown when it opened? How could she open it anyhow?

After a few minutes, Aria managed to thread some chains along the rocks, and between the leverage and the fact that the air inside made the metal prison more bouyant that it would have been otherwise, she was able to lever it up to a small ledge. It was still partly in the water, but not submerged. Climbing upwards, she tried to figure out how to open it.

There was a chain, and some locks over a section, and she began to poke at the locks with a slender bit of metal. With a click, she managed to pop the lock open.

He must have been awakened by the clattering of all the chains, because when she opened the hatch, he was looking at her, his eyes filled with questions.

"Who..? Did Connor send you? Where am I?" He sounded as if he was trying to deny what had happened.

Giggling, she looked at him, pleased to see that he was fairly handsome, for a human. "I'm Aria, of course. I found you when this metal ball almost hit me."

"Found me? But... the ocean?" He looked confused, and stood up, reaching for the hatchway.

Aria moved, sliding down the side and back into the water so that he'd have space to come out. She couldn't wait to see his reaction.

His head emerged, swiftly, as if... Could he have simply thrust upwards? What had her mother called it? Yes, jumped. Could humans jump like that? Aria giggled as he looked around, his eyes growing wide with surprise.

"This... this is under water."

"Yes, silly." She couldn't help giggling as she leaned on the edge of the dry ledge. Her tail curled up, and she used it to splash a bit of water onto her back.

He looked over at her and froze. "A mermaid? I've been rescued by a mermaid?"

“Yes. I’ll still have to ask the Sea King what to do with you, but you aren’t trapped in that anymore.” She said, gesturing at his metal prison.

“That’s definitely an improvement.” He sighed. “From a metal ball to fairy tale. Why me?”

end In the Sea.

The End

You have reached the end of "Into the Sea". This story is complete.

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