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This story is No. 3 in the series "More Than Tea". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 3rd in the More Than Tea Series. Buffy made her choice, but can they live with it? COMPLETED

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsJmariaFR151124,55411023,0885 Apr 0425 Apr 04Yes

1. How Far

Title: Chamomile

Part: 1/10: How Far

Author: Jmaria

Rating: Pg-13 for now.

Spoilers: S5 B5

Disclaimers: I own Chamomile. Her proud parents, family, and friends are owned by Joss and JK.

Setting: 10 days after Buffy dies, in England mid book 6 (which means I’m making up what happens in b6)

Summary: The decision was made. How will it affect the family of the slayer?

A/N: obviously AU seeing as I’m screwing around with the events in s4&5. I also really threw everyone with the whole she got back with Riley thing in Friday I’m In Love. She got back with him before she found out she was pregnant. He still was a butt monkey and did the whole vamp slut thing. Besides, she didn’t really love him anymore. So, that clear everything up? SO this is the original that sparked the prequel. That in turn sparked another frikken prequel. . . as if my life weren’t confusing enough?! Stupid plot mongooses! Anywho, here it is. (sadly all I have written is part one)




1. How Far

“I have to do WHAT?”

“It’s what she wanted, Dawnie.” Willow said, as she sat beside her in the lobby.

“But - why can’t -”

“Someone needs to tell him, Dawnie.” She said softly. She heard the door open and lowered her head. Angel had just entered. Him and his crew. They looked so happy. . . It killed her to break the news to him.

"There's no place like..." His smile vanishes as she raised her head to catch his eyes. "Willow?"

"What's..?" Cordy started, but her sentence drifted off as Willow rose, revealing the younger girl behind her on the couch. Her eyes never left Angel’s.

"It's Buffy." He said quietly.


* Two Days Later, England*

“I think that is the most foul, nasty thing I have ever seen.” Cordelia scrunched up her nose at it.

“Really, do we have to look at it?” Wes turned to face their companion.

“Yes, now shut up.”

“Oh, whatever Mr. Sir Broods-a lot. We so do not have to stare at this - this display of nasty -”

“Cordy, everyone can hear you, and they’re staring.”

“Do I have to watch this? Do I have to watch how she makes out?” Gunn asked, leaning forward. “Cuz, I don’t really know the chick. And I don’t want to.”

“I made a promise.”

“Angel -”

“I promised Willow that I would look after her, and I’m going to.”

“But -”

“No. No buts.”

The cramped car was silent for a moment. It was Cordelia who broke the silence.

“There is no way this is gonna end pretty.”

“Never said it would.”

The fifteen year old girl was standing awkwardly at the door of the house. Her hair was pulled up in ponytail, much like her sister had worn hers. She clutched a bright blue baby carrier in her hands

* * * * *

Dawn Summers watched them as they watched her. Did they think they weren’t so totally obvious? Puh-lease. They might as well be wearing a big old ‘we’re lurkers’ sign on their backs. Like she wouldn’t be extra careful? Like having Buffy as a sister wasn’t enough.

She knocked on the door hard. It was hard not to be impatient. She needed to get this out. To break the news. To -

“Hello, who are you?” A plump red-haired woman asked. She glanced down at her hand and then quickly back at Dawn.

“Hi, I’m Dawn Summers. I’m looking for Charlie Weasley. Is this his home, and if it is, is Charlie at home?”

“This is the Weasley home, yes. And Charlie does live here, but I’m afraid he’s not here.”

“Ok, you’re like his mom, right?”

“Yes.” She said nervously.

“Ok, now don’t faint on me, ok?”

“Faint?” The woman exclaimed.

“My name is Dawn Summers. I’m kinda like an orphan right now. Except that my dad’s being a man-whore in Spain right now, but my mother is dead.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. You poor thing, you’re father leaving you and the little one -”

“Yeah. But see here’s the thing. This isn’t my little sibling.”

Molly Weasley’s eyes shot wide open. The girl couldn’t be more than fifteen. And she was standing on the doorstep with a baby. Charlie, she mentioned Charlie.

“Oh dear me.” She clutched her chest.

“What?” Dawn looked confused for a second, and then her eyes snapped wide open. “Oh, no way! This little ankle biter isn’t mine! Well, technically, yeah, I’m taking responsibility for - but it’s not mine. I mean, I’m not the mother.”

“Then who is?”

“Buffy. My older sister. She, um, she died a few months ago. It’s a long and sad story, but before she died, she broke down and told me who the father was.” Dawn looked up at her through the tears shining in her eyes. “Congratulations, it’s a girl.”

* * * *

“Not that I don’t like y’all bringin’ me to jolly old England and all, but how long we gonna sit ‘round and watch over little miss sunshine.” Gunn asked.

“Till we know if this bastard is gonna take care of Dawn and the baby.”


“Because that’s what Buffy wanted. She wanted a normal life for Dawn and the girl.”

Cordelia watched him carefully. She noticed that Angel was still refusing to call the baby by its given name. She was nearly six months old. And they’d been taking care of the two girls since Willow brought them and told them the news. That Buffy was dead. That she had a daughter. That Dawn and said daughter should be raised as far away from Sunnydale as possible. That the baby’s father should raise them. He had a wonderful family that would help out. He was normal. Unlike the last secret agent man, Riley, that she’d broke up with over the previous summer.

“She wanted a normal life for Dawn and Chamomile.” Cordy said softly. “And they can’t have that if they stay with us, if they live around vampires, witches, watchers or seers. Or Xander.”

“So Buffy foists her family off on anyone other than -”

“Would you stop it, Angel? Buffy wanted this for them. It wasn’t about you or any of us. It’s about them. About Buffy’s sister and daughter needing a normal life. I think this could be good for them.”

“It’s just -”

“It means she’s really gone.” She said, looking back at the door.

* * * * *

Molly Weasley did faint then. And she shrieked on her way down. A red-haired older man raced into the room , staring at her on the floor. His eyes snapped to the young girl and the baby.

“What’s going on?” He demanded, whipping his wand out.

“Whoa. I - I just wanted to tell her that she’s a grandmother!” She said, clutching the baby carrier to her chest.

“Mum, Dad? Where are you two -”Charlie Weasley entered the room, speaking just as Arthur asked calmly, “Who’s the father?”

“Father? Father of what?” Charlie asked. He looked at the girl then to his mother on the floor.

“Look, I only know what my sister told me! I just know that his name is Charlie and that Buffy said he would help us -” She stopped when they younger man turned to face her.

Charlie’s eyes widened as he heard the teenaged girl say his lover’s name. He looked at her and asked her again.

“Buffy?” The girl nodded as she nodded slowly. “What’s wrong, where is she? This is Buffy Summers?” When she nodded, he blazed on through. “Where is she?”

Tears sprung to her eyes. She couldn’t do this. She couldn’t be brave. She couldn’t crush him. He looked so happy, he -

Cammi let out a thin wail, knocking Dawn out of her train of thought. She placed the carrier inside the doorway. She watched as he looked down at it, confused, then back up at her.

“I’m Dawn Summers. Buffy was my older sister.”

“Was . . . “

“This is Chamomile Summers.”

“She’s -”

“Buffy’s daughter.”


“You’re Charlie?”

“Yes. . . where’s Buffy? What’s wrong?”

“Then Cammi’s your daughter.”

“My daughter!” He yelled, causing the little girl to screech in her carrier. Dawn sighed and reached down to pick up the little girl. She placed the baby on her hip. Charlie took a deep breath. The baby had her eyes.

“This is Cammi.”

“Where’s Buffy.” He said softly, staring at the child.

“She’s dead.” Dawn said, tears rolling down her cheeks.



A/N2: That’s it for tonight. Feedback, please? What if I offer towel wearing Charlies?
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