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Nothing to Worry About

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Summary: Just when the Scoobies begin to adjust to Willow and Spike dating, Darla shows up with some unexpected news.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramaKarmaFR151111,680043,7106 Apr 0420 Jul 04No


Disclaimers: All bow to Joss Whedon who owns everything Buffy/Angel related!

Feedback: Does a body good.


The Scoobies all sat around the Magic Box in various states. Xander was in shock. Buffy was furious. Anya was bored. Giles was polishing his glasses. Willow fidgeted nervously as she slid further in Spike’s embrace. That’s right: Spike’s embrace. Spike was smirking at Buffy.

‘Willow and Spike. Willow and Spike. Why do all of my women choose vampires over me? Is Anya next?’ Xander panicked and looked at the couple. ‘Merciful Zeus she has her resolve face on.’

‘Finally they admit they’ve been having orgasms. I could tell they’ve been having sex for over a year. How could any one not see it? I mean Spike is yummy. I wouldn’t mind if Spike joined Xander and me one night.’ Anya looked Spike up and down.

‘Dear Lord. Not another one. It’s times like these that I wish Angel was still here.’ Giles thought as he put his glasses back on.

‘How dare she! She has no right! I mean, Spike! It’s Spike. He is gorgeous, but… No! Bad Buffy! Bad Spike thoughts! No! Why can they have what Angel and I could not?’ Buffy collapsed into a chair.

‘Okay, this is so not going like I hoped it would.’ Willow stood up. “I don’t care. I don’t care if you don’t like him, I’m going to be with Spike no matter what.” Willow pulled Spike up. “No matter what any of you say, I’m going to be with him.”

“Wills, he’s a monster!” Xander leapt up from his seat.

“Listen here, whelp, you’re one to bloody talk. Hm, let’s see. Anya used to massacre countless men, women and children for the fun of it!”

“And you didn’t?”

“I did and bloody well had a good time doing so, but I didn’t choose this life, she did! She had the choice! I was just a meal and a toy for Dru!”

Xander looked at Anya. “Ayn?” he asked silently begging her to tell him it was a lie.

“I did choose, Xander. But it used to be my life and it isn’t any more. Spike makes Willow happy. He’s been giving her good orgasms for a while now and if she’s happy, you shouldn’t be mad at her. You should be happy, too.”

“You knew?” Willow breathed.

“It was obvious.” Anya shrugged. “Come on, Xander we’re going home to have orgasms of our own.” She said pulling Xander away and out of the store.

“Giles, Buffy, you wanna throw any shots?” Willow asked as Spike wrapped his arms around her waist.

Buffy watched disgusted as Willow leaned into the embrace of her favorite enemy. “I don’t know, Wills, I need to think about this. I don’t like it but I won’t stake him. Yet.” Willow smiled. ‘Okay, one more.

“Giles?” She asked hopefully.

“As long as you’re happy, dear, it’s fine by me.”

Willow smiled.

“See, luv, I told you there was nothing to worry about.”

Just then the door to the magic box opened, and a very pregnant Darla walked in. “Hello, Daddy.”

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