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This story is No. 3 in the series "More Than Tea". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 3rd in the More Than Tea Series. Buffy made her choice, but can they live with it? COMPLETED

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsJmariaFR151124,55411023,1085 Apr 0425 Apr 04Yes

Epilogue: Wearing White

Title: Chamomile

Part: e/10 Wearing White

Author: Jmaria

Rating: Pg-13

Disclaimers: Edgar, Cammi, Cassia Tonks, Medusa Figg, and Kirkland Maltby? Mine. Everybody else are the results of Joss and J.K. brains. I also don’t own the part titles. They’re from Martina McBride's Martina

Spoilers: 5 (6ish) by 5 by 2 (3ish) (A:ts)

Summary: Wrapping it all up. Seriously this time, though.

A/N: Sigh. Two left to get naked. Fluff warning. Majorily. . thank you to all of the reviewers who liked the story. Nearly killed me, but I got it out it time. If there’s enough interest in it, I’ll work on a fic focusing on later in Cammi’s life.


Epilogue: Wearing White

Eight Months Later

The Burrow

Flowers covered every niche imaginable around the Burrow. Spells had been cast so that yellow roses hung in the air, and so that two of the guests didn’t burst into flame. There were whispers from some of the guests that it was preposterous for the bride to be wearing white dress robes. They’d been at each other like rabbits since the battle (one of the guests cringed at the woman’s alliteration, and was comforted by her husband). And the fact that she was showing was a dead give away.

The red haired man stood nervously at the front of the aisle. What if she changed her mind? What if she didn’t love him? What if -

“She’s ready, son.” Albus Dumbledore said to him softly as music began to play. He turned his head as the flower girl made her way down the aisle.

Chamomile toddled, her hand firmly on Edgar’s back. She beamed at him and gave a hearty baby giggle that had most of the guests going ‘aww’. He gave the toddler a smile as she made her way up the aisle and into her Gran’s arms. Ginny was next, her arm looped through Oliver Wood’s. Draco’d have some choice words for the Scottish Keeper later on, he would. Dawn and Connor were next, followed by Luna and Kirkland. Blaise would have something to say as well.

Ron and Hermione, followed by Harry and Cassia Tonks, the twins and their girlfriends, and Katie Bell and Bill. The last couple in the large bridal party was none other than Charlie and his stunning wife, Buffy.

He turned to where the bride was to come out next, and his heart seemed to stop. Beside the immaculately dressed blonde wonder was Nymphandora Tonks, dressed like an angel in the beautiful white robes. Her hair was brown with a streak of magenta that crossed over her forehead. She grinned at him, her hand going to her stomach, where his child slept.

Percy grinned back at his bride. As his family, friends, and friends of the family watched Tonks get a happily ever after for the first time in her short life.

~The End~


A/N: AHA! Y‘all probably thought I was gonna have Charlie and Buffy get married! Fooled ya! (heehee)

*Sigh* I know, it has nothing to do with Cammi, and I threw in a bunch of Sues. But I wanted a happy ending for Tonks. She deserves one. So, here are the couples in this series, in case you didn’t catch them





Xander/Anya (got married)




Charlie/Buffy (got married)

Medusa Figg (sue)/Giles (hinted at sort of)

Arabella Figg/Remus (made her younger than she was in the book, of course)

the twins / Angelina and Alicia

Cordy/Angel (hinted at)

No one for Harry, Neville, Spike or Wes (and no Gunn/Fred ship in this one, or any for Lorne)

Now I’m going to study. Good day!

The End

You have reached the end of "Chamomile". This story is complete.

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