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Meetings of Power

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Summary: 20 min with Angel. When an Associate of Wolfram and Hart makes a request, what else can the L.A. Branch do but accept. Passions/Angel

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Television > Soap OperasStardustFR151438016325 Apr 045 Apr 04Yes
Disclaimer: I'm neither James E Reilly who is ruler supreme of Passions, nor am I Joss Whedon, ruler supreme of Angel. Also, I am very much female and wishing only to play with some of the peoples contained within each world. Sometime during season five... pre Illyria naturally, I sort of like Fred. And for Passions, fairly current.

Challenge Response to 20 minutes with Angel

Meetings of Power starts here.

Angel sorted through the paperwork on his desk. Being the head of the L.A. Branch of Wolfram and Hart was going to be the death of him yet. Harmony was listening to his next appointment blathering on with a dreamy expression. Angel almost felt sorry for the blonde ditz, but it was going to take him another half an hour with Miss Ivy Winthrop Crane and Alistair Crane's personal requests.

"If I do fulfill your request Ivy, will you stop contacting us for such frivolous items?" Angel spoke into one of the two speaker phone's on his desk.

"Why of course. I just want for my step niece to have something to keep her mind off relationship problems here in Harmony." Ivy's polite but distant voice intoned, trying to maintain her queen of icicles image she had cultured when being Julian's wife.

"Miss Standish will be tested tomorrow. I'll take the red-eye into Harmony. I'm quite sure that things will work out. I'll be in touch Ivy." Angel then disconnected the call.

"About Theresa, I'm watching your receptionist, I think if you and Miss Standish get along quite well then perhaps she can get what she wants." Alistair stated, a hint of amusement in his voice.

Angel looked at the file information, "that damned child of hers? I hope you don't mind a few disappearances then."

"You have the list of expendables. Rebecca and that spawn of hers are making my life hell. I have no doubts that Johnathon Hotchkiss will send a sizeable sum to the firm in gratitude for the removal of the pair."

Angel smirked slightly, looking a smidgen bit evil, "I'll let Miss Lopez-Fitzgerald in then." Angel signaled Harmony who gave a sigh of relief and closed the desk drawer she'd opened not minutes ago. As the dark haired Latino women entered the room Angel stood, "Miss Lopez-Fitzgerald, how nice to meet you. I was just looking over the file and I think something can be arranged."

Theresa looked as though she might burst into tears, "It's fate." she murmured in that slightly dreamy tone, "I knew that you could help me get my precious baby back from those horrible bitches. Rebecca and Gwen and Ethan don't care that a child shouldn't be seperated from it's mother, they think they're getting revenge for Gwen losing her child." Theresa actually looked angry as she finished speaking.

"Oh? Do tell." Angel was interested to see what Harmony held in store, perhaps it would be a more interesting trip then he originally thought.

The End

You have reached the end of "Meetings of Power". This story is complete.

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