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After the Wannablessedbes

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Summary: A response to the “20 minutes with Amy” Challenge. Willow and Amy are on the outs with no chance of ever being friends again. So where does Amy turn for a partner in spell casting crime?

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Television > Sabrina the Teenage Witch(Past Donor)DanKnightFR131750011,2827 Apr 047 Apr 04Yes
Title: After the Wannablessedbes

Author: DanKnight (

Rating: PG at the absolute worst.

Pairing: None

Spoilers: Spoilers for the Buffy episodes “Gingerbred” (3.11) and “The Killer in Me” (7.13)

Genre: Ficlet, Crossover (With Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

Archive: Ask first, but I am sure I will say yes

Feedback: Are you kidding? Of course I want feedback. Good, bad, indifferent, bring it on!

Synopsis: A response to the “20 minutes with Amy” Challenge. Willow and Amy are on the outs with no chance of ever being friends again. So where does Amy turn for a partner in spell casting crime?

Distribution: Any of the list I post this story on obviously can post it on their archives if they want. Other then that I would appreciate if anyone asked first. Not because I am picky about who shows it, but I would like to actually see where it is going.

Authors Note: This is a response to the “20 minutes with Amy” Challenge. The challenge was basically to spend 20 minutes writing Amy in a crossover situation. I decided to take the challenge and came up with this. .

Disclaimer: Amy and Willow do not belong to me. They are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and some other people and companies that aren’t me. Sabrina is the propert of Archie Comics, Heartbreak films, and some other people that also aren’t me. This story was made for the entertainment of fellow Buffy fans and I assure you I am not making a dime off of this story. So please don’t sue me. I am a good boy, really.


Amy walked down the street. She had left town after her little spell with Willow had backfired thanks to that annoying potential Slayer. Stupid Willow, no matter what Amy did that redheaded bitch always came out on top. And after word got out on what Amy had tried her band of wannablessedbes left her.

What was it that made her so unlucky? All she ever wanted was to be a witch, to use the power she possessed. She had it for a reason after all. So what did she get when she tried it? Turned into a rat for almost three years, then turned on by the one friend she thought could understand her. Is it so wrong she wanted revenge after what Willow did to her.

Amy continued walking down the street. She had left Sunnydale for a new life. She could try and extract revenge on Willow but what good would it do. Willow would just come out on top again and ruin her life more. It was what that red headed bitch was best at after all.

Amy had found a life for herself now. She had a job, was making friends… well ok she was making aquatinters. She was even finding some guys for some good old fashioned one nights stands. But she wasn’t finding what she wanted most. People like her, people who understood her, people with power. Witches.

Amy was sure in a big city like this there would be tons of them. A lot more then lesbian ones who turned on her and trend setters who thought witchcraft was “so the latest fad.” But so far nothing.

Amy walked around the corner and was so caught up in her own self absorbed problems she didn’t even see the blonde girl as she ran smack into her, sending the books and papers she was carrying flying through the air.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” The girl told her. “I didn’t see you there.”

Amy looked up to answer but was struck silent as she saw her. The girl’s aura was practically growing. She had never seen anything like it. This was someone with some serious power, and Amy would guess one who had been using it for a while.

“Hey? You ok?” The girl said as she noticed Amy’s silence. “I didn’t knock you senseless did I?”

“What? No sorry.” Amy said, then she started to reach for the papers. “Here let me help you with that?” She reached down and began helping the young woman pick up the mess of books and papers.

As Amy picked up the last book and handed it to her she decided she had to get to know this girl better. This was not only a potential Wicca but one Amy was betting could teach her a few things. “So what’s with the heavy book load?” the brunette asked, “You a student or something.”

“No, not any more thankfully. Just research, I write for a magazine.” She said.

“Really? Sounds fascinating. I ever read you’re work.” She asked.

“Well when I say write, I really mean more like run errands, check facts, and basically anything the other writers want to dump on me.”

“Still sounds fascinating.” Amy lied. She couldn’t help it, it sounded boring. But she had to get an in with this girl somehow. “I’ll tell you what. Let me buy you a drink to pay back for almost running you over, and you can tell me about the glamorous world of magazine publishing.” She asked. Not mentioning the part where she planned to then find out what a woman with such power could show her.

“Sure. If it isn’t imposing.” The other woman asked.

“Not at all. I am new in town actually. Would be nice to make a friend.” She said, she then reached out her hand. “I’m Amy by the way. Amy Madison.” She said as the other girl shook it.

“Sabrina Spellman. Nice to meet you Amy.”

“Likewise.” Amy said, “I am sure the two of us are going to become great friends.” She said as she let the girl lead the way to the nearest Starbucks. Amy was already glad she left the hell mouth.

The End

You have reached the end of "After the Wannablessedbes". This story is complete.

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