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Summary: 20 min with Anne. Anne and Rondell deal with a new runaway...and this one's an Italian Grandmother from New Jersey. Xover with Stephanie Plum.

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Title: Walkabout

Author: houses


Characters: Anne, Rondell, Grandma Mazur

Universes: Angel and Stephanie Plum

Disclaimer: AtS belongs to Joss Whedon and Stephanie Plum belongs to Janet Evanovich

Timeline: Season 3 of AtS, any time during the SP series.

Summary: Grandma Mazur goes walkabout. Guess where she ends up?

Notes: Answer to the 20 minutes with Anne challenge. Only 20 minutes to write for a particular character. I missed not writing for Grandma Mazur in An Afternoon in the Life of so here she is.


“Uh, Anne, I think you should come take a look at this.” Rondell stood in the doorway, twisting his hands together. He had a baseball cap pulled down over his eyes, almost like he wanted to disappear, the shadows making his dark skin dusky.

Anne looked up from her paperwork with a sigh. She was behind on paying for the van repairs, but the kids needed to be able to go shopping. Things were never easy. “What is it?”

“I really think you should come in here.”

Intrigued by whatever had the usually stoic Rondell in such a state, Anne followed the slender young man into the family room of the shelter. A cluster of girls were looking at the high-backed chair in front of the television with something akin to terror. Rondell waved at the chair.

“You really should see this.”

Anne circled around until she was directly in front of the t.v. and shook her head. “I’m sorry, ma’am, can I help you find something?”

“This here’s the runaway shelter right? That’s what the nice man at the airport told me.”

“Yes, it is.” Anne was confused. Why would someone grandmother be sitting here watching the Price is Right instead of asking to see her first thing? If whatever child she was looking for saw granny here first, they’d likely run.

“Ah, well, I’m in the right place.”

“Er…” Anne watched the tiny woman rustle around in her purse with a growing sense of dread.

“I’ve run away, you see. Had enough of that crazy family of mine. Never enough salt in the meatloaf.”

“You…ran away? Aren’t you a bit-“ Anne cringed, not sure if she should continue.

“Old? Old, my left foot. I’m young enough to get myself here, so I’m young enough to stay.” The woman settled down lower in the chair.

“Where did you come from?” Anne asked with a growing sense of dread.

“New Jersey.”

“New Jersey!? How’d you get here? Los Angeles isn’t exactly in the neighborhood.”

“I flew. Just hopped on down to the airport and decided to come see all them hotties in LA.” She peered at Rondell. “Like that one. He’s a looker.”

Rondell looked very nervous and backed away slowly.

“Well, ma’am, I’d love to help you, but this really isn’t what we’re designed for.”

“It’s not ma’am, it’s Grandma Mazur. Everyone calls me that. And I don’t want your help. My granddaughter will be along any minute now. She’s a bounty hunter. Always gets her man, too.”

Anne rubbed her forehead; she was definitely getting a headache.

“Okay, so your granddaughter the bounty hunter is going to come get you from New Jersey. What will you do until then?”

“Stay here, of course.” The elderly woman cackled as someone lost out on a new Mustang. “They always bet too low. What do they think, the world’s affordable? Wait ‘til they’re on Social Security. Heh.”

Anne and Rondell exchanged looks. She shrugged her shoulders as Rondell shook his head emphatically. They weren’t going to call the cops to evict a granny, so Anne figured she’d be staying for a while.

The woman piped up in a nasally voice, “Say, what’s for lunch around here? All they had were peanuts on the airplane.”

Anne blinked. “I think Fabi is serving turkey sandwiches in the kitchen.”

Grandma Mazur’s eyes got wide. “Turkey sandwiches? That’s no way to feed a strapping young man like him!” She levered herself out of the chair and pinched Rondell’s bottom before grabbing his arm. “Just show me the way and I’ll fix you all right up. Give you some good home cooking to fatten you right up.”

Rondell gaped as Anne just started laughing. She watched the grey haired old lady drag a terrified Rondell towards the kitchens. When Stephanie Plum, grandma hunter extraordinaire, showed up a few hours later, Anne was on her second helping of baked ziti and Rondell was learning how to make meatballs. She was almost sorry to see Grandma Mazur go. Almost.

~~~End Walkabout~~~

The End

You have reached the end of "Walkabout". This story is complete.

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