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Post- Office

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Summary: Anya is out to perform some vengeance in Williamsburg in 1865.

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Literature > Romance > Author: Elswyth ThaneNorwegianneFR131495017086 Apr 046 Apr 04Yes
Post office

Disclaimer: Anyanka is the property of Fox. I don’t know who Yankee Stranger is the property of, but it isn’t me.

Rating: PG

A/N: This probably won’t make much sense to anyone who hasn’t read Yankee Stranger, by Elswyth Thane. And since I’m butchering it here, my bet is that no one ever will. When I saw 20 minutes with Anya my first impulse was to have something with money. But then I thought of Anya’s long and fascinating history, and reconsidered. Here you go. A tale from the American Civil War. (This was written in 20 minutes, which is why the language is probably way too modern…)

1865. Williamsburg, Virginia.

Anyanka, vengeance demon for scorned women, sat in the Post office in Williamsburg, Virginia. She was sucking on a sweet that the man in charge had given her.

Why she was sitting in the post office?

Well, she had it on best authority that someone who could get her to her client du jour would make an appearance there any moment.

She dragged out the mental file and did the paperwork.

Eden Day.

In a former bad relationship with Cabot Murray.

It was too bad that she had been ordered to do this. Anya sniffed. It was a case so easy that anybody could’ve done it, and not a Vengeance demon, with a capital v, who’d passed her 1000th year.

But she had been the unlucky one to be present when the big boss caught the news on this one.

She didn’t want to be in Virginia.

She didn’t want to be on this continent.

She did not particularly want to be in Williamsburg.

D’Hoffryn seemed to fail to understand that being around in wars was not healthy for his employees. Even if they could teleport, create personas that were literally fool-proof, and so on, there were simply too many things that could go wrong.

Anyanka hadn’t gotten this far in life by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Just a couple of minutes now, and then someone familiar would come, recognize her and take her to see Eden.

Eden Day.

Interesting name.

Lousy sense of choosing the right guy.

They all should know by now that star-crossed lovers never worked out.

Had none of them ever read Romeo and Juliet?

Anyanka fondly remembered the time she had taken with William, told him the tales of her past and gotten him to write it down.

So he had edited most of it out. It still should have been able to serve as a powerful media in how not to fall in love.

The protagonists both died in the end.

And people chose to see it as romantic.

Anyanka straightened her back, and drew in her ribcage. Who the hell had thought up corsets as a fashion-statement?

She put a smile on her face as the lady she really wanted to see walked into the office.

“Susannah, how good to see you.” She got up from the chair, and discreetly spat out the sweet she had gotten from the post officer, in her handkerchief. “How is Eden?”

Susannah Day tried to smile.

“I don’t think she’s very good at the moment. The mess with Grafton and Cabot tired her out. You can see for yourself. You are staying with us, right? Dabney’s not dragging you off without notice?”

“Dabney?” Anyanka began to check her mental file on herself, anxiously. She couldn’t remember a Dabney.

“You know, my brother Dabney? Your husband?”

“Husband?” Anyanka glared at Susannah.

“Charlotte, do you feel fine? You look a little pale.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Post- Office". This story is complete.

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