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Summary: Xander has a different destiny.

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Television > Babylon 5SiriusFR151219,441116753,6666 Apr 0416 Oct 04No

Prologue: Tracking


A B:tVS/Babylon 5 crossover

Author: Sirius


Rating: PG-13

Archive: XanderZone, Sirius_writings, TtH and my site

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. I own only the plot (quite frankly, if the PTBs for either series actually wanted it, they’d be welcome to it. However, since both series are over…). Regardless, I make no money from this fic, nor do I seek to do so. All hail the Great Maker.

Author’s Note: This is a B:tVS/Babylon 5 Crossover. I’ve never seen this cross before, and the plot bunny wouldn’t shut up, so… enjoy. At the moment, this is a stand-alone fic. This was also partially written while I listened to B5 quote files (blooper and normal). This, in case anyone’s wondering, is a wonderful way to entice the muses into cooperating.

Author’s Note 2: This fic presumes that Babylon 5 is **not** a TV show in the Buffy-verse; thus, Xander does not have the plate set, etc. Anyone who wants to write another crossover wherein he does know about the B5 universe is more than welcome… but this one walks a different path. Xander’s birthday is pulled out of thin air, but would account nicely for him being older than Buffy, yet in the same grade (without implying any black marks on his record).

AN3: Change of POV is indicated by ~~~~ but readers shouldn’t actually have too much trouble figuring out who’s doing the thinking.

Timing: Post-Chosen for B:tVS, and mid-Season 3 for B5 – picking up shortly after “Ceremonies of Light and Dark.” The timeline I used for B5 can be found here: However, it is missing several details, so please feel free to clue me in to glaring errors (preferably in a polite manner). Also, I’m pulling some of the station specs out of thin air (like components in standard quarters), so please don’t expect every single detail to be perfect, although I am trying.

Feedback: It’s the coin of the realm, and I’m more than willing to pay taxes on it.

Prologue: Tracking

Xander moved swiftly and silently down the darkened corridor. Funny, I could have sworn there was at least some light in this sector. Where the hell is that thing? Whatever it was, it could not possibly have been something that belongs here.

Four months, three days, and seven hours… as near as he could tell. That was how long he’d been here, far from his home and friends in ways he never could have imagined possible. Unfortunately, completely freaking out wasn’t an option. They’d have him in a padded cell so fast, his head would spin more than it already was… or they’d set him up to be scanned by a telepath. Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t think they’d react well to the stuff that I’ve seen.

With no cash, no believable identity and no friends – not to mention no idea how he’d gotten here in the first place – he made the best of it. He stayed out of sight for much of the first day, ignoring his grumbling stomach, and ended up getting a partial meal from an elderly lady he helped. And, come to think of it, a halfway decent amount of currency, and didn’t feel at all bad about it. Three guys – with shivs – picking on a helpless old lady? They didn’t deserve to keep the cash. He’d left them alive – albeit, nicely restrained. I hope Security appreciated that. They thought I’d be scared of them.

Xander managed the stop the derisive chuckle trying to escape. Vampires, demons, Hell-goddess… and three all-too-human thugs thought he’d be afraid of them? Now, if we’re thinking creepy things… where is it, anyway?

Turning the corner, he just barely avoided bumping into someone else wandering the darkened hall. He slipped into a defensive stance, but relaxed a second later, seeing the dark slacks, shirt, vest, boots – and a cloak, geez. Talk about dark and mysterious – that were standard with certain individuals who weren’t officially part of Security. The brooch just clinched the ID.

The one-eyed former Californian just nodded at the other man. They’d never met, but Xander had seen him on occasion. The man was roughly his height, with blue eyes, a short beard, and hair that was definitely longer than usual for human males here. Well, that, and he can empty a bar in five minutes. Wait, actually, it was ten… but what the hell?

He could feel the other man’s gaze calmly assessing threat potential. Xander had seen him with friends… and he’d seen him work – a clown one minute and deadly the next. They seemed to be brothers in purpose, but the other had no way of knowing this.

“Wish I could stop and introduce myself,” Xander said, only partially lying. “Unfortunately, I just saw something that needs my attention.”

The other man seemed to make up his mind, and switched directions, staying in step with Xander. “And what might that something be?” he asked, in a voice that brought still-painful memories to the front of Xander’s mind. He shook off the reaction to that British voice and headed down the corridor, the other man at his side.

Silent for a few steps, he paused long enough to look at the other for a moment. “That something,” he said, “is the darkest creature I’ve seen in my entire life. There was no light… it was like a living shadow, shaped like a really freaking huge spider.” Xander shuddered for a moment, remembering the cold horror that he’d felt when he saw the thing. He couldn’t even figure out how this compared to the things he’d seen in Sunnydale.

Xander saw the other man pause for a moment, but he didn’t stop to ask why, continuing in the direction where he’d last seen the walking abyss. Wouldn’t that word have raised a few eyebrows back home? Have to call it something other than thing now, don’t I? Sighing, he finally stopped, realizing that wherever it had wandered was somewhere he couldn’t follow… at least, not right now.


“Lost him?” Xander tensed for a moment, startled anew by the sound of that not-quite-familiar voice.

“Yeah. That makes the fifth one I’ve seen. Hell, maybe they’re all the same one that I’ve just managed to lose five times in a row.”

“You said they were the absence of light… shaped like a spider?”

“Yep. I’ve never seen anything… quite like that. Of course, no one else seems to see them, so I could just be losing my mind. You decide.”

Xander had been leaning against the wall, eye closed, listening, when he realized that the man was staring at him. Strange… most people would rather hide than stare. Actually, down here, staring can lead to some serious pain. “Was there something you wanted?”

Go easy, Xanman. You’ve seen this guy take down an entire bar full of people… and they weren’t exactly the nicest people here, either. He’s one of the good guys – I think – but still… pissing him off? Bad idea. Xander warred with himself. Part of him wanted to trust this other warrior of the light. The stronger side of his nature right now wanted to stay very far away from any possible new friends. The fewer people he knew, the fewer people would be hurt when he eventually died. So strong was this new motto of his, that the only thing keeping him from edging away from the other was the fact that the other could catch him… easily.

“You’re not crazy, you know,” the other finally said. “Well, at least not on this count. I really can’t speak for anything else, you see, not knowing who you are and all.”

“Xander.” And I’m thinking that’s all I’ll be telling him right now. Not like anything he found would make sense, anyway.

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