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Scientific Experiment

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Summary: 20 minutes with Angel-challenge. Someone's tired of being ignored by his royal broodiness

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Harry Potter > Angel-Centered > Pairing: Hermione GrangerNorwegianneFR151608111,9266 Apr 046 Apr 04Yes
Title: Scientific Experiment. (Or having fun with the word Broody)

Author: Norwegianne

Rating: PG-13++

Disclaimer: Not mine. Really and honestly.

A/N: 20 minutes with Angel challenge. And they’re both so out of character that I think I better go hide behind something flame-proof. Since this is written in 20 minutes, yep I timed, without the aid of a spell-checker, and English is my third written language... I just hope that you’ll forgive me at the end. It was fun to write though.

Angel brooded. It would come to no big news to those who knew him well, but this particular lady had only met him a couple of days ago, and had no way of knowing that it was a regular occurence.

As long as they were forced to spending time together she did whatever she could to cheer him up.

She joked.

She flirted.

She played evil uno with herself.

She played Wizard’s Chess with herself.

She played Exploding Snap with herself.

And the bastard still brooded.

Had Umbridge been present Hermione felt sure that the pendantic witch would have issued an edict against it.

Really, there was just so much brooding any woman could take before going completely insane.

Not even Snape was like this. Well, not most of the time anyway.

She could handle mean and sarcastic.

She had no clue how to handle broodiness.

All she had done was show up for work and she had been handed one vamp to go.

Really, it was enough to drive a woman to booze.

Hermione stared guiltily over at the bottle of Firewhiskey that had been a present from Ginny and Luna.

She hadn’t even opened it until Angel had been pushed into her care. Really. Now it was half-empty, or half-full, depending on your world-perspective.

Worst of all - she hadn’t a clue to why the man was brooding. He’d been showed into her hands, literally. Her hands tingled when she thought about it. Had he not been so broody they might have had another way of spending their time together.

Yet, here she was, in the company of one of the hottest blokes she’d ever seen, and she was playing solitaire.

Something was wrong in that picture and she was sure it wasn’t her fault.

After all she had just met him on Thursday.

Hermione did a quick count in her head. That meant that she had known him for four days tomorrow.

She knew she wasn’t ugly, she had even got Draco to admit it, once, after she’d had her way with him. Or shagged his brains out, whatever term you’d prefer.

So why was the vampire brooding?

A vampire.

She’d been asked to take care of a vampire. Hermione’s eyes gleamed wickedly. First and foremost she was a scientist. Angel was cold, but if he was in the close proximity of another heat-source, would he heat up? And no, she wasn’t planning on sticking his fingers in the toaster.

Everything would have been fine, blast it, had the man not chosen to go into full broodiness the minute he entered her flat.

Oh, well. A woman had to do some sacrifices for science.

Hermione dragged off her slacks. They would only slow her down.

Then she removed her blouse. She thought she saw some reaction from his royal broodiness, but since she wasn’t sure she kicked off her socks as well.

«Are you sure that’s wise, miss Granger?»

Hermione rolled her eyes. Every man she knew would have been over her already. Not that she normally did these things, but she just had to know. She was quite sure there was more to vampires than what she had learned in DADA. Quite sure.

Since Angel had snapped out of brood-mode she removed the pins from her hair and let it fall down on her back.

«Now you remove something,» she told him, bluntly. «I can’t do it all by myself. Well, I can, really, but... I prefer to watch.»

She could see him swallow nervously and smirked. Well... well... well. Looked like broody-boy could do something else as well.

The End

You have reached the end of "Scientific Experiment". This story is complete.

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