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Summary: 20 minutes of April Fool's pranks. See what happens when you make her angry?

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredJmariaFR151537021,5505 Apr 045 Apr 04Yes
Title: Gotcha!

Author: Jmaria

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: S7

Disclaimer: Not mine, JK and Joss’

Summary: 20 minutes of April Fool’s Pranks. See what happens when you make Dawn angry?


“Yes, can I get a dragon burger with onions, ketchup, OH, and can I get that raw?”

“Huh?” She asked sleepily as she pushed the hair out of her eyes. She peered at the clock. It was ten after three. Who the hell was calling her?

“Well? Can I?”

“Who is this?” She fumbled for the bedside lamp. This was not cool.

“Excuse me, but this is very rude of you. I asked you a question. Is it not your job to answer it?”

“Hell no, it’s THREE AM! I’m sleeping. Good night!” She slammed down the reciever and snapped off the light.

She sighed as she flung herself back into bed. She was almost back to sleep when someone snapped the hall light on and flung her door open. She sighed heavily as she pushed herself up, glaring angrily at the intruder


“WHAT?” She snapped.

“Are you ok? And who was that on the phone?” Her older sister Buffy asked, crossing her arms and trying to be all mom like at her.

“Wrong number, and no I’m not ok!” She slammed her hands into the matress.

“What’s wrong?”

“Rude people keep waking me up!”

“Oh! Sorry, Dawnie.” She backed out the door, and pulled it shut. She was about to lay back down when the door opened again. She glared as Buffy stuck her head in and chirpped, “G’night!”

“GARRRGH!” She pulled her pillow over her face as she screamed.

Dawn Summers eventually got to sleep that night, but she was exhausted when she woke up the next morning. She dragged herself after Buffy. Thank god she didn’t have school tomorrow. She and Giles were talking about a new location for the Council Headquarters, but she wasn’t paying attention. She couldn’t understand why someone would call her at three in the morning. She felt a cold clammy hand clamp onto her shoulder. She screamed as she felt something slippery and cold go down her shirt.

She jumped around, in a circle trying to get it out of her shirt. A voice called out to her.

“Oh, Dawnie here’s your raw dragon burger!”

“Minus the bun, ‘acourse!”

She shrieked even louder as she finally got the soaking wet sponge out of her shirt. She grabbed it and spun around to face the Weasley twins, grinning like madmen, laughing at her. She chucked the sponge at them, hitting George square in the face with it.


“Dawn!” Giles and Buffy scolded her.

“April fools!” Fred cried.

“Sorry, luv, but you should have seen the face you made!” George said, picking up the sponge.

“April fools? You two are toast!” She glared.


Later that night there was a sudden knocking on the twins flat in Hogsmeade. Dawn collapsed in the doorway the second George opened the door. She was sobbing.

“Dawn? What happened?”

“Buffy - vamps - Oh, Goddess!” She leaned against her boyfriend, tears soaking into his sweater.

“What? And you left her? Fred! Grab your wand!”

Dawn led them to the sight of the vamp attack. Buffy lay on the ground, completely still, blood dripping from her neck. Fred rushed to her side. She suddenly grabbed his throat and pinned him beneath her.

“April fools!”

* * *end fic* * *

The End

You have reached the end of "Gotcha!". This story is complete.

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