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Normal siblings

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Summary: Connor just has a normal life this time around.

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Sweet Valley SeriesNorwegianneFR131528021,0386 Apr 046 Apr 04Yes
Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of Angel, nor do I claim any ownership to Sweet Valley High.

A/N: 20 minutes with Connor – challenge. Crossed over with Sweet Valley High. Connor gets whipped into another SoCal family the next time around. A more normal family… or?

It’s been pretty long since I read Sweet Valley High, so apologies if I got something wrong.

“Connor,” Jessica Wakefield screamed up the stairs. “Get your lazy ass out of bed and come down to breakfast, right now. There,” she smiled at her mother. “I got Connor out of bed.”

Mrs. Wakefield only pursed her lips as Jessica sat down at the kitchen table.

“Elizabeth didn’t leave, yet, did she?”

“No,” Mrs. Wakefield got a carton of milk out of the refrigerator. “She’s upstairs, working on one last piece she deadlined herself on before school today.”

“I don’t see why she writes and writes, school hasn’t even started yet.” Jessica complained. “She should be out in the sun, getting tanned and having fun.”

“Cheerleading practices started a couple of weeks ago, too, did they not?”

“Yeah, Mom. But that’s cheerleading. Liz just writes.”

“And Connor just wrestles.”

“It’s nice to have at least one normal sibling,” Jessica leaned back and poured milk on her cereal.

“I happen to think that Elizabeth and Steven are pretty normal kids too.”

“You would.”

“Hey,” Connor Wakefield dumped down on the seat next to Jessica. “Save some milk for me, will you?”

“Whatever. Elizabeth,” Jessica hollered. “We’re going to be late for the first day of school if you don’t come soon.”

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” Connor complained. “We’ve been at school for the past weeks, working our butts off for the school. This isn’t the first day.”

“This is the first day, doofus. Now I finally get to know what everybody’s been doing all summer.”

“You mean what Lila’s been doing.”

“I still cannot believe that I got one lousy postcard from Paris, and that was it,” Jessica fumed. “The least she could have done was send an e-mail from France and given me the 411 on everything. , they do have e-mails there, right?”

“Yep,” Connor leaned over and drunk the rest of her cereal out of the bowl. “France’s got computers and telephone lines. I don’t see why you’d want to be in contact with Fowler, but she does have some very nice legs.”

“Connor Wakefield, stop teasing your sister. Elizabeth, time to go.”

Elizabeth Wakefield, the splitting image of the one girl that already was seated at the kitchen table, rolled her eyes from the doorway.

“I’ve been down here since Jess called, Mom.”

“Have you eaten?”

“I had something before I finished the article.”

“Have a nice day of school then.” Mrs. Wakefield grabbed her purse and the car keys and left the house.

Elizabeth, Jessica and Connor eyed the remaining set of car-keys on the counter.

“Dibs on driving,” Jessica called out. But Connor was quicker. In no time at all he’d grabbed the keys and was out the door.

Elizabeth grinned at Jessica’s expression. “Shotgun,” she simply said and walked out the door.

“Not fair,” mumbled Jessica and made sure that the door was locked behind her. Ever since she’d accidentally left the door open last month, her parents had nagged her to death about it. And she really didn’t want thieves to come in and ruffle through her stuff.

The End

You have reached the end of "Normal siblings". This story is complete.

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