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Poor unfortunate soul

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Summary: 20 minutes with Angelus challenge. Consequences of "Scientific Experiment"

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Harry Potter > Angel-Centered > Pairing: Hermione GrangerNorwegianneFR181467131,8546 Apr 046 Apr 04Yes
Title: Poor unfortunate soul…

Author: Norwegianne

Rating: R, just because.

Disclaimer: Don’t own Angel, nor do I own Harry Potter. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s true.

A/N: Sequel to Scientific Experiment. Part of the 20 minutes challenge series.

Angelus raised his head and rolled his head. It cracked, and the tense feeling disappeared. Then he looked down at the sleeping brunette. All in all it had been a very satisfying turn of events.

He bet that nobody had taken their time to tell her about the curse.

Really, he ought to thank them for that. The beast was back, and this time he didn’t intend for the pesky soul to be put back in. Really, there were just so many things the Scourge of Europe could handle. Being saddled with a soul for the umpteenth time was not one of them.

Angelus could well do without one, thank you very much.

A pity that Darla was gone. Even if she had left him to fend for himself after discovering the soul she had been a great companion, most of the time. Spike he could do without.

Angelus winced. He had no clue to where Dru was, nor did he care. She had left Spike, and good luck to her. Now he had to decide what he was going to do with the pretty miss Granger.

He chuckled. She had been so eager… so professional in her ministrations, until he pushed her over a certain point.

Who said love played a part in finding the perfect happiness?

To break her neck, or turn her?

Life was just filled with tough choices.

She was still breathing in a sleep pattern, so he had time to decide.

One thing Angelus reckoned he had more of than Spike, in addition to wits, stamina and looks, was patience. Spike’s carefully laid plans got foiled time and time again, because a lack of patience. Angelus knew that rash actions could twist and turn his universe in ways he didn’t care for.

This one was smart. Should she get away she could easily find the spell and curse him, like Red had done.

Jot down one mark for doing this before she’ll wake up. Of course given the treatment he’d given her initially it could take some time before she’d reach the state of consciousness.

He could do with a smart childe for once.

It wouldn’t hurt that she was eager and willing to be taught things either.

Angelus smiled at the memories of Darla teaching him most of the things he contemplated teaching miss Granger, or Hermione as she had commanded him to call her in the heat of things.

A smart, patient childe with a nice body was not the worst thing a master could have. Not at all.

He pulled the covers off her, admired her form for a while, and leaned in. This was really too easy.

The fun he was going to have, maybe he’d pop by the Watcher. He really wanted to work with a chain saw.

The End

You have reached the end of "Poor unfortunate soul". This story is complete.

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