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Spilt Tears

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Summary: BtVSRoswell. A man searching for reason, a woman searching for a purpose

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Spilt Tears

Title: Spilt Tears

Author: Jmaria aka Jill

Rating: R

Spoilers: Um, I think season 2 of Roswell (the one with Tess getting pregnant), ‘Hells’ Bells” of Buffy.

Setting: Dusty highway between Sunnydale and Roswell.

Pairing: Tess/Xander

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never have, never will be. . .

A/N / Summary: For Jinni, who needs a bit of cheering up. A man searching for reason, a woman searching for a purpose. Tess returns shattered from the woman she once was. (side note, it’s been a really long time since I’ve watched Roswell, and I thought there had been four seasons. . . until I went to a website and found out that there were only three. . .dumb me. I do remember that Tess left pregnant with Max’s baby, and I don’t remember if she came back in Season 3. . . I’m not sure if she did. Anyway, this might be a three parter.)



Spilt Tears

She fell hard into the pavement. Her hands were cut by the asphalt, and her forearms were bleeding. She was still bleeding. Her son . . had they taken her son?

Tess pushed herself up, slowly. She didn’t hear the screech of the tires as the car plowed towards her.

* * * * *

Xander Harris slammed on the brakes. The girl had literally fallen from the sky. Just plopped down in the middle of the road. He caught his breath as he stared at her. Then he pushed himself out of the car and raced to her side.

“Are you ok?”

“My baby. . . they took my baby. . .”

“Your baby?”

“Max’s son!” She screamed, “They betrayed me!” She sobbed, collapsing to the pavement.

“Ok, I’m gonna take you to a hospital, ok? We’ll get you some help.”

* * * * *

She shivered as the doctor examined her. The dark haired man had lied. Said she was his sister.

“Willow lost quite an amount of blood. She was indeed pregnant, and I won’t lie to you when I say I think she abandoned the child. It’s common among young mothers to -”

“She didn’t ditch the baby, doc. I think I know my kid sister well enough to say that Willow didn’t dump the baby.” Xander said seriously.

“We’ve given her some medication, and removed the afterbirth. . . It’s strange, Mr. Harris.” The doctor said pensively.

“What’s strange?”

“It’s almost as if someone pulled out the child and left her.” The doctor smiled brightly at him. “Well, you’re all set to leave. Have a nice day.”

Tess had wrapped her arms around her. She barely listened to what the doctor had said. The man. . Harris, was talking to her. But she wasn’t listening.

“Come on, sis. We’re gonna take you home.” He said loudly.

“Don’t have a home. That’s my punishment.” She muttered. “That’s what I get for killing Alex. . . “

“Sis, hehe, you didn’t kill me. Come on, Willow. . . It’s time to get you home.”

* * * * *

Harbing Hotel, an hour later. . .

Xander paced. She hadn’t spoken in an hour. Not one word since they left the hospital. He could only come to one conclusion about what happened to her baby.

“A demon took your baby, did it?” He blurted out.

“A what?” She blinked out of her stupor.

“A demon. I bet a chaos demon. Was it all dripping pus and antlers?” She was sitting on the edge of the bed. He squatted down in front of her, his face all hopeful.

“What?” She blinked.

“Or, um, a fear demon? Oh! A big snake? Some like to eat babies?”

“What are you talking about?

“The evil things that tore your baby out of you. They were demons, right?”

“No, they were aliens.” She said simply. She shoved a hand through her curly blond hair, sighing heavily.

“Well. . . those are kinda like demons. I mean, we can track them, right?” He asked, hopefully.

“Yeah, all the way out in space. Sure we can track them.”

“Well, what do they want with your son?”

“They want to - I don’t know. Kill him, maybe, so they can claim rule over my home.”

“Ok, so we find someone who knows -”

“They’ll be after Max now. And Isabel. He wants Isabel.”


“No, Kivar.”

“Ok, lost again.”

“Kivar was the - it’s gonna take a while to explain this. You might want to sit down. She said, patting the mattress.

Another hour later. . .

Xander didn’t know what to say. And that was a first. They’d been taking about their pasts, comfortable with everything that had been said between them. She stared at him for a moment.

“You know, it’s funny. The one person I did the most harm to shares the same name with the one person who saves me.”

“That Alex guy you killed?”

“Yeah. . . “

“You’re not gonna do that power thing with your mind on me, right?”

“No. . . they did something to me that won’t let me use my powers. . . they want Max and the others to kill me. . .It’s not as if I don’t deserve it.”

“Well, there’s the positive attitude I was looking for.”

“Sorry, Xander. . .I just can’t . . .I can’t.” She sighed.

“We can go to Roswell.”

“They’ll kill me, Xander. They won’t ask any questions. They’ll just kill me.”

“I won’t let them. . . I’ll stand in their way. . .They won’t kill a helpless human, right?”


“And if that doesn’t work, I’ll call this girl I know. She’s a witch, you’d like her. She can to a tracking spell or something. We’ll find your son.”



“No, that’s my son’s name. Z-A-N.”

“Oh. Well, we’ll find little Zan. And then, if the people in Roswell don’t like the sitch, we’ll go to Sunnydale. . . “

“And face the woman you left at the alter?”

“OK, then we’ll go to L.A.”

“What’s in LA?” Tess asked as Xander started packing his stuff up. He looked over his shoulder and smiled.

“My ex-girlfriend.” He grinned at the sight of her face.

“Oh, great. Another female you’ve harassed?”

“Nah, Cordy loves me.”


“Yeah, I bought her prom dress for her.”

Tess shook her head as she followed him out the door. She did a double take of the room. She watched as he grabbed the last of his things. Then something hit her.

“You called me Willow, back in the hospital.”

“Yeah.” He opened the car door for her.


“Well, I didn’t know your name. . .and so I said you were Willow Harris. My sister.”

“I look nothing like you.”

“Well, doctors are kinda dumb that way.”

“Oh. Why’d you pick Willow?”

“Thought it was more believable than Buffy Harris.” He said, plopping in the driver’s seat. He grinned over at her.

Xander gunned the engine as Tess let out a little laugh.

“What kind of name is Buffy?” She giggled.

* * * End Part* * *
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